Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Sound of Keyboard Tapping, Signifying Something...

"I love fatigue!" Said no one ever.

Well hello once again this is your writing blogger--or at least what's left of her. Yea, I've been battling fatigue for the past week and it sucks. It really sucks for my family though because they have to deal with a tired, short fused me. Sorry guys! :(

Anyway, as usual, I've been writing again! Yep, this is gonna be one of those semi short writing updates that I post ever so often.

Writing has been going fairly well over the past several days. I haven't had too much writing time though because I've had other stuff going on--plus the stupid fatigue thing. :( Do you know what it's like to go through the whole day feeling like blugh! Yea, NOT FUN!!!!!

Anyway, today I've been writing/outlining chapters. I outline my chapters sometimes because it makes for smoother writing and it helps me keep up with how the story is going to flow.
So far I've outlined up to chapter forty seven (I've wrote to thirty nine) and I'm not even in Part Three yet! :D

The book is coming along great but still no where near publish ready! After I finish this draft I'll let my mom test read it (she sometimes test reads my stuff) so she can give me an opinion about the characters and stuff! She's a painfully honest person usually, so that makes her a pretty good choice because she doesn't believe in sugar coating something just because you're her kid.

So much has happened in the book and I've added a few new events to spice some of the duller parts up a bit! :)

Overall draft two is one hundred percent better than draft one! Though I have carried over a few chapters here and there out of draft one that I loved too much to leave behind! :D

But that's about it for now. I'll chat with you later and give you some more updates--such as the movie that me, my brother and our mutual friends James and Jacob are going to see! :D I'll give you a hint: it's the most anticipated movie since the Avengers and the hero is dressed in all black. Any guesses?

Well, I'm off to do some more writing/outlining so wish me luck and energy (seriously, this fatigue is getting OLD!!)

Your tired yet busy blogger,

P.S. I'll be posting pictures from a swimming trip we took soon! Yep, finally we got to go swimming! So stay tuned for a watery post!


Friday, July 20, 2012

And for ONCE it WASN'T on Pinterest!

Hello blogging peoples!!

I'm SO excited I could BURST!! What about? Well....let's just say it's about the brand new piece of vintage shabby chic furniture that's NOW sitting in MY ROOM!! :D

Yes, for ONCE a piece of cute shabby chic furniture is actually in my room and not on my Pinterest board!!

What piece of furniture is it? Take a look!!


Okay, calming down now! LOL!

But look! Isn't it lovely! (Please excuse a very sweaty grungy me in the mirror) I can hardly believe that it's now in my room! I just love it!!

I got a really good deal on it too!

We went to an antique market in town for a friend of our's birthday trip. When we got there I saw a bunch of interesting things...but none that I wanted to buy. I had walked to the back of the store when suddenly I saw it. The most beautiful shabby chic vanity I'd ever seen!!!!
t was being sold for 279 dollars! Yea, woof is right! Well, I taked to the woman running the store and she said that it could be knocked down to 200 flat. Which is a moderate comedown yes...but still TOO pricy for me. Yet, I still walked away with it. How? Well, my mother and father (who usually spend about 50 bucks on my b-day present from them) paid 50 dollars into it and bam! I got it for a tidy little 150 dollars! YAY!! Granted that's still up there but fortunately I had saved that amount from my job earning and I was able to afford it and have money left over!! Note: the rest of that money has to go in the bank....lest I spend it all!

But yep, my dad drove over to the market and picked it up and now it's sitting in my room where my old dresser used to sit!

Here's a pic of some of my Bath and Body Works products on my brand new vanity! :D

This is an old photo I bought at the store because I thought that an old photo on the vanity would complete the shabby chic look! :D

My jewelry side of my new vanity with a statue my late grandmother gave me.

Here's another pic! Isn't it pretty!

Here's a close up of the aged and distressed wood! :D I just LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE the aged and distressed look.

Well? What do you think? Isn't it cool! I can't believe I found it and bought it! :D I've been absolutely in LOVE with it!!

And now it's time for me to go and milk goats. Sorry I can't finish this post right...but I've got to milk so I can do my new workout (Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30) and get my shower before my mom and I get to work on peaches!

So until later!

Your very happy blogger,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Writing Writing Writing Writing...SPIDERMAN!!

Hey and I'm back!

