Saturday, November 2, 2013


As I told you, I was going to post at you everyday during NaNoWriMo, you were warned. But this will be a short post, don't worry! 

Writing is going well. 10,000 words and counting! I was shocked at how much I got done in just two days! 0_0 Of course I have a LOT of homework tomorrow--so I'll have to take off from writing just for Sunday. 

The book is going well, the beginning was a little rough to write because it's such an important part and there's so much to set up! However, I managed to get through it and now I'm off to bigger things! :)

My social life has been unusually busy lately, especially considering the fact that it's NaNoWriMo. Jessie came over and spent the night Friday.

We were both really excited about it! We went shopping, watched our favorite shows, and of course ate lots of junk food. The shopping part was the most fun though! We went to a local antique store and I found a vintage Brownie camera there in really good condition. It was only ten naturally I bought it. :)

We had a lot of fun playing with it. It proved to be a very nice photography prop! :)

I also got some angel wing earrings also. They remind me a little bit of Castiel...or is that just me?

Castiel wings! :)

I also got a cameo necklace. :D It's one of my favorite things I got today! I will be wearing this a lot! ;D

I also got Mockingjay! It was on sale and I really needed it to complete the Hunger Games Trilogy! 

We had a lot of fun with a brief photo shoot! :)

I love this one! 

October's last spectacle. 

Jessie's smile! 

I also worked today for twelve hours. Woof, I'm exhausted! Now it's onto school work and--of course--sleep! :D 

Well, until next time! :D 


Jamie said...

These pictures are great! I love that camera, it's so neat. Those earrings and that necklace are gorgeous, too. :)

Also, 10,000 WORDS in two days? WOW, that is amazing! Great job!!!!


Rebecca said...

Hey, Jamie!

Glad you like the pictures! :D My friends and I are thinking of getting an official site up soon! 0_0 Thanks, I'm glad I got that many words, but I'm nervous about the upcoming week. Writing will be slow this week so I have to do a LOT when I can! :D