Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Future Home *Sigh*

Well, lots of girls plan out what their future homes will look like I know--but I just thought that I'd share my vision! :D
My dream home is a small, comfortable home out in the mountains--the model of home that I would like to have is the Whitdbey by Tumbleweed Tiny Homes! :D
It's 557 square feet (with extra room) and has utility bills less than 25 dollars a month because of it's small size! :D That's a big plus for a single girl or a young couple (whichever I'll end up being).

I wouldn't put brown wood there--just sayin.

There is supposed to be a wall--dividing the kitchen from the living room--but I think having it open is better. More room that way!

This plan doesn't come with a fireplace--but I would SO want one!

There is another--closed in--loft up there. I'd probably put my office up there, and downstairs I don't know about that table set. I want a white table with a yellow top--and mix matched yellow or blue chairs to match! :D

I LOVE the kitchen! Only thing I would change would be the glass cabnets. I want to use my cabnets for storage so I'd probably get wooden ones.

I've always wanted an island in my kitchen--so this is perfect!

I love the little half curtains here! I think I would make them a bright yellow with some white poke-a-dots just to add some color!

And I thought that this was a cute idea! I'm not sure if I'd do it--but hey, it's cute!

I believe these peeps put the bed up in the second loft--or in the back room. I'm not sure. Either way, I'd use the big, window filled room in the front for my bedroom!

In the front area I'd probably put something like this union jack dresser there! I'd love to have a  union jack dresser out there--just for fun! :D

I thought this was a great idea for the floors! Not sure if I'd be brave enough to try it though. Who knows--maybe I will! :D

I intend to have a semi large deck out back--for dinners and relaxation! This farmhouse table would be perfect! Just add a few chairs and two benches and you'd be ready for a dinner under the stars! :D

I'd also put these mason jar candles out back! I've made these before and they are SO pretty! :D I've tinted mason jars blue too--though I don't know if I'd use them for candle holders. Not sure if ModPodge is flammable or not. My opinion is let's NOT find out!

In the bedroom I'd do something like this. I always wanted a canopy--but they get so darn dusy! This way you can take the canopy down and wash it when it get's dusty! brilliant! :D

I will, of course, take my IKEA bed and my shabby chic dresser with me to my home! I think they will look nice in my future home! :D Besides--they both cost a good amount of money--so they are stayin with me!  

In the loft above the bedroom I would put in a desk like this for an office. I think it'd be a great place to hold up and work! :D

In the other, larger, loft I'd do something like this! Twin beds up there would be really cute and useful--especially if you had guests. Or if your hubby was banished to the sofa.

I would want the window up there to open--after all, good breeze is so refreshing!

The house as a whole would have a nautical feel to it. Lots of sail boats and sea foam colors! I'd also add some splashes of color to brighten up the place. Maybe a really bright blue or yellow here and there--just to keep the eye moving and to livin things up! :D
But overall, that's what I would like my house to look like. I'm trying not to  set my plans in stone because, after all, things and people change! I might get married and my husband might want a bigger house--though I'd probably fight him on that. Bigger homes are harder to clean and, more importantly, pay for. I want a home we can by cash on the barrel--no stressing over mortgages. This home can be built for less than 33,000 dollars! That's really amazing considering how little money a single woman or a young couple has! This would be a wonderful place to live in! It's small yes--but I like things to be small. Big houses are not on my favorites list--at all. Also there is still some privacy here--and since I'm semi introverted, that would be great! :D
And since the houes is small, you have to be very careful about clutter--something I absolutely hate! Clutter in a tiny house is a very bad thing. So being careful about getting too much unnecessary stuff is a must! But hey, a little discipline never hurt anybody and I'm usually good about getting rid of old stuff so I should be okay. But I might have to keep and eye on my husband (should I have one). Men tend to collect near as much junk as we females! *Sigh* Add that to the long list of reasons NOT to get married! LOL!
But there you have it! My vision of what I would like my future home to look like! I'm already saving up for it and hopefully I can get a part time job somewhere nearby so I can keep on saving! Maybe someday this lovely little home can be mine! :D But there again, who knows what God has in store! Like they say, sometimes on your way to the dream--you find a better one instead! :D
This has been your happy blogger,

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Slow Comeback!

