Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hobbit 13 Minute Television Special (2012) - Lord of the Rings Movie HD

This is pretty cool! Check it out!

2012 Coming to It's Close

Well, it's here at last. The end of 2012! I can hardly believe it!
Despite my initial misgivings, 2012 has been a really amazing year! My family, friends and I have been blessed so much in this past year.
However, it's also been a hard year for us too. The economy has been terrible and our country has suffered some extremely heartbreaking blows. I keep reminding myself that God's in control...and that I shouldn't be afraid, but sometimes it's a little nerve wracking to wake up and find the world spiraling. Am I right?
Oh well, hard times have come before...and somehow the world kept going.
But off the sad and frightening stuff...onto something light and frothy!
Let's talk about all the awesome stuff that happened this year! One of my favorite things to do is to to go back and look at all the amazing stuff that happened during the year!
Well, let's see....we survived the end of the world! Yea...I think that's the sixth time I've survived the end of the world. I actually new a few people who were really worried about the end of the world. And when they asked my about it I was just like,
"They can't even predict the weather right...what makes them think they know when the world's going to end?"
But off of that...some other awesome things happened this year!
At the beginning of this year I got to meet some really amazing people at the Oklahoma play! Miss you guys and I hope I can participate in another play with you!
My beautiful cousin got engaged! EEE!! So happy for you, Melissa! I can't wait until your wedding!
And speaking of weddings, Tatum--the wonderful sweet girl from Oklahoma (and my piano teacher's daughter) who encouraged me to sing and try for the play got married! I can hardly believe it! :D So happy for your girl! :D
My friend James is finishing up his last year of high school! Can't believe that either! I'll be attending his graduation this coming year and I just can't believe it!
Also I started college. Major yikes there but I'm hoping that this semester on campus will be a good experience for me! Let's hope so at least.
I also got to go on tons of photo shoots with Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King! Love you guys! Thanks SO much for letting me model for you! I had so much fun and I'm looking forward to doing more shoots with you guys!
Spent several wonderful holidays hanging out with my friends and family
I finished six manuscripts and a book trilogy this year! Big kudos there!
Finished my room re-do. Thank heaven! Took long enough! LOL!
Got my drivers licence. Yea...finally! I waited until I was 18 because I didn't want to do all the paper work! You can't imagine all the hoops you have to jump through!
And...saw the Hobbit! Now that was worth the wait!!!! :D :D :D :D Hope my brother and I can go see it together soon!
And there were countless other blessings, but I'm not going to name them all. There were just too many!
Now how about some New Year's Resolutions? Anyone? Or is that something we'd rather save for later?
I usually try to keep my resolutions small and attainable---nothing too big or showy. Basically, nothing that many people can hold me accountable for. *winks*
Last year my main resolution was to spend more time on my writing. Not sure how well I achieved that goal and some of the other ones I set--but I do know that I finished six manuscripts this year! Of course...three of those manuscripts were of the same book. A very nice plus for me as I haven't made it to a fourth draft (that I'm working on now) on one of my books before! *Happy dance* But last years resolutions aside--now that I'm on my fourth draft of my novel I know what I want my 2013 resolution to be!
My 2013 resolution is to fully edit my book and get it ready to send into a publisher by 2014! I've already started on some of the revising and fleshing out of the story. Fortunately, some of the new things I've added to the book don't require me to completely rewrite the least not yet anyway! So maybe I'll make it! Who knows!
What are your New Year's resolutions? Well, whatever they are...I wish you all the luck in the world! :D
But now for New Year's plans.
Well...I'm afraid I'm going to bore you. I think I'll spend my New Year curled up in my room with one of the awesome new books I got for Christmas! Not very exciting huh? Oh each his own.
Either way, I'm planning on staying in tonight. Even in a small town like Mayberry, New Years Eve is NOT a night to be out and about! :(
But I've got to go do some laundry--yea, exciting! OOOHHH! Watch out, you don't know what I'll do next!
So until next time,
This has been your busy and happy blogger,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hobbit! At LONG Last!

