Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello There

Well, I'm sick.

I spent most of last night spewing my guts out until I dry heaved, and now I'm lying in bed demanding jello. How was your week end? :(

Life has a funny way of throwing crap at us when we least expect it, and this week is one of those weeks where I was knocked up side the head multiple times. I'm so nauseated right now, even watching television makes me want to hurl.

Yea, so just a quick, unpleasant, update before I curl back up and go back to a restless sleep.



Jamie said...

Oh no! That sounds so awful, I know how horrible that feels! I shall pray for swift recovery!!!


James The Movie Reviewer said...

I pray and hope you feel better soon Rebecca! I am sick as well. X(


Rebecca said...

Thanks for your prayers, guys!! :)
Hope you feel better soon James! Being sick is no fun at all.