Here I am with another (yes you guessed it!) writing post! Yea, sorry if these ones seem to be taking over but writing has bee just about the only thing I've been doing for a long LONG while.

Anyway, I've been spending the past few days locked in extensive the two days on Thursday and Friday when I crashed from one of my 'Protien Withdrawls'. Yea, I have a tendency to not eat enough protein (mainly because I DO NOT LIKE the foods that have protein in them) and as a result I get to feeling...well...rather crappy. I literally crash on the bed and snooze for the WHOLE afternoon. And as a result of that I end up having trouble going to bed at night.

Fortunately I've remedied my crashing problem (mainly by going to bed earlier and drinking more milk) and I'm back on my writing! :D

I've got a LOT of writing related news! But before I start let me congratulate a couple I know that got married this past weekend! I've known the bride Tatum since I was very little! She is an amazing person with so much talent!! I know she will make a wonderful wife to her new husband Matt! So congratulations Tatum and Matt! I hope God blesses you past your wildest dreams! :D

There's a lot of new writing news, first off is the fact that I'm now in Part Two of Draft Two!! YAY!!! Big milestone for just a week or so of draft two writing! :D

 Also, I think I've remedied my Johanna + Alan problem! Thanks SO much to the two people who made it possible: Jamie and Solace Utara! You both were a HUGE help!! Thanks so much for sharing you ideas with me!! :D

My book is pushing 30,000 words now and it's not even halfway done!! WOW!! This version has a WAY MORE chapters than the last one! :D

I'm still doing quicky updates on Pinterst so stop by HERE to get the sneak peek! :D

Also, on a non writing note, my brother and friends James and Jacob and I went to see the new Amazing Spiderman movie!! :D

Now, as you all know, I am NOT a super hero fan, but I actually really enjoyed this movie! It was (in case you don't know) really REALLY good! The plot was sound, and much better than the previous movies, and a very good revamp of the original trilogy! I loved it!

The lizard dude bad guy (Doc. Conners) was rather creepy, but he added a whole new excitement to the franchise!!

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman was AWESOME!!! He did a MUCH better job than the original Peter Parker who cried ever two seconds. At least with Andrew he played a Peter Parker who could play tough, and not sit and boohoo about everything.

So YAY for no dude boohooing!!!

Anyway, we had an amazing time! The little Mayberry Theater we went to was almost empty and we got the whole place pretty much to ourselves! Also there was only ONE commercial in front of the movie!! Guess what it was? Yes, for those of you who are Batman fans and are eagerly anticipating the new movie this was The Dark Knight Rises.
I'm not a Batman fan myself but this movie looked too cool to miss! I'm hoping I can go see it in theaters some time when I have a free day and an extra six bucks. ;)
But we really enjoyed ourselves and the movie!! So if you haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman...GO SEE IT!! :D

I snagged a pic just as we were leaving. Not a very good one I know but at least I got Jacob's head in it!

Sadly, I wasn't able to keep this song out of my head as we left the theater...

Yea, sorry about this one guys!!

And for those of you who haven't seen it, here's how Spiderman Three should have ended! :D
Anyway, I've had a pretty good week and writing is going great!! So I guess I'll see you all next time I have a new update! :D


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writing Other Words...HELP!!! 0_0

Ok, I'm cutting right to the point on this one. How the you-know-what do you right ROMANCE!!! I mean, I know that once you get past the awkward first meeting and stuff it's relatively straight forward. My problem is I can't get past that awkward first meeting. It may have to do with the fact that this awkward first meeting is a little more like enemy meets enemy.

Yes, I'm talking about my summer novel here. You see, the main character (Johanna) must somehow in kingdom come fall in love with a man who is supposed to be her arch enemy (Alan). Alan is actually a good guy (yea, it's sort of a spy story), but Johanna does know that. And while Johanna isn't really the type to fall madly in love with someone...she does fall pretty hard for him. But this is where I come into trouble.

How does she fall in love with him?!

I mean, sure he's a nice guy and all but is a normal person likely to fall for one of their sworn enemies? No! So how do I make this work? I like the angle of this romance....I just don't know how to write it.

Johanna is a hard core person--so is Alan. So they have qualities that are well as qualities that are TOTALLY different.

So how could she fall for him? She has to eventually in the story--and since I'm now in part two (where she becomes a little closer to him) I really need some help.