Well, it's certainly been a LONG while now hasn't it?
Yep, it's been nearly two months since I've been on here. Shameful isn't it? Yea--my life has been so busy I just haven't had time for blogging. But now I'm making myself take some time out for it.
So hi? How are you doing? Is anybody still out there?! :)
I bet you're curious as to where and why I've disappeared these past few months. Well--so much has happened!! I'm not even sure where to begin, but I suppose I should start with some of the more exciting events.
Well, first--I've decided to go to a campus for my second year of college. Yep, no more online school for me. We discovered that I was really, REALLY over loaded (5 classes and all of them online!) I had an A average in everything--A's in all of my classes--but, I was spending at least 12 hours a day on school! Seriously, I'd get up at six in the morning and work on school until--at least--eight at night. I got a lunch break--sometimes--but other than that I was really busy! A lot of it was busy work. For instance, in ETEC (computers) I had to write at least two mini essays a day, plus comment on other people's essays, do a special project (aka, a BIG essay) and do my lesson for the day! :( I had to work over the weekends (many times harder than during the week and NOT because I was behind) and this was JUST in ETEC! 
Math was MUCH better--and I hate math. In math I just did my lesson and that was it. Geology was a little harder--especially with the mail in labs--but it was better than ETEC. English actually had less busy work than ETEC! Seriously--how come English had only one essay a week and ETEC had two to three A DAY!? 
But anyway, that's why I'm going to campus next year. No more online--at least not for a while. Right now I'm trying to CLEP Biology and Algebra so I don't have to do those in college! I feel really good about Algebra--but Biology I'm a little worried about. Bio isn't my thing--but thanks to my amazing tutor, Mrs. Amy, I feel pretty good about Algebra! :D I've just finished Algebra--and I'm about to finish Bio! So, once I've done that I'm going to work with Mrs. Amy and start taking some practice tests on it! And what's also good is my friend James has taken a CLEP before and did really well! :D So look out, James--I'm going to question you into the ground about taking a CLEP! :D
Also, as far as my more personal life goes, I've finished my book! :D You know, that book I was always talking about--well I've finished it! :D I actually finished it last month--and I'm already on the second book. Actually---I'm about five to six chapters from finishing it! :D So YAY! BOOK THREE HERE I COME!! :D :D :D :D :D
I've had several really fun things happen! For instance--I got to take a trip with my family to Westville GA! I know, that sounds boring to some of you--but for me (a avid history fan and photographer) it was awesome! I took so many pictures! And everyone there was so nice and pleasant! It really was a worth while trip! :D
Yea, this is actually a pic from Westville. I took a lot of shots like this.
I got to hang out with all of my friends on several occasions--so many in fact that it would take me FOREVER to name them all--but one in particular was Hannah, Jessie and I's Once Upon a Time Marathon! Yea, we've fallen prey to the awesomeness of Once Upon a Time!

What?! It's a girly show--we're allowed to like it! :D
My favorite couple is Belle and Rumple!

I just LOVE THEM!! I'm a complete Rumbelle fan along with my friend Jessie! :D Hannah's a Snow and Charming fan--and I like them too...just not as Mary Margret and David. David is SUCH a wimp in Storybrooke! But as Charming--he's AWESOME!! He gets on my nerves sometimes--but I think their story is sweet! :) I know, I know--he's sort of times...but I still like them! :D Any other Once fans out there? :D
I also applied for a job at a local business last Friday! :D Yep, first time applying! :D I haven't heard anything yet--and I'm planning on looking for some other opportunities--but who knows. Maybe I'll hear something! :D
I'm going clothes shopping this week too! YAY! It's time for me to start looking for some new winter and fall fashions! I've already got an idea of what I want--and now the only thing is finding it! So wish my luck and I'll post back later on what I found! :D
Also, I'm really excited about seeing the new Hobbit movie! :D :D :D :D

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!:D I can't wait! I've already read the book twice so far and I'm working on a third time! I hope the movie will be good--Peter Jackson is sure stretching it out though. :(
Anyway, it's a good thing I like the story of The Hobbit because I'm probably going to go see it several times! First with my mother and aunt (I'm treating them to it!), then with my brother and possibly James and Jacob (they will already have seen it by then but hey, who wouldn't want to see The Hobbit again?!). And last, Hannah, Jessie and I are trying to work out a time when just us can go!
So yea, lots of hobbitting this Christmas!
My favorite character (for the moment) is Bofur.
He seems like he's going to be a fairly interesting character. It also looks like he's going to get a good bit of screen time! :)
Plus he has an awesome hat!

The romantic emphasis here is a little weird--but I like the little faces in his hat! LOL!
But seriously--there is more 'crush' stuff on this guy than on Fili and Kili! Weird.
My favorites swap a lot--but usually they are Bofur, Thorin, Fili and little Ori!
I just LOVE Ori! He' SO precious! Like a little teddy bear! :) But sadly--I can't watch the Moria scene in Fellowship of the Ring without crying now! :( Poor Ori! *sniff*
But who's your favorite dwarf?! Comment and let me know! I will put a poll up soon--but right now the poll thing doesn't want to work. Anyway, comment and let me know what dwarf you are most looking forward to seeing in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit!
Anyway, that's basically what's been happening with me lately. I promise to start posting more now. And to all the people who's comments I didn't answer---I'm sorry! You didn't offend me or anything--I've just been so busy I haven't had time to blog! Sorry! :( I'm saying this because I know some of you left comments on my Split Second story and I didn't get a chance to answer you! Sorry about that! Once again, you didn't offend me! I love to hear from you and I found all of your suggestions really helpful! Please keep them coming in! :D
And as for the Split Second story--I've got a surprise up my sleeve with that one! So just hold tight for a few more days and I'll give you the big reveal! :D
Well, it's late and I've got stuff I've got to do!
 So until next time, this has been your ever happy and busy blogger,