Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Week's Been Great!

There's a hint of fall in the air, one that comes and goes but all the same signifies the end of summer. A certain business grips everything, the squirrels gathering food, the birds flying mother preparing for the onset of winter baking. Yea, it's all there, all the signs that fall is just around the corner and that our scorching summer days are numbered! 

I guess you can guess that I'm ready for fall, and you'd be wrong. I'm not so much ready for fall as I am desperate for it! Fall is my absolute favorites season! Hoodies, coco, fires, cider, autumn leaves, festivals, candy apples and, of course, candy corn! You name it I love it! Fall is my season, and I'm hungry for it to begin!

But other things have happened to me other than sitting by the window and begging one of the leaves to turn red and fall. I've been in school, doing a LOT of tests! My Science and History tests are over (A on science, yes I WAS SHOCKED! I'll find out about history tomorrow) and I have to take my Physical Fitness test next week! Wish me luck on that one! 

I've also been busy hanging out with my friends! Yes, the crazy crew has been at my house again this week. No, we didn't break anything, but we did have a few adventures. One involving an overly clingy spider, but I'll save that story for later. ;)

We've had another shoot, pictures will be below, and have had so much silly/stupid/awesome fun! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life! 
First attempt at taming Hannah's hair. 

Our theme this time was vintage, but we strayed a bit from it later. I got a tone of pictures, and I was really happy with how they turned out. Actually, I was just happy to get any pictures. It was so brutally hot outside that we just sat in my room and roasted for the first hour or so, all the while worrying we wouldn't be able to get any pictures. We were lucky in the end though because it cooled down and we got some pretty awesome shots.

But to put that hour inside into perspective, before that we had been inside for maybe and hour and a half (we were behind schedule) trying to get ready. The main delay was Hannah's hair, and let me tell you, that girl has a LOT of hair! I just thought I had a lot of hair! None of my hair things could hold her locks up! 0_0 We finally managed to secure her hair into a simple bun after thirty minutes of desperate struggle, and when I say we I mean Jessie, Clara and me all trying to get Hannah's hair into a bun! 

Well, anyway, we finally prevailed over Hannah's hair, but were then forced to remain indoors for another hour as we waited for it to cool down. 

But when it finally did....

Me and Hannah on the golf cart, picture taken by Jessie and Clara. 

After our shoot was over, we went inside and had pizza, then took an hour long golf cart ride. We rode until nine o'clock or so, it was a lot of fun! :) Well, right up until I went under a few tree branches and a giant spider landing in Clara's lap. There was much screaming and threatening to jump off before Clara managed to kill the hitchhiker. 

These were, I believe, some of the best photos we have taken so far! I was so happy they turned out well! But between the big photo session, tests and other social activities I've had very little time for blogging! Also, the weather has kept me outside a lot, enjoying the brief lapse in heat. I can't tell you how invigorating it is to finally be able to take nice, long walks without getting dehydrated!

A certain giddiness takes over when fall comes. Suddenly I can't wait to be outside in the woods all day long, wearing orange of course to avoid dear hunters. Sometimes my more adventurous friends and I head out and don't come in for four hours. We've discovered a lot of really cool hiding places during our hikes, and have climbed a lot of trees. Pretty much, if it's got branches we will try to climb it. I'm not the best climber, as I don't have a lot of upper body strength, but I can out hike some of the boys I know just because I do have a lot of lower leg strength.

Everything smells like apples, cinnamon, and pumpkins, and a little bit of freshly chopped wood as my dad prepares for fire season. My mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, making crisps, pies, and all types of breads. Sometimes, and possibly this year, she cans muscadines--the southern version of a grape only with a thicker skin. She makes them into a delicious jelly that our friends literally fight over when winter arrives! It's also time for apple butter, which is my personal favorite. A little apple butter on homemade bread with hot chocolate to drink really hits the spot on a chilly morning.

It will also be time for heaters! As a cat like personality, I have sort of an obsession with heaters. I have burned my hair, clothes and even boots getting too close to heaters! But despite my injuries--the scars on my hands are many--I still love them and tend to sit close to them whenever possible.

It's also hunting season, which occupies my friends and brothers a good bit. I occasionally go with, the complete silence, cold and mandatory stillness don't really bother me. However, with school I rarely have time.

Pumpkins alone account for most of my fall obsession. Pumpkins are awesome! You can eat them, carve them, roll them, sit on them....hurl them at your unsuspecting brother....In short, pumpkins are brilliant!

Then there's hoodies, scarves, turtle necks, jeans, boots, hats, fuzzy socks...ooh the list of soft, warm fall clothes goes on and on! I really love fall fashion because my coloring fits best with it, and also I like to be covered up. Most summer clothes are so revealing, which is why I usually look grunge because the 'least' amount of clothing I will wear is a T-shirt and possibly gym shorts. I always look grunge because neither my conscience or body will allow for really revealing clothes.

I also like warmth, not searing heat, but warmth. A little cold nip at my noise isn't unwelcome, to me the cold just makes everything seem crisper and more alive. The stiff morning breezes and vibrant sunsets are a wonderful thing to wake up to!

Fall is coming! Finally, at long last, the cold spurts have started. Of course there are many more 90 degree days ahead, but at least it is starting to phase out! I live for these 70-60 days! Perfect, and I do mean perfect, weather!

