Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why I'm Tempted to Decorate for Christmas

I'm making this post because so many of my friends and family have already started their Christmas season. I'm tempted to go ahead with the Christmas spirit....very tempted in fact. There is nothing I love more than the soft glow of Christmas lights and the smell of peppermint tea and hot chocolate. Christmas music playing over the radio while my blog has little snow flakes cascading down the screen (if I can't have snow in real life I must make substitutes). However, I get tired of it. 

Yes, I get tired of Christmas. Very tired in fact. Christmas music, hot chocolate, and especially Christmas decorations get on my nerves after about the first two weeks. That's why I usually wait until two weeks before Christmas to get into the spirit. 

All the same though, I have a bunch of really neat ideas I want to try out this year in my decorating! Also, the girls and I are planning a Christmas photo shoot! But, I must wait until it's actually Christmas time. I don't really want fall to end, this has been one of the best falls of my life--so I really don't want it to be over. Winter's tone has yet to be revealed to me. 

So now I'm stuck in that awkward period where there's really nothing to do. There's nothing to do for Thanksgiving, and I won't let myself give into my Christmas urge just yet. So what do I do? :( Other than NaNoWrMo not much. Schools been really heavy as of late, so I've been busy with that. I think I did well on my science test though, so that's a relief!

 Praise the Lord for that! :D 

My story is going well, I've created a new concept for the book, so I'm taking some time to construct that. :) 

I do not own this image

I'm also working on developing Johanna's viewpoint/narration. Johanna is a very cynical, suspicious, dangerous, and logical young woman. However, she is also 18, so what I'm trying to decide is whether or not she'd use a lot of slang in her speak and how vulnerable I need to make her. I believe she would, but I'm still undecided on how much slang I will use. With vulnerability, I want to present her as strong and stable, but at the same time susceptible to the pains that come with youth.

I do not own this image 

I start Johanna out in the books as very cold and logical, but as time progresses she comes to become more 'human' and less robot. This is primarily due to Carrick's influence on her and how he helps her to grow in her humanity and compassion. He doesn't carry her, but he helps her to see that everything isn't black and white. It's a big character growth for her, however in Book Three this is threatened....but I won't go into why.

Any-who, it's been a busy plotting day. I've actually made a full timeline of how the evil government in the book came into being. I'm also working on the biography of a main character in the series.

I do not own this image

I write biographies of many of my characters so I can fully understand where they are coming from. I believe it helps me to give them more original voices and really makes them stick out a little more. I don't go into everyone's back story, because that would get old really fast--but I do use their stories to influence their decisions later. This woman ^ has a really tragic/interesting story. I'm looking forward to writing her again in books two and three! 

Wow, how did this post go from Christmas to writing? Man, this is happening all the time now. 0_0 Okay, back to winter.

I'm looking forward to several things this winter, one of them being (of course) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I am royally freaking out over this movie! I'm just so excited! I won't spill a lot of the things I'm looking forward to seeing/not looking forward to seeing for the sake of spoilers. 

I'm, of course, looking forward to Christmas, Christmas break, and some of the holiday fun that my family and I have. 

I've even made my Christmas list for this year. Yes, I still do this....come on, it's presents! 

An IPod, yea, I'm giving into the urge. I want an IPod SO badly!
A Walking Dead Hoodie from Her Universe 
"The Fault In Our Stars" by John Greene 
"Allegiant" By Veronica Roth 
Supernatural Fandom stuff. Anything really, necklaces, bracelets, shirts...anything just so long as it's Supernatural! 

That's pretty much it as of now, and that's a lot seeing how I want an IPod! 0_0 

Well, that's about all I've got to spit out right now. I've got to go to sleep now and get up early to spend more time on the book. Yep, everything is about the book now. But believe it or not, I'm finding it hard to focus. It's been so long since writing was my main priority, it's hard to get back into gear, but I'm coping! :) 
However, at the moment I'm mad because Carrick's not doing what I want him to do. Seriously dude! I made you! I brought you into this world and I'll take you out! 

Seriously, my writing mood has been shifting so much lately. One minute I'm happy, but then things go sour...mainly over Carrick. 

I start out good

Then something happens

And I look at my old work

And I realize

That while I may have thought I was pretty clever at some point

The truth is I'm screwed up. 

Oh well, see you next time! 


Jamie said...

You are like my mom in that she gets tired of Christmas after awhile, too. I'm biting at the bit waiting for a couple more weeks to go by before I can start bringing things out of the attic myself! :P

Sorry I haven't been able to comment as much recently! :(


Rebecca said...

Hey, Jamie!

I'm really biting at the bit for it too! I have to make myself wait though. :( I am going Christmas shopping later this month though! :D
How'd your wisdom tooth surgery go? I had mine out a few years ago, so I know how unpleasant it can be.