Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo Shoot with the Girls!

Well, the girls and I did a photo shoot this past week at my birthday party! Yes, I had a party this past Saturday and all of my closest friends were in attendance! It was a mustache theme...yes, you heard me correctly. Mustaches were the theme and it was really a lot of fun! But back to the photo shoot!

It was raining, and I mean raining, so we really didn't have many places to take photos in, but we did what we could with what we had and here are a few of the results!

I am still learning how to photograph people. I've done objects for a while, but this was my first real attempt to photograph a person and then edit the photo. 

My friend Hannah, I really loved this shot! 

Clara reading Jane Eyre. This was an experiment with coloring. Too much vintage I think. 

My friend Jessie's pretty eyes! 

Hannah really likes this shot and so do I! 

This was an experiment with partial black and white. I really don't like that I can still see some of her color hair and the wall, but I suppose it turned out okay. 
Best friends taking a break!

Now for some none edited shots that we took during a break.

Jessie took this one, and I really love it! 

We are basically sisters!

Oh yea, that's us! Most of the time this is exactly what we look like! 

That's just what we do when we are around each other...and a camera!

Today we will hopefully experiment more and be able to go out into the woods and surrounding areas to get a little more scenery. I'm really excited about it! But for right now I have to clean up my room (again) and get ready for their arrival. I've just finished my first weeks worth of homework and I'm very nervous about turning it in! 0_0 Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Recently, I acquired a new photo editing program, and I have to say it was the best decision of my life! I've spent the entire day taking pictures and then playing with different looks on the editing program. I'm no expert on it yet, but I'm getting better! The above picture of my mockingjay pin is my favorite, but the one below (the books and glasses) is rather fun! 

What sparked this sudden interest you ask? Well, I've always loved photography, I'm not a professional, but I do have a soft spot for it! :) Recently, an old friend of mine saw a few of my pictures and said that the magazine she works for might like them. It was a very big complement! :) She suggested I submit a few, and I believe I'm going to go for it! 
They mainly want dramatic black and white photos of both nature and people. I love those kinds of photos, but I was unsure if my pictures were up to par, so I went to one of the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to photography! 
Mrs. Johnnie!
I called her last night and she was more than willing to help me, a huge blessing! I asked her about photo editing and she told me that she used Picasa to do her editing. She always does and amazing job, so I wanted to check this program out. I found out that it was actually a free download, and needless to say I got it! :D All night long I played with it. I was in love! It is an amazing program, and has so many different tools that make photos really shine! :D
I've also started using my mom's really amazing camera! It takes very good pictures, a lot better than my old digital camera, though I will say that I still love that little guy! He never ceased to amaze me with how much detail he could actually capture! :D However, I have a new project that requires better equipment! 
I am now on the hunt for new dramatic scenes to photograph! I plan to get a few nature ones, and some of people! My models are my dearest friends in the whole world! Hannah, Clara and Jessie were very sweet and agreed to model for me! :D We are planning a BIG photo shoot in the near future, one where we will get photos to submit along with some just for personal use (non-dramatic ones). I'm very excited!

However, I'm starting college this week, and that means a lot of work! I will have to manage my time between school, writing and this new project--all the while getting ready for my birthday party Saturday! I'm hoping that, with God's help, I will stay focused and get this all done! :)

Until then, I hope you enjoy the current photographs! :D 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Last Day as an Eighteen Year Old!

It's been a long day; most of it spent on the road. Between lugging around countless pieces of luggage to driving six hours my energy level drained out completely. Yet, despite my sleepy state, I'm still excited because tomorrow is my nineteenth birthday! 

Little ole me is finally turning nineteen this year! It's been a thrilling journey to this point, one with a lot of pitfalls and joys. While I know there will be plenty more highs and lows, I'm looking forward to this next chapter of my life! :D My nineteenth year begins within a few hours!
I continue to tell myself what a wonderful period this part of my life is, and how fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful eighteenth year! I still have a lot of spiritual growing to do, and a lot of learning ahead of me, but I will continue to challenge myself to put my trust in the Lord, for he is the master of all things and the guardian of my soul! 

Everyone around me seems to be growing up so fast! Many of my friends will be either turning nineteen this year, graduating High School, or learning to drive for the first time! Big milestones are being reached in our little group, and it fills me with never ending joy! Seeing my friends and their lives beginning to blossom and grow is a happy time! Although, I will say, the driving part does have everyone a little freaked out! :D

Any who, this past week we have been on a vacation to the beach, and we loved every minute of it! My sister was actually very sad about coming home! :( I have a lot of snapshots I'd like to share, but for now I think I'll just post a few!

Last night, such a beautiful display! 

We went to eat at a yummy seafood restaurant with my grandparents the night before we left. On the way home my siblings and I decided to have some fun! 
Got up early to take a last few pictures of the ocean. I'm already missing it! 

We got back in good ole Georgia heartland after lunch time! I was glad to head home, despite my love of the ocean!  

Us being silly! I love this girl! She is such an amazing person and friend! :D So grateful to have her in my life!

Not long after we got home my amazing friend Jessie (whose mom had been keeping the farm for us!) came over and we had a girl's night in! We laughed, talked and celebrated over a delicious dinner of Subway and a few episodes of 'Say Yes to the Dress!' We generally goofed off and clowned around the entire evening, and had a complete blast! I've really missed seeing her! With her work life being so busy these past few weeks, I hadn't gotten to see her for almost a month! It was good to reconnect and spend an evening having fun! 

Well, that's my last eighteen year old day. It was beautiful, sad, exciting, magical, and scary all at the same time! Thanks so much to my Lord who continues to provide, protect and love me everyday! Thanks so much to everyone who has stuck with me during this past year, and to all of you who have listened to my rants and boring news over and over again! Thanks to everyone who stood, and continue to stand, beside me as I grow into the woman God wants me to be!

Thanks to everyone!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

317 Power Words That'll Instantly Make You a Better Writer!

Ever feel like you're using the same old words over and over? For help, look no further than this list of new and exciting words that will boost your writing up to a ten! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to Show (Not Tell) Paranoia, Hope and Other Moods

Brilliant is the best word I can think of to describe this article! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! This has served almost as a bible to me in my writing these past few weeks! Since I deal mainly with characters who move through complex emotions, and mainly paranoia, this piece really helped me to convey their feelings without actually spitting it out at the reader!

P.S. The Book of the Month will be late this time, a lot of things have come up so I don't have much time for posting! But, I can tell you that the next Book of the Month will be Ender's Game. By Orson Scott Card.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tiny Tidbits and Lovely Pictures!

I was, as usual, perusing Pinterest and found a million pictures. Fortunately for you, I won't show all of them, but here are a few of them!

So here's a post for all of you Tumblr and Pinterest peeps!

I have so many DIY projects that I really want to show you, but I can't right now! When I can, I'll show you them! So far, they are very fangirl, so stay tuned! :D