Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Love is an Addiction

Okay, I'll admit it. I have an addiction. Photography has been a growing interest for me in these past few months, and while I still have much to learn, I'm completely in love with it! 

I've always enjoyed photography, but it was not a serious interest. I only used a point and shoot digital camera, which is still a pretty awesome little camera, and I would only do pictures when I had to for a class. My 'real' interest started when I was working with Mrs. Johnnie. She explained photography tricks, terms, and basics to me and really sparked my interest. I took a few more pictures, and a friend of mine suggested I submit a few photos to a magazine she knew of. The entrance/acceptance to the photography magazine encouraged my interest and ever since then I've been taking pictures of everything. 

Now my camera bag serves as my purse, and my converse and boots have been through quite a beating as I climb and hike all over our land just to snap a few pictures. A camera is becoming my sole accessory, and I feel empty if I don't have it with me. My friends are probably the most photographed people for miles, and with each shoot we improve more and more! :D 

I've even had people asking me to do photos for them and if I'd like to team up with them and go out to take photos! :D It's really exciting. I'm meeting more and more people each day, and my friends have had their interest in photography grow! Every time one of us learns a new trick, we share it and compare notes! We even have photo editing parties at my house! It's so much fun to share this new interest with my friends! 

My mother has been really sweet to let me use her Nikon J2 for my photography. It's such an amazing camera! It constantly surprises my with the amount of detail it can capture. 

This is also one of the hobbies that I can really fit into my busy schedule. The stress of my schedule and this past week is also eased by having such a relaxing hobby. With photography, you go out to capture the beauty of the world, and with that comes a sort of blissful contentment. That might sound silly or dramatic, but it's true. This hobby is one of my BIG stress reliefs.

Today, I went out for about an hour and here are a few of my favorite shots. 

I actually took this picture AFTER these thorns dug into my hoodie. :( Not cool plant....not cool. All the same, thanks for the picture and for not making a hole in my new jacket...or me! 

Can anyone else believe it's nearly Christmas? I'm having some trouble with that! 0_0 I mean, wasn't it just Halloween? Can't we slow down a little!? I'm not ready yet! I don't want to share my house with a dead tree or give up my 'regular' music for repetitive Christmas tunes! Not YET winter! 

Look! It's your friendly photographer/blogger! 

Yea, I bundled up really good because it was pretty cold out. I look like an Eskimo though. 

I also do NOT approve of the weird bump thing my pony-tail makes in the top of the hoodie. Oh well, the genie hairstyle doesn't always work with hats, hoodies, or bandannas. 

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