Last fall I spent most of my time writing my book and reading The Lord of the Rings on the front porch. Now I'm revisiting it as well as Catching Fire and The Fault in Their Stars. Yes, late to the party...and yes I'm sure I'll start crying. I'm planning a blow out book trip soon, probably when my mom and I go to get a dress for me---eeeechhhh---for my cousin Melissa's wedding. My lovely cousin is getting married this October and I am so excited for her! :) She's going to make an absolutely stunning bride! I will post a few pictures if I can!

Just for clarification, the eeeechh was about the dress, not my cousin's wedding. I love weddings, my dad doesn't, but I do!

However, this also means that I'm the next one in line to get married, seeing how Melissa is the last of my older cousins to tie the not. After me it's Jackson, Joanna, Katie (my new adoptive sister who will be joining us next year!) and Michael. 0_0 That really makes me think. It seemed like only yesterday they were just starting college, and now their graduated and married! Wow. Some of my older cousins already have children, and I realized just the other day that those kids are the next generation of my family. My grandparents now have four great grandchildren! My Papa (dad's dad) doesn't seem nearly that old; it still shocks me that he's 81. He looks and acts like he's only in his early 70's. Same way with my grandmother, and she's in her late 70's. They are both so full of life and friendly towards everybody. You know, out of our entire town, I've never head anyone speak a bad word about either of them. Most of the time if I mention that I'm their granddaughter people will jump up and say how much they like my grandparents and start naming off examples of how kind both of them are. :) They are the center piece of our little family, and it fills me with indescribable joy to know that they are so loved by so many people!

I've watched the Walking Dead. Yes, late to the party. My brother got me watching it and I watched all three seasons in three days. 0_0 I'm not a big zombie person, like at all, but after reading World War Z, I was a little more curious about the show. I watched it all in three days, and now I'm waiting impatiently for the forth season. So basically, I'm looking forward to, hoodies, cider, pumpkins and a certain awesome redneck.

Daryl Dixon fan here!

Come on, he's one of the best characters on the show! He's the only person you can really count on to get the job done and to do what needs to be done. While everyone else is all wrapped up in their feelings, Daryl's focused on keeping himself and those he cares about alive. Daryl is, to put it simply, awesome.

I do not like Lori or Andrea, like at all. Lori redeemed herself a little at the end of season three, but before that she annoyed me. Oh well, she's gone now. :)

I like Rick okay, he's better in the third season and I felt really bad for him with Lori died. Carl is toughening up, and that's a good development. :)

But I won't go on and on about my feelings for the show right now, the point of this post was to talk about my week and I've already gotten side tracked by love affair with fall. I'll save the Walking Dead fangirling for another post!

Well, besides the constant test taking and preparing for midterms in two weeks, I've been getting ready for my first day of work, which is in two days! 0_0 I'm really nervous, and while I know that I can handle the job, it still scares me when I think of all the possible ways I could screw up! I've kinda created disaster scenarios in my head, which is typical me. I worry about all the different ways I could get fired...but I keep forcing myself to put those fears aside and enjoy the opportunity that God has placed before me.

  I've also been writing, which is always a safe bet with me. If you ask me what I've been doing over the week, writing will probably be involved somewhere. This week I've been focusing on writing a new beginning to my book. I've been studying a lot on how to really captivate your reader, and most studies show that the first eleven pages are the most important. Well, I took a long look at my first eleven pages and I didn't like what I saw. It was far too slow, so I've decided to start it up in the middle of the action, just to capture the reader better. It's a plot I hope will work, and I've spent a lot of time on it.

I've also redefined the character of Linnet, Johanna's best friend. She was too meek for my taste, and I got really tired of writing her. So I've made her more authoritative and have completely changed her character. Unfortunately, this means I have to change the way that the other characters interact with her and how she reacts to different things in the story. It's a big project, but it'll be a fun one. :)

Well, I've got to run now, so bye!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We Were Accepted!

We were accepted by the magazine! One of our photos is now in a magazine! :D I can hardly believe it! We worked so hard and it paid off! This silly looking crew just got accepted by a magazine! We couldn't be happier.  

As of this past weekend, I know, shame on me for not telling, we were accepted by the magazine and now our work has been published. For, I suppose, legal reasons I cannot show you the photo. When the magazine has the new issue released, I will provide a link for everyone to see the photo. 

We of course are proud as peacocks, and are already planning of submitting to their January issue. My hometown is also starting an art magazine that's looking for photos. Of course, different magazines are looking for different types of photography, but it's worth looking into at the least. Besides, one of my photography friends (Mrs. Johnnie) submits to them I believe, so I have an inside source when it comes to what photos they will or will not accept. 

All the same, we've been hard at work with taking photos in general. We're already planning on having a vintage photo shoot this Monday and, possibly, a fall shoot once the leaves turn! We've really had a lot of fun learning about photography and experimenting with new techniques!  I've got a few samples of what we've been working on, so here they are! 

Some snapshots from my trip to Florida! It was such a wonderful trip! 
These Florida photos were taken by me on my trip. 

Some black and white shots that we are very proud of ! 

This is my absolute favorite picture of Hannah. We took this by my father's old truck. The textures and lighting was just perfect, resulting in an absolutely amazing shot!