Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Have I Done Today?

Hmmm, let's see, besides being severely dehydrated and tired---the very fact that I didn't just roll back over in bed and hide under the covers until the fever eventually made me a walker--speaks volumes. 

So what did I do today? 

I went to the store, yes, it was needed so it had to be done. 

I wrote five chapters of my book. I'm back on it now. :) That's a big plus. Praise the Lord! :D 

I sat on my butt and watched Supernatural and Doctor Who--yea, that was yesterday and today. Nothing like having a fever and waking up believing you are trapped in the Tardis. I'm NOT joking here, I mean, my room looked like the Tardis. I had also just watched The Black Spot, so I was waiting on the siren to come and take me to the sick bay. 

My favorite episode of ALL time has to be "Vincent and the Doctor". I cried SO freaking hard during that one. Vincent has to be one of the best people they've intertwined into that show. Loved it, and that episode really redeemed the show for me. I hated--and I am under using the word so much--"Let's Kill Hitler". I hated that episode on so many levels. Loathed it with every fiber of my being. For the sake of internet etiquette do NOT ask me why. 

As for Supernatural, I'm still watching and loving it. Dean Winchester is one of my favorites. His internal battle and character development really is one of the highlights about this show. He's a very fascinating character, and he really gets you invested in the show. You become attached to these characters, you know, and you want to see them to the end of their journey. I'm not saying this show doesn't get really weird sometimes, but hey, I survived Doctor Who--so I can pretty much weather nearly any weirdness. Right? 

Almost. There will always be an exception. I actually pause the episode here and just put my hand over my face. It took a moment to process, and for those of you who haven't seen this episode--trust me, it takes a while to process the awkwardness. 

I watched newest The Walking Dead episode. 0_0 The Governor OH MY GOSH! 

Oh, I knew he was coming back. Trust me, but these past few episodes oh my goodness! How much does it take to kill this guy? I mean, he is pretty hard core. I haven't really seen this hardcore since I miss Merle. :'( Anyone else with me on this one?

He is the ultimate version of "Every villain is a hero in his own mind." (Tom Hiddleston by the way...can I get some Hiddles love here?). I mean, he is a very complex character with a LOT of crazy going on. I mean, just when you think you've gotten to the bottom of his crazy he's got a crazy underground, zombie prison basement! I mean seriously, dude? How many levels of nutso do you have? :)

I also bought and watched the entire first season of The Legend of Korra! 

Don't judge. The last time I was sick I watched the all of Aang The Last Airbender and loved it. The Legend of Korra was the natural next step. I love both shows and I really loved the new tone that The Legend of Korra brought to the Avatar series. It's much darker and a bit more mature than the first one. I miss some of the more humorous aspects from the first one, but I believe in order to keep the gritty feel, TLoK had to remove the more 'kiddish' elements. Though, I will confess, Aang had me in stitches. 

My favorite character is Asami Soto. She is so amazing! 

I love how she is such a strong and independent personality. She's kind, compassionate, smart, brave, and a quick thinker under pressure. If anything I like her better than I like Korra. She's had some real struggles in her life, some times much more so than Korra, and each time she has shouldered the load with incredible grace. Asami Soto is my favorite, hands down. 

I also got some online Christmas shopping done. :D My friend Hannah will be pleased with her present! I always love it when I buy a present for a friend that I think they will really love! :D I will not tell you what I got her, because she still reads my blog. Sorry, no hints, Hannah! 

What else did I do today?

Well, I thought of some really good stuff to do but I lacked sufficient energy to do them. Story of my life, but I'm pretty sure that today it had something to do with yesterdays vomiting. Thanks for the prayers and get wells there guys, it means a lot to me! ;) 

I decorated my blog for Christmas, yes, I know....I said I wouldn't do it until after Christmas. But I didn't want to wait any longer. As for my room, however, I'm still wanting to hold off there. I don't really want to share my abode with a tree yet. Yea, a big dusty tree that my cat (C.C.--the cat I'm pretty sure I can't throw holy water on.) likes to climb and knock over. 

But hey, everyone can use a little Christmas cheer can't they? It was fun, but I'm still not ready to listen to Christmas music yet. Yep, I'm to busy listening to Imagine Dragons. Love them, they've been my music obsession for about a year now. :) My brother has even started listening to them. Haha! I have corrupted another mind! :D He's also watching Supernatural and Sherlock now! Hehehehehehe, all that's left is Doctor Who and he'll be SuperWhoLocked and be completely insane like the rest of us! 

There has been very little productivity here in these past few days, but I've been sick and it's been a tough week. I'm just grateful I haven't turned into a walker yet. Again, the strength required to fight that off is highly underestimated. 

But I have loving friends and a loving family--duly noted by the fact that they haven't used my illness as an opportunity to kill me. Of course, that may have been because they were too afraid to get near me--the threat of me vomiting was quite high after all. 

Mainly they've just been like,

Lord love them. 

But yea, it hasn't been a really interesting day, but there it is. I'm just trying to be thankful for all that I've been given and all that I still have with me. :) God is good!

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of my lovely followers, I hope you all have a wonderful day. :) And no matter what your traditions may be, I hope you have a love filled holiday. :)

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