Monday, January 16, 2012

She of the Munchkin Cold

Well, to put it lightly I'm sick. To put it not so lightly I feel like I was run over by a speeding semi, which then backed up and ran over me again, which was then hit by another semi which also ran over me. And then both semis fell over with one landing on my head and the other on my stomach. I could go on but I figure you guys get the picture.

So yes, I'm sick. Terrible sick. But not only with a head cold but also with some sort of stomach bug as well. Not the germ kind, the kind that only girls have problems with. The kind that makes you want to cut off your entire lower body. Seriously, I've spent the last two days feeling like my nose was going to explode and my last meal was threatening to make a reappearance. Yea, so I'm a ticking time bomb here people!!

Even as I write this post I'm fighting back nausea and the urge to blow my nose every five seconds. I don't know why this cold had to come at this particular time....I mean really, isn't enough that I'm fighting back a stomach problem?! Oh well, we beggars can't be choosers.

I'm not sure where I got this cold...but I highly suspect I got it from Mayberry Munchkin Farm. Now I love the little munchkins...I just don't love their germs! It's really sad when you consider the fact that I was pushing hand sanitizer like there was no tomorrow! But alas I guess one is never safe when it comes to Munchkin germs. :(

But now I've got to miss Jessie coming over today, and Piano practice tomorrow, and youth Wednesday and probably Mayberry Munchkin Farming on Thursday. I can only hope that I'm better by next week so I can go to Accelerent (spelling). I can't go up to the mountains with a cold! :O So hopefully I'll be better by then.

Well, I think I'm going to try and take a nap or at least take a break from the computer. Please pray that I will get better soon and that this cold will pass quickly and smoothly.

So see you guys next time!

Your Snotty Nosed Blogger,



Jro said...

Aww. Drink lots of water. :) You'll probably be blasted by elevation sickness in the mountains as well. :(

Praying! :D

James and Jacob said...

I hope you get better soon. :)I'll be praying for you.


Rebecca said...

Hi Jro

thanks, I'm chugging water as we speak. I hope I don't get elevation sickness, but I've been up in these mountains before and I was ok. so hopefully I will be ok. but thanks so much for the warning!!!!

hi James and Jacob

thanks so much for your prayers!! I really appreciate them!! hopefully I'll be better soon!!