I'm using Benedict Cumberbach,

And Tom Hiddleston as my inspiration for Alan

I'm keeping Johanna identifiable with. Meaning that I'm not really giving her much physical description so the readers can place themselves in her shoes! A lot of first person narrative writers do this. Brings the reader in more I guess.

So girls put yourselves in Johanna's shoes! You're not supposed to love Alan--in fact the idea barely crosses your mind. What could he do to change your mind? To make you see him in a totally new light? 

I don't read much (if any) romance novels. I probably should have. But when it comes to flirting and falling in love I'm a totally amateur. And when you add the extra starting hatred between the two of just gets sticky!

So that's why I'm asking for help. There's really nobody I can ask about this--and I'm not sure if they write a book on this or not. Either way, I just want to figure out how Alan can win Johanna's heart!

That's why I was wondering if any of my blogging friends could help me! If you have ANY ideas about how Alan could win the ever serious and hurt Johanna over--PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, SHARE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care what your idea is! If you have one--even if it's Johanna is nearly eaten by a giant purple people eater and Alan saves her I DON'T CARE!! I am totally blank and I need help!!

Any suggestions or tips right now would be great!!

Well, it's nearly supper time so I'd better go down stairs. Give my now completely Alan+Johanna brain a much needed rest! So I'll see you later and thanks SO much for letting me pick your brains!

Your 'not a very good romance writer' blogger,


Friday, July 6, 2012

First Draft of Book One DONE!!

Well, you heard it here first!! Draft one of my book is done and I'm already knee deep in draft two! I'm so excited! :D I'm really happy that I'm already on draft two and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

This one I'm not speed writing so much. And also it's going to have a much more refined plot! :D Johanna's (the main) relationship to another character was the main reason the change happened. I'm not a romance writer--and so when I got to the romantic part of my book I realized Johanna and Alan had NO basis for a romance!

DUN DUN DUN music was playing in my head and I took a few days off to try and figure it all out. Fortunately, on day two or three, I had my epiphany. I changed the plot structure a good little bit, and made Johanna and Alan a bit closer from the on set. That helped a LOT! Alan has a much MUCH more refined role in the story other than Johanna's love interest. Now he's got a bit more of his own part in the story. Johanna is still the lead, but Alan has a bigger part now!

But yea, I just wanted to let you know that draft one is done and draft two of book one has been started! :D

I've already wrote from chapter one to chapter four (twenty four pages) in ONE DAY!! And that's NOT speeding writing! :D Either way, I'm so happy!

But I've got to run now (get back to my writing!) So I guess I'll post at you later! :D

Your ever busy blogger,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black and White History Photography

 Hello blogging peoples and Happy Forth of July!! :D Yes, once again it's that wonderful red--white-- and--blue day when we celebrate our heritage and the birth of our nation! But I'll have a whole Forth of July post a little later. Right now I'm going to post some of the pictures I got at the old Bank in the Mini Mayberry! :D

As you know Jessie, Mrs. Gaskill and I went out on a photo shoot this past Tuesday. And one of the places we stopped at was an old abandoned bank in a very old and small town. I managed to snag a few pictures off the cuff before Jessie and Mrs. Gaskill and I went off to our next location! :D

This bank was built in the 1800s (aka around Georgia's famous outlaw--Doc. Holiday's time!) It was first used as a bank until it was converted into a small store. After that it briefly served as a school and then was finally closed. It's a monument f history and is an absolute work of art on the inside! :D

Here we are! I love how the vines form a sort of garland around the edges of the window! :D So pretty! :D

The outside of the building. It was so beautiful sculpted! :D
 The old safe in the middle of the bank. I thought it made an interesting picture!
 This is just a shot that I liked. The brick/plaster covered wall covered in vines and then right in the middle of it--this window looking out into the woods!

The abandoned jail house out behind either the court house or the sheriffs office--it was impossible to tell.

The bank once again. Look at the patterns on the floor! It must have been so beautiful brand new!

 The walls of the bank! I just LOVE this picture!! So much character in it!

Art work near the doorway. It's the little things like this that show the level of detail that was once put into this building!

It's so amazing that we actually went inside that building and got to see some of the small town's history! I mean, who knew back then that someday that people would be coming into the remains of the bank and taking hundreds of pictures with a type of camera that hadn't even been imagined yet!

