Monday, June 24, 2013

Lend Your Name Giveaway!

Well, as of this month, it has been exactly one year since I began writing my novel, Code. A lot has changed since June 2012, and eight drafts later, Code is being pushed towards publication! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have decided to do a month long giveaway!

As all writers are aware, creating characters is an intense, yet greatly rewarding, process. A huge amount of detail and work goes into creating even the tiniest of roles. But don't get me wrong, it's a fun job as well! 
Which leads me to my point. 

Just me is having a 'Lend Your Name Giveaway' to help inspire a new character for Code's sequel (name to be revealed later this year!). In this giveaway, a contestant will be chosen at random to have his or her first name put in the book! But it goes beyond that! They will also be able to decide whether their character is good or bad, what military rank they are (this character will be military understand) and whether or not they live or die in the series!

This giveaway will run from June 24th to July 25th. The winner will be announced on July 31st. I will continually post notices about the contest so any late entries can be made! I'm working on getting an automatic raffle thing up, but right now the darn thing isn't working. :( 
Anyway, if you would like to enter, please leave a comment below and answer the following questions for your shot at inspiring a character in the new book!

1) What's Your First Name?
Just your first name, I will make something up for your last name if I need to. And yes, if you're a girl the character will be a girl and if you're a boy the character will be a boy.

2) What Side is This Character On?

Here are the two sides: 

On the good side is a rough and tough colonel who doesn't always play by the rules, but who has a good heart and fights for freedom and equality. He's rugged, loud, brash and boldly heroic.

On the bad side is a tortured and angry soul who's goal is to rule over the world through anarchy and prejudices against others. He's scarred, cunning, cruel, and habitually uses others to get what he wants.

3) What is Their Military Rank?

Since this book is composed of mainly military characters, you will be able to choose this character's rank. You can go all the way up to general if you like, it's fine with me! 

4) Do They Live or Die? 

The million dollar question! Note, if you choose death, you won't be able to choose how they die, simply because I alone know when and where they could die, but if you want them to die then say so! Either way it really doesn't matter to me. So go on, channel your inner Steven Moffat! 

Also, for legalities sake, I must say this: NOTE, by entering this contest you are giving me legal right to use your first name and any suggestions about this character. Please understand that you do not own this character I do. Don't worry, I'm not going to make them do anything disgusting, but I just want everyone to understand this up front so there are no issues later. Also, please don't use the name of anyone in your own work (stories, poems, movies, ect) when entering your first name. Just use your real first name. :)

Again, this will be completely at random, so don't worry about someone getting special treatment! If you want to change your answers later, then comment again and let me know! I will continually post about this contest throughout its duration, just so everyone knows about it and has a chance to enter! If you know anyone who would like to enter, then give them a shout out! 
Also, feel free to share this post, link back to it, or forward it to someone else! This is a giveaway! It's meant to be shared and enjoyed! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment and I will answer you as soon as I can! 

Thanks so much and I hope you all have fun! 





Jamie said...

This is unbelievably unique! :D I love it! Of course, I'm entering:

1: Jamie. :) And of course, I'm a girl.

2: I'm very tempted to join the dark side but I think I will go with the good side. :)

3: How about something high up, but not in command, like a Colonel! (I hate how that word is spelled, lol)

4: Easy! A death is always a tough thing but always makes a book better. So, my character can die.

I will mention your giveaway on my blog later this week! :)


JT said...

1) Joe, but if my squad buddies could call me JT that'd be cool...:D
2)It would be interesting to be an evil henchman but your style of villain doesn't appeal to me so, good side.
3)Sergent, NCO, whatever it's called.
4)Deeeeaaath! Good characters dying is often the best part, b/c it is so cliche to keep them alive...:)

Solace Utara said...

This looks so awesome! :) Of course I'll join! :D
1) What's Your First Name?
Ploy, and I'm a girl.

2) What Side is This Character On?
I'm seriously tempted to say villian, but good.

3) What is Their Military Rank?
I'm not good at military ranks, but I'd like pretty high, but still needs to go out into the action. And she still needs to answer to someone, obviously :)

4) Do They Live or Die?
Live... but you can decide die if it fits you!

Shena Tokala said...

1: My first name is Maegen

2: I'd like to be on the good side.

3: I'd like to be a Seargant(but maybe start out as a corporal, but it's up to you, of course).

4: I'd like the character to die.

Misty Kasumi* said...

1) First name: Kaitlin

2)What Side: Good! :D

3)Military Rank: I don't really know many ranks out there, so I guess General? That's one I know. :P

4)Live or Die: It's entirely up to you, but dying would make it sad. :)


Alyianna Baggins said...

1: From my username Alyianna Baggins - Anna (not telling you whether that's my real name or not, sorry ;P).

2: Ooooh...I prefer the good side, but something like being on the bad side and transferring to the good later on would be also good with me. :)

3: Something lower down.

4: You can choose which one. If she's romantically involved with someone, a death would be tragically beautiful. ;) But then so would be again, I leave it up to you. You're the mastermind here. ;)

Rogan said...

This is so super awesome!

first name Rogan.
I'm a boy.

Good side.


I would like to Die, a heroic death would be preferred.

And thanks for following my blog, I'll send you the link to my book blog I've started soon.

Emmy Ricketts said...

This is cool! Okay...
1. Emma- obs, I'm a gal
2. Bad. I'm stereotyped as a bad girl and I rather love villains.
3. High up in the ranks I suppose (isn't that what we all want?) But honestly it doesn't matter.
4. Oh, I don't really care. Death or not, I think it'd be cool to have my name in a book.

Great idea! Best of luck with it. ;)

Emily said...

Such a cool idea :)

1. Emily (I'm a girl)

2. This is a really hard decision. I think I'm going to go with good, though.

3. Low in the ranks. A Lt. is fine... but so is a Private or Sergeant or something :)

4. I think I'm going to say to make my character die. It makes the story more interesting :)


Gods Country Boy said...

Well then - lets see, this should be fun.....
My name is David. I am a country boy, if that makes any notation as to my character.
Well, as to side, it seems everybody is rooting for good, so I guess I'll be different and go for bad. :)
Rank? Make me a spy, a down in the dirt sneak who knows the woods and can disappear like a deer. Bit of a sniper from his past of hunting in the country.
As for if I die - it seems everybody else wants to die (must be the latest trend....)
So, make my guy live - Just to shake things up a bit.
Thanks for this. Love to see how it all turns out!

Stilwater said...

1. Elian (it's normally a boy name but I'm a girl, so boy or girl, I don't care)
2. Good side
3. Lieutenant colonel, like my uncle
4. They live, because then they have to live with severe PTSD for rest of their rotten life.