Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Things Yet to Come

First off, yes--I know the actual 'safe' color is yellow--but here in the South, with deer season in full swing, red is in fact the 'safe' color. I'm not that keen on getting shot after all. 

So the week ticks slowly on, not much to report, other than the behemoth goat that has taken up temporary residence in our pen. 

A friend of ours brought her nanny goat over for a day or two--and she is HUGE! One of the biggest goats I've ever seen. She also has an unfortunate love of jumping and doesn't understand why I scream and flee when she tries to jump up and land on my chest. I am bruised and have a secret vendetta. Fear me, oh giant one, fear me!

What else, what else? Oh, I had to go to the store on Black Friday. 

Now, for those of you who doubt my EXTREME anti social nature, understand that I do not--repeat, DO NOT--do Black Friday shopping. I don't like it, it's annoying, and it makes my skin crawl. So, going to the store on Black Friday was my version of hell. Crowley himself couldn't have thought of a better alternative. 

Why was I going to the store on Black Friday? It was Shark Week/ The British Landed and there were two options--either be crumpled over in pain while my hormones raged a war for my sanity, or brave the storm for sweet relief. After weighing the two options, I chose the latter. 

I always hate shopping during Shark Week because when I do it is so painfully obvious that it is Shark Week. A basket full of painkillers, caffeine, chocolate and other supplies is pretty obvious wouldn't you say? It's even more embarrassing if a man is checking you out--not nearly as embarrassing as checking out after bra shopping but, again, a close runner up. 

I was fortunate yesterday, and a very sweet woman rung up my purchase. So I left to console myself with a chocolate bar, a soda, and a whole bag of chocolate covered peanuts. No, I did not eat the whole thing. I ate about a handful then resigned the rest of them over to my family. That's the thing about me and candy--it's good, but I can't really eat large quantities of it.

After that I helped my family clean house, I wrote some more, watched more Supernatural, took more photos, and today we are cooking!  

Finally time for the family Thanksgiving! We were unable to have one Thursday because we were sick, but now we are back on track and today is cooking day.

My area of expertise is pecan pie, that's just my thing. I learned how to cook it when I was little and ever since then it's been my Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's responsibility. :) I enjoy it, save when we have to crack the pecans ourselves--then not so much. Other wise though, it is really simple to make and very delicious--but come on, it's pie! Pie is a pretty hard thing to screw up or not to like. 

I'll also be helping with the sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing (the Southern version of stuffing, though I must confess, I've had both and I love dressing the best. Just me.) and any other foodstuffs that need to be made before lunch time tomorrow. It's a busy job, and I'm fairly certain our kitchen will be a huge mess afterwards, but it's worth it. 

Also, as previously mentioned, I took some more photos. I know, you're all probably getting tired of me posting all of these photos, but just because I like to torment you so much--here are a few more. 

This is an old typewriter from (probably) the 50's or 60's that someone dumped in the local woods. I came upon it one day by complete surprise. I mean--how does something like this end up in the middle of the woods? I am now curious to see what else I can find. 

Just some interesting ground here, not much to write home about. 

Then the 'death stare' I get from my evil cat C.C. I get this look a lot. Just remember that if I die 'in my sleep'--this cat is probably responsible. She did stay by my side the entire time I was sick though, not sure if she was hoping I'd kick the bucket or if she was worried that, with me gone, there'd be no one left who actually likes her. I think at some point in time or another she has ticked off everyone in my household. Either way, I question her motives intensely. 

But what else, what else have I been doing? Besides sitting on my butt watching Doctor Who. Hmmm, oh, preparing for finals and getting ready for next semester. 

Lord am I nervous about that. I know, I know, I've survived two previous semester--how bad could another one be? Well, as I understand it, semesters are kind of hit-or-miss. You have good ones and bad ones, and I just hope and pray this one will be a good one. Again, I'm taking four classes and one of them is Spanish. Yikes. Good thing my mom was a high school Spanish teacher for most of her life. Spanish major mom--for the win! :D 

But still, I've also got Biology *hiss* I don't want to go! :( I loathe science. 

Then, of course, is the socializing bit. 0_0 Hit or miss there. 

Hmmm, maybe a two door, black, 1967 Chevy Empala with a pie loving Winchester included. Haha, if that was the case who needs college! I've got demons to hunt! ;) Last go blast our eardrums out with some "Carry on My Wayward Son", "Eye of the Tiger", and Metallica! 