It's history! I love it! :D

Well, I've got to go and get ready for our Forth of July dinner! :D I'll post back at you later today for Just me's official Forth of July post! :D

Your busy and Manhunters Fugitive Task Force watching blogger,


P.S. Manhunters Fugitive Task Force is the show I've been watching while I've been posting at you! :D


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos by Mrs. Gaskill!

Well, I'm back from the photoshoot with Mrs. Gaskill and Jessie! :D First off let me say that it was SO much fun!! I love going places with my amazing friends! Mrs. Gaskill took some beautiful photos, and here are a few to share with you! Note: THESE ALL BELONG TO MRS. GASKILL SO DON'T STEAL!!

The day itself was wonderful! First we wanted to ride to a place called Orchard Hill, but unfortunately the property we wanted to go on was private and therefore taking pictures there was impossible. :( But then Mrs. Gaskill took us to a beautiful garden in Griffin where we took tons of photos!! :D

The garden was absolutely beautiful! So many lovely flowers and parks! Mrs. Gaskill really knows amazing places to take photos! :D

After several lovely hours in the garden we went to eat a Chic-Fil-La and had a delicious lunch! :D Then it was off again to take some more amazing photos! :D The next place we went to was an old abandoned bank that was built in the 1800s! It was an amazing place! I took a ton of photos of it and I plan to post them after this post! :D

We stayed at the bank and the small town for an hour or so and then we headed back home--but not before stopping by the best ice cream place in town--Dairy Queen! :D Jessie snagged a mint Oreo blizzard (just the mention of it makes my stomach growl) and I snagged a vanilla waffle cone! :D It was SOOOOOOO good! :D

And then after that it was sadly time to go home. :( But I look forward to going off with Mrs. Johnnie again sometime soon! :D

Now it's time for the pictures! Mrs. Johnnie took a ton of really REALLY amazing photos and I just loe them! :D

My mom and I love this one! There were ants all over those flowers! Fortunetely they didn't bite!

Jessie and I kidding around! :D I really love this one of us!

 The garden in this courtyard was SO beautiful! :D It was one of my favorites!

 I love this photos! This little creek was full of tiny fish that would swim right up to your hand!

Another great photo of Jessie and I. This is the best one Mrs. Johnnie got of the two of us.

In the abandoned bank! I'm actually sitting on the old money safe!! :D

 The walls in the bank were beautiful! They had so much character to them--with the vines, brick and plaster!

This was in a little building in the garden. :D The building was SOOO cute and it looked just like something out of a dream--or something off of Pinterest! :D It was covered in vines and surrounded by blooming roses and other amazing plants! :D Surrounding trees provided a thick canopy that made it seem so surreal! :D

At the back of the old bank! Look at the floor behind me! It had beautiful tile work! :D

In front of the old sheriffs office in the old town! I guess it was a mini Mayberry! :D

The trip was amazing and I had SO much fun hanging out with my wonderful friends! I hope that we can go on another trip really soon! :D

Your busy blogger who has to get off the computer due to a thunder storm,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black and White Photography

Well, now I'm on the black and white photography kick. Photography has been on my brain lately because not only was I really happy with how the red lipstick photos turned out--but also my friend Jessie and I are going off to a photoshoot with Mrs. Gaskill tomorrow! :D I'm really REALLY excited! So far the plan is to meet at my church at 10:00 AM and spend the day with Mrs. Gaskill taking pictures and going to all these awesome photoshoot places! We're just praying that the weather cools off a little because it's SO FREAKING HOT I'm a little worried about melting! LOL! But hopefully it will and everything will be completely and totally AWESOME!!!! I just LOVE going on photoshoots with Mrs. Gaskill and getting to go with my awesome friend Jessie is even better!! :D EEEEEEEE!!!

Well anyway, I took some more black and white photos--like the one above ^. I hope you like them! I'm really happy with how they turned out! :D

Some of my recently purchaced books. :D Except for the Hunger Games....I've had that one for a WHILE!

I borrowed my little sister's Angry Bird. I've never played Angry Birds...but I thought this made a cute pic.

These are just some wall hangings I have in my room. I thought they made an interesting pic! :D

And that's about it. I hope you liked the pics and stay tuned for the photo trip post!!

Your ever excited blogger,