Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving's Today, but They Put my Childhood Netflix

No, I don't normally wear red lipstick--it was just for fun. And look! My Batman shirt! :) I love this shirt SO freaking much! 

Well today is, of course, my family's Thanksgiving--and yesterday was cooking and today we have to clean up after cooking before serving dinner for a thundering hoard tonight. 

You could say that today is going to be another busy day--but during my lunch break I discovered something most peculiar. They put my childhood on Netflix. Two of the Disney movies I watched religiously as a child have recently been added to Netflix. Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone. Some people may say these weren't their best movies, but as a kid I loved them. They were adventure movies--and I loved them. So when I saw them on the Watch Instantly Que I was over joyed, and I started with The Sword in the Stone (which I am currently watching). How am I supposed to get anything done? And don't say 'Just turn off Netflix', because that's just not going to happen. Is it normal to check Netflix more often than Facebook? Hmm?

I was a strange little child I suppose, the Disney Princesses I most admired and wanted to be like were Pocahontas and Mulan. I loved Belle as well, but I watched Pocahontas and Mulan a lot more. As for my idea of a Disney Prince--Robin Hood was ideal. 

I read the stories of Robin Hood and would watch nearly any Robin Hood movies that I could find. More of an adventurous kid you might say. 

I was never very dainty--I was more of a Tom-Boy. Instead of my mother fussing because I was trying to wear makeup too early, she was fussing because I would sit down at the dinner table with leaves in my hair and mud on my face. She'd worry over the blood all over my legs from when I ran through a briar patch in shorts. I did love dolls, but usually I'd make my Polly-Pockets wage war on my brother's Lego towns, or I'd steal his G.I. Joe's and have them go on top secret missions. I was a complete boy really--and that might have been why all of the other girls my age thought I was a freak. As James can attest, we spent hours playing Star Wars and just plain War in the woods, or playing football on our front lawns. 

I'd go out and hike, ride my bike, play with my brother, roll around in the yard with the dog, climb a tree, or just take off running somewhere. 

I never wore 'fashion' clothes, I wore what was practical and comfortable. A nice T-shirt, jeans, and boots or sneakers. I have never really worn jewelry until recently, and when I did it was always pretty sturdy because I could destroy frilly stuff pretty quickly. Still don't wear rings though--too easy to get caught on something and I'm not that keen on getting my finger ripped off. Hey--it's a farm in the South--it happens. 0_0

I didn't watch Hannah Montana, I didn't want to dress like her or want to be blonde--I wanted to be me. Though, to be fair I was more interested in being a Jedi or Wizard (not that I advertised that fact, because Hogwarts said that Muggles needed to be kept in the dark about the school.). I was happy, I got to meet amazing people and enjoy the beautiful childhood God gave me. I wasn't concerned with if a boy liked me when I was 12. In fact I thought boys were great playmates and didn't really see them as 'boyfriends'. I knew I was too young for that, and I just wanted to hang out with them as a friend. 

Also, unlike girls, guys only cared if I could throw a baseball or if I could run fast--whether I was pretty or popular didn't matter to them. I have actually known more guys than girls who genuinely liked me for me. 

I always acted like a lady around them--understand--I didn't belch in front of them or anything like that. I just liked being around them and I liked a lot of things guys liked anyway. My friend Jessie laughed and told me a few weeks ago that when I have to go to a movie with my boyfriend there would be no arguing over what movie to watch--I'd always pick the dude movie. It's true--I've had more arguments with my friends who are girls over what to watch than with any guy I've ever been to a movie with. Save when there is a Disney movie....then us girls are all in agreement and we sing and dance around the living room like mental patients. Beautiful friendships! 

This may also be why my brother and I are so close. We are in perfect agreement (usually) about the stuff we like. Growing up he was my main playmate, and we were thick as thieves. He was always the good kid, though, and if he got in trouble you could usually bet that I was involved. Now it's about 50/50. :) But yea, we like all of the same stuff, save for Fandom things--he's still learning about that. 

Now I can be girly--I have that side of me--but I still have a lot of the Tom-Boy in me, and I just want to find a healthy balance between the two. Because, while being girly has a lot of benefits--being a Tom-Boy is more useful for me as a farm girl. :)

I believe firmly in acting like a lady and presenting well, but I also believe that I can't be afraid to get a little dirty. I'm more of an adventurous personality, and I think that, someday, I'd like a boyfriend who would be a little adventurous too. Seriously, guys who are 'outdoorsy' are very attractive to me. 

Haha, he'll also have to be used to my frequent fangirling! Could you find it endearing? That'd be great, boyfriend. :) Of course, if you can freak out with me over something like The Walking Dead or Supernatural or a movie--something--you'd be, hands down, the best boyfriend ever!  Oh and possibly calm me down after the death of a fictional character. Heheheh! 

What did I originally start off talking about again?  Oh yea, Netflix and my family Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe this post turned into a ramble--oh well, I do that. Yes, it's actually this bad in real life too--just as any of my friends or family members. They'll tell you. 

But there, again, is my little ramble that probably should have ended several paragraphs ago. Oh well, it's a blog where I record my thoughts--I suppose this is the correct way to use it. Dunno. 

Now I'm off to compulsively overeat, yep--didn't do that on the actual Thanksgiving given the fact that I was still about half human half Walker--but now HAHAHAHA! I'm back to my usual talkative/hungry self and I want pie! 





Stilwater said...

haha, I was kind of a tomboy too. I loved playing Star Wars and cowboys and Indians. I liked to pretend I was Han Solo, Clint Eastwood, Robin Hood, or the REAL Pocahontas. And I like to hunt and kill animal pests and get my hands dirty in car oil or mud or animal blood. but where i live a lot of girls are like that so i never thought it wasn't "girly"??

JT said...

lol at the end of this post. I can totally see my self suddenly stopping a ramble in mid-thought to yell "Pie? I want that!" :D

Rebecca said...

Hi Stilwater!

I know! Those games were much funner than doing makeup or talking about the Jonas Brothers. That's awesome! I'm still learning how to skin a deer, which really earned me some strange looks at college! Haha! Most of the girls I know are really big 'girly girls'--save for Jessie, she's my Tom-Boy friend who will tromp around in mud with me, get whacked in the face with tree limbs with me, and push the golf cart along side of me when we break down (which is often.)

Hey, JT!

Yea...I stop mid ramble a lot for things like pie and chocolate! ;)