Sadly, no though. I have to go socialize and meet new people. This semester has been great and I have met some really great people. Even been on a date or two! :) Now I'm curious and excited about what is coming in this new semester--but all the same wary about all the unknowns. It's not a sure thing that I'll be classes with nice people--or people I will really click with. However, I encourage myself with the knowledge that there are a few people I like to hang out with who will be in my new classes. And while I don't intend to cling to them, it will be nice to have a few familiar faces. 

I'm not completely anti-social, but was floored when a boy at work complemented me on my 'bubbly' personality. He said it was really nice working with someone who was such a people person. Not to brag--but I was floored. I just looked at him for a long time and thought, "You really don't understand how much I hate you? I mean, do you realize that if there was a blanket to crawl under--or a Tardis to climb in--I'd be gone right?" 

It was a boost though, to hear someone say that they thought I interacted well with others. Very nice indeed, though I'm still waiting on my Time Lord, Consulting Detective, Hunter, Angel, or Crossbow Carrying Walker Slayer. Seriously, it's whoever shows up first. :) I'm betting on Dean or the Doctor, what do you think? 

Don't worry, I'm not this nerdy in public--though now-a-days being nerdy is considered a Pop Culture thing. Seriously? Really? Being nerdy is popular? Really? Okay....good for us nerds I guess, in some ways.

I hesitate to criticize people who are obviously not nerds, but who wear nerdy clothing. I mean, you never know what their story is. They may just be getting into this fandom, or--at the least--have a small interest in it. I believe, very firmly, if I attack or criticize them for not fully understanding the fandom they will never grow in their knowledge of it. I mean, granted, there are some real fakes out there--but I don't believe it's my job to call them out. If they annoy me because they know nothing about the fandom, or have no interest in it, I just don't associate with them. However, most of the time, I meet people who have budding interests and who want to know more. It's always accelerating to fangirl out in the Student Center with a fellow Whovian, Sherlockian, Tolkien nerd, or Supernatural fan! :D Granted, I'm a big fan girl and sometimes I don't get to really hardcore fangirl with my new friends--but I believe if someone encourages their interest, they will seek out further information on their own. That's what all my lovely blogger friends did for me! (Points at James and Jamie!) James especially introduced me to the world of fandom! 

Let's see: Sherlock, Avengers, Doctor Who, Star Wars (when we were kids! Thanks a bunch there, buddy--that was one of the happiest parts of my childhood!) the list goes on and on! He is now getting me interested in Death Note! We are planning on watching that together sometime soon! 

I think I got him into: Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, and Hunger Games. :) I'm trying to get him into Divergent now! I'm sure there are other fandoms that we got each other into, but that's all I can remember right now. :) 

But you see what I mean, encouraging 'young' fans will eventually help them to grow into bigger fans! ;D

 Right now, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and The Walking Dead are HUGE! I have run into so many fans. And even a few fellow Loki's Army members! One of them was in my history class and we both laughed hysterically when we agreed that Loki was our king! ;) She is also a Sherlock, The Walking Dead, and Supernatural fan! :D So excited! We have talked about the shows SO freaking much! We both love Benedict Cumberbach, Daryl Dixon, Dean Winchester, Castiel, and Crowley! 

I have found my people.

So I'm really excited/nervous about meeting new people at school. Pray that God will guide me to meet the right people and I will have a pleasant experience in this new semester. Also, NO BAD GRADES! Study, study, study! :)

But that's about it for my two cents (though I will admit this post is considerably more than that). So until next post? 


Shaak Ti said...

Great pictures! I really love that second picture of the type writer, it's beautiful!

Good luck with finals/next semester!

Jamie said...

Great post; I love how you have so much to say! :)

LOVE your pictures; I'm first off wondering who the heck would just abandon a typewriter in the woods! How awful. But it made for some SUPER good pictures!!! What a good find on your part! :P

I also do not like Black Friday; it's so obnoxious for there to be a huge National Shopping day RIGHT AFTER the National Gratitude day. So silly and ridiculous.


Rebecca said...

Hey, Shaak Ti!

Thanks so much for the well wishes!! Hopefully the new year will bring as many blessings as this year has! :D I'm really glad you like the pic! I'm really happy I found that typewriter, it made a very interesting prop! :D

Hi, Jamie!

I'm so glad you are enjoying the pictures--I'm thinking about making a Facebook page or getting a Flickr account for them...but I'm still checking into that.

I know, it was a really nice typewriter back in the day--I'm so sad that someone just put it out to rot.
And yea, I find that ironic too. Funny how we all sit around being grateful for everything we have one day, and then the next we try to kill each other so we can get more stuff. :(