Monday, November 18, 2013

Nothing Good

Why is it that days start out so well, and then end so badly? I'm  not posting for sympathy here...I'm posting because my family needs some prayer. Something really sad has happened in the adoption process....and things don't look good. We're praying for a miracle...but lately I'm not really inclined to believe in them.

I've come to understand that every high has a low--and that this past week was a high---and now it's a low. Those lows seem to be coming faster....and harder each time. :( I try to be hopeful, but when things just keep telling you to's hard.

There are personal problems to, and it might be time to let go of a bad situation. I'm not being treated very well, and tomorrow may be time end it. It makes my heart crack in two because of it, but it may be necessary. I knew all along that this was coming, I just didn't want it to.

I have to stop my NaNoWriMo project because things have gotten to hectic and...depressing. Writing is a good escape sometimes...but now it only reminds me of how sad things really are.

I'm sorry for the sappy post. But we need some prayer. Thanks so much.


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Jamie said...

I'm so sorry things have gotten rough! I shall be praying for you and your family. :(