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Interview with Maegen

Hi everyone! I had the fortunate experience of getting to interview Maegen at about her fascinating book! Author Maegen gives us a look into the world and structure of her upcoming book which is sure to please all sci fi readers!

I like to thank Maegen so much for letting me interview her! It has been a real pleasure!  

1)What is your book about? 
      This has always been a hard question for me but I think I've come up with a good way to describe it. It is about a girl in the middle of a war, it is about descent and how far a person can fall, it is about people who are broken, it is about corruption and the areas and shades of gray in people, it is about how far humanity can fall and how high it can rise, and it is about the large and small tragedies in the world of different people, especially the heroine and villain. My story, at its core, is a psychological study on how people can be so similar yet so different. 

2) Who are your main characters?
        (Just remember these are very rough descriptions of my characters- they have more layers which you will have to read to hear and learn about). 
The main character is a teenaged girl (she goes from 16 - 19 over the course of the series) who, in the first novel, joins the galaxy's military(they live in a completely different galaxy then ours- Andromeda). I can't reveal her name as of yet, but it is space-related(her whole name is, in fact). She is a strong, high-strung, emotional, volatile, character who, through unlucky mishap and circumstances, gains the hatred of the main villain and becomes an important factor in the war(though she is definitely no chosen one and isn't the 'one who will save everyone'; she's just a regular teen). She is also, in some ways, based on me. 

Besides the two people the plot threads of the story revolve around, there are several other characters that take center stage. One is a girl around the lead's age(just a year older) who is mature, energetic, and, at times, stoic. The second is a boy a couple of months older than the lead; he is calm, strategical, and thoughtful. Next is a humanoid girl who, in human years(and physically looks it too) is around eight years old, but is actually teenaged in her people's culture; she is easily affected by events and, while way more mature than a human child, can act like a child sometimes; she is a kind being but can be rude at times(the three individuals I just mentioned are all in the army). 

3) Who is your villain?
The villain is, actually, the second main character after my lead. He is a man(mid twenties) who has suffered through much and wants to make things better. He is a cold, cruel, though sometimes emotional and volatile, individual who doesn't seem to understand that what he's doing is wrong. In the series, his goal is to save the galaxy from the people who exploit it(I don't really think it's a spoiler since it's brought up in the beginning). His character is tied with my lead's for favorite character in my series, though I love all of them. :) :) 
Another villain is the main antagonist's sister- she is a lot louder and more openly violent than he is and out of all the characters, she is the best fighter. 

4) What genre does your book fit into?
 Science Fiction, especially the sub-genres of Space Opera, Soft/Social Sci-Fi, and Military Sci-Fi since it takes place in a different galaxy than ours, focuses on the character's thoughts and feelings, and is about a war and those who fight it in. It also has some slight fantasy elements that become more prominent as the series progresses. The story is also psychological study since I explore many themes such as PTSD, Depression, Bravery, Strength, Pain, Death, Hurt, Abuse, Good v.s Evil, Areas of Gray, Right and Wrong, Love, Hate, etc

5) What age range of readers are you trying to reach?
Anyone from mid-to-late teens and up. My story is pretty dark(don't worry, it's not horror or anything) and might be a bit scary/disturbing for younger children. Though, if you've read The Hunger Games trilogy, you should be fine. But really, I'm mainly writing it for myself and for people who would love it and enjoy it as much as I do :) 

6) What style is your book written in? Is it first person? Is it third?
My story is told in third person, past tense, though I do use first person for some sequences involving my lead. However, the majority is told in third person since, for the context of the story, it needs to be told in that way (besides, I started the book that way, so I couldn't go back and change it, now could I? ;)   ) 
I would say my style of writing is, hopefully, emotional, character-driven, and intellectual. 

7) Is this a single book or a series?
It is a series(well, two in fact, each five books long); it takes place over the course of roughly four years. Both series' revolve around the same characters and setting, but with different plot lines. 

8) What are your goals for this book(s)? Is it just for fun or is it for publication?
I have several goals for my books. I definitely want to publish them by a Professional Publisher and I hope to get at least some readers and fans who enjoy it. 
I also want to have them made into movies/TV show with me playing the lead character(I'm not meaning to sound stuck up, I just always imagined myself in the role). 

9) Why will readers love your book?
Well, I hope readers will like the book series; I understand it might not be for everyone, but I hope I get a good fan following at least :D :D 

Okay, here are some points I think people will enjoy.

Science Fiction fans will enjoy the setting in another galaxy, the space travel, and the different planets and species. I believe and hope it will especially appeal to fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Firefly. 

Action fans will enjoy the story because there are a lot of fight scenes, battles, chases, and some very weird confrontational events. 

Feminist fans will enjoy seeing an empowered female character who is smart and very capable and who will stand up for her gender but never will put the other gender down. 

I also think people will enjoy the characters(at least I hope they do). I worked really hard on these characters, especially the main character and the antagonist, and I hope you all end up liking them as much as I do :D

Oh and guess what?! For those of you who don't like sappy romance, you will find none of that hear. In fact, there isn't any romance(though there are some subtle hints) until the second series and even then it is quite mild. But what the little that is there, I really like  it and I hope it will be awesome and  well done. 

10) Where did the idea for your book come from?
I came up with the book idea a long time ago when I was nine years old. I've always enjoyed coming up with stories with my sister, friends, and cousins and writing them down, so I think I was just waiting for the right one. I finally did find that 'right one' after I'd watched Star Wars. A friend of mine and I were coming up with stories and since he was making a science fiction story, I thought I'd make one two. At first it was quite silly and a kind of a rip-off of Star Wars but soon, after many re-writes and some talks with my cousin, sister, and friends(we help each other out with stories a lot), the stories are now fully, freshly original and I hope you all love them as much as I do (I said that before didn't I? Oh well XD). 

11) What is your inspiration?
I have many inspirations. Fiction, I have to say, inspires me the most. Watching a really good movie/TV episode or reading a really good book wants me to make my story even better and inspires me to challenge myself. I'm also inspired by real life people and my own experiences which help me to better my craft and my characters. 
Music is also an inspiration. It helps me create a mood and connect even more closely with my characters and what they are feeling at that moment. 

12) Any writing tips for fellow authors?
  Read and watch stories as much as you can, especially those pertaining to your genre( for example, I should read a lot of Sci-Fi). 
You also need to write; not everyday, of course, you have to find a rhythm that works for you, but make sure you do actually write.
And of course, never give up. Novels/series' take work(I'm working on my ninth year with this series) and it's important to, once you've found your right story, to stick with it and make it as beautiful as you possibly can. 
Stay Positive and May the Force Be With You...Always :)

To learn more about Maegen and her book, visit her blog at Pens, Thespians, and Words

Thank you so much Maegen for letting me interview you and I'm sure the readers, as well as myself, will be absolutely thrilled when we can purchase and read this sure to be amazing novel! :D 

If you're an author who wants to talk about their work, then please leave a comment or visit the Interview page! I'm more than happy to interview any and all authors, published or unpublished! 




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If it's alright with you, I'd love to do an interview for the book I'm working on too. ^_^

Oh, and I love the blog design you're using. It's really cute!


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Thank you very much for interviewing me!! :D And I'm glad you think my book series sounds good :D

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Awesome interview with of my favorite bloggers! :D It was great to learn more about Meagan's book too.


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