Friday, January 24, 2014

I Went Downstairs for Food, I Came Back with Chocolate and a Baby Name

There are things in our lives that come along when we least expect. For instance, your pajama pants getting snagged under your feet while running, causing you to do a somersault across the lawn and ending with your hands and legs bloody, was definitely something you were not expecting this morning when you quietly shuffled out of bed.

Or submitting three photos to a magazine--expecting to wait three to four weeks for a reply--and getting a personal email from the editor three days later complementing your work and letting you know that all the photos you submitted have been accepted.

Or dying to go out and get some new photos and then getting a call from some old photography friends who want to drive out somewhere cool for a photoshoot.

Those are the kind of things that come in without warning, some little, some big, some annoying, some pleasant. Either way they come swarming in throughout your day whether you notice or not, and granted some days are slower than others--but I can gladly say that today has been filled so far by these unexpected moments. One of the most monumental being the possible name choice for our new baby brother.

As you have all been hearing, for the past several months, my family is in the process of adopting another child from China--and we recently underwent the terrible tragedy of a failed adoption.

Katie, the young seven year old girl my family was planning to adopt, had a sudden downturn in her health. Her mental state was deteriorating, and that therefore made her adoption a special case--one in a special classification. My family fought hard, but we were unable to adopt dear Katie. We still pray for her, and it has been a very hard time--especially for my mom. We prayed, and we waited--not easy for us. The odds seemed to be against us and NOTHING was lining up. It was very bleak.

But then, things started to change. In what Joyce Meyer likes to call a "Suddenly" things started to move again. Weeks after the failed adoption--nearly two months actually--my family received news about a new child, a little boy.

We accepted and today we received our letter of acceptance (meaning the orphanage has agreed to continue the adoption.) And therefore, after accepting the referral, we have been busy with preparations.

Picking a name was one really big thing that needed to be accomplished. Today, we believe we have come to a decision.


It's a toss up between that and Jonathan, which I personally love, but so far Levi is the number one choice.

Please pray as we continue down this road, and wait to see where the Lord wants us to go next.

And that I don't do anymore acrobatics on the lawn.