Sunday, November 3, 2013

There Was Fire: A Continuation of Yesterday's Post

Sorry to put an end to your curiosity...but by fire I mean we had a campfire...not that our house, car, or dog was one fire. Sorry, we're not THAT interesting. 

As I said in my last post--I worked all day yesterday. What I didn't tell you was I worked twelve hours--well--more like thirteen. I was supposed to work twelve with an hour break, but because there were so many people out, I only got a ten minute break to eat. I don't mind it though, it was a great day at work. :) However, my feet hated me. I didn't sit down until nine o'clock when I got back in my truck to head home. 

When I did get home, my friends Jessie and Clara were still there....along with a roaring campfire! Apparently, my family was having a cookout with a few of our family friends. There was food everywhere...which was good because I was STARVING! I had stopped at McDonalds to get a very big hamburger, fries and a HUGE coke. I didn't care how bad it was for me, I was hungry and I had only eaten a sandwich for lunch. I. Was. Starving. 

I did consent to share my fries with my friends and brother, but the hamburger was mine. Sorry, but I'm fighting for those calories now. Can you believe I've lost twenty five pounds in one month?! 0_0 I only 'needed' to lose ten pounds, but because I don't really eat much three to four days out of the week--I've dropped down at least two sizes in clothes. Normally, I'd be happy about losing the weight, but I'm not because I don't need to lose that much! That's not healthy, and I've had some problems with it. I'm getting a lot of warning signals from my body--ones that are serious enough that my mother has become concerned. So I have dedicated myself to getting more nutrition on those busy days. Yea, ironic to say that after admitting I ate a hamburger and fries without care. 

After I wolfed down my meal, I went outside with my friends and took some fun pictures while enjoying the fire. 



The little siblings, they really enjoyed making S'mores and riding the golf cart. :)

I honestly have no idea...;)

But I just wanted to finish up yesterday's post...I'll post something small for today. :)

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