Well, day before yesterday, I got to go see The Hobbit!
Ahhh, yes...the moment I'd been waiting finally sit down and watch the number one movie in the country! Peter Jackson's The Hobbit! :D
Let me just say that it was amazing! Completely stunning! Peter has really out done himself!
I'm going to give you a complete review of it, without giving away too many spoilers! So, in question and answer format, here we go!
So, may I present:
The Objective (Non Fangirly) View
How does the story begin?/Where does it begin?
This is a question I had been wondering about myself for a while. There were many possibly beginnings to The Hobbit, but I'd have to say that Peter picked one of the better ones! The plot started out with an explanation of the destruction Erebor--then moved into present time. Then the rest of the story began fairly quickly--no long drawn out pauses before the dwarves showed up. However, it did take me a moment to get into the story, but that happens with all movies to be fair.
Was it a funny story? Or and epic story?
Well, it wasn't a comedic movie--it had some very serious parts...but, Peter Jackson was right when he said that The Hobbit was funnier than LOTRs! Parts of it were hilarious! Especially the scenes with the trolls! But it did have some really serious/epic moments! I was very happy with the overall balance of comedy and action, Peter really seems to have balanced it quiet well.
Were they true to the book?
Yes and no. They didn't take anything out (they couldn't afford to with a novel this size!) but they added a lot. They added several new bad guys and a few scenes that were in the appendixes of LOTRs that concerned the dwarves or the new bad guys. I won't say what they added--because that would be giving away spoilers--but I will say that they rewrote the fate of Azog the defiler!
How were the characters?
The characters were stunning! Beautifully portrayed and scripted! Peter didn't let us down when he said that each dwarf had their own personality! Thorin was really spectacular as the battle hardened leader who honestly believes that he must return honor to his people. And, as always, Gandalf was brilliant!
But it was Bilbo that surprised me the most! I had gone in expecting to see a very weak/whiny character--but instead got a brave, loyal, hard working leader who saves his comrades more than once! I was shocked! Bilbo is absolutely amazing and I completely loved him! Martin Freedman portrayed him perfectly and brought his usual charm and humor to the role!
As a whole, everyone in the film was stunning!
How were the special effects?
So much better than LOTRs...and that's saying something! The effects were stunning and beautiful and I was completely enthralled by them. The movie did have a warmer, more fantasy world look to it where LOTRs had a very realistic look to it! (Hints the fact that LOTRs was a lot of location work and The Hobbit had a lot of green screen!) But, either way, it was well done!
How was the 48 frames per second?
 Now, let my just say that I didn't see it in 48 frames per second--our little home town theater doesn't have the capabilities for it. So I'm afraid I can't help you there. :( But the regular was awesome!
As a whole, how did it compare to LOTRs?
Well, The Hobbit lacked the realistic, nitty gritty feel LOTRs had. Also, it wasn't as epic as LOTRs. But, you must realize, that you are comparing two different stories. The Hobbit wasn't meant to be epic--it was meant to be a children's story (though it is way over most kid's heads) and not a full blown adult novel. So some of the subtle details weren't there--though Peter did try to add a few.
But, The Hobbit is definitely a LOTRs movie--and what I mean by that is it is just as well done as just doesn't have as much to it as LOTRs. However, for what the story contained (and what they added) Peter and the crew did an amazing job telling the story!
As a whole, was it good?
It was stunning, brilliant, beautiful, epic, hilarious and--as a whole--amazing! All LOTRs fans MUST GO SEE IT!
Well, that's it for The Objective View--now it's time for:
The Fangirly/ Personal View!
What did you think of it, as a LOTRs fan?
I think, as LOTRs fan, it was amazing! I loved it and I wish I could go ahead and pre order it so I could see it again! Fortunately--this Wednesday--my bro and I are going try to go see it! ;D
Who was your favorite?

Well, while most of my friends were going gaga over Fili, Kili and Thorin...I was appreciating the quiet character of Bofur.
Loved him!  His personality was really sweet and I just liked him! :D Also, Ori was adorable--but everyone expected that! :)
He was also really a blunt sort of way! LOL!
But yea, he was my favorite our of the bunch. Thorin was a little too arrogant for me...but that's just my opinion!
But to be fair...Fili was REALLY HOT! :)

But yea, Bofur was my fav.
Was it what you expected?
Actually, it was WAY more than what I'd expected! I'd expected something hilarious and epic--and I got that times TEN! :D As a fan I was very satisfied! Peter didn't lie when he said it was made for the fans! :D
But yes, in case you hadn't already figured it out, I loved the film and I can't wait till the next one! :D
But I guess that's all I've got to for the fact that I've found a bunch of funny LOTRs and Hobbit pics on Tumbler. Yes, I'm finally experimenting with Tumbler! But here are just a few that I've found!
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Funnies!

I was actually thinking this in the White Council scene!



Well, I guess that's it for now! So until next time!
This has been your fangirly blogger,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas and other things!

Well, actually...Christmas Eve is tomorrow....YIKES!! Hard to believe that this whole month has just rushed by! Wowza! Hard to believe that tomorrow the Christmas craziness will begin! 0_0
But anyway, enough 'I can't believe its' let's move on!
Well, my friend Jacob turned 16 this past Thursday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB! I've got a b-day post planned for you! Sorry I didn't put it up on your actual birthday! :( We've been really busy these past few days!
But, all the same, Happy 16th! I can hardly believe that I've known you for 10 years now! WOW! :D I'm so happy to have you and James in my life! You guys are so special and such amazing friends! Jacob, Jackson and I treasure your friendship and I hope that we will be friends for 10 more years! :D
That's Michael's smile face. Isn't he cute! :D

We've been really busy these past few days...for instance, yesterday we went to a special Christmas Story tour. It was okay--not as 'grand' as it was built up to be, but it was a fun trip and I know my sister and baby cousin enjoyed it
I bought myself two souvenirs at the gift shop on the way out! The stuff really wasn't that bad! :D I bought a donkey carving--which I shall dub Ruth--or Dunkey...dunno! And a glass dradle!
It's very small (about the size of a quarter) but isn't it pretty! I really like it! ;D My mom bought a camel (like my donkey) carving...but I don't know where that is. It's really cute though!
The actual show was a tour of biblical homes and the world that Mary and Joesph lived in. However, it really didn't last long and there was a bunch of stuff that we didn't even get to see. It felt sort of rushed. And the 'light show' at the end was actually just a slide show on a bed sheet. :( Oh well, the kids had fun and it was sweet of my mom, dad, uncle and aunt to take us! :D
But tomorrow Christmas will start and I CAN'T wait! :D We've been making goodies all day long! Peppermint patties, chewies, and billionaires to name a few! Ugh...I'm going to be SO fat after all this is over! LOL!
I've asked for several things this year--none of them really expensive.
All in all I've asked for:
Two bath and body works bubble baths (they actually make bubble bath now! :D)
Three Harry Potter Books (PA, GOF, and OOTP...Harry Potter fans will know these abbreviations!)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie.
Lego Lord of the Rings video game for Wii. guilty pleasure!
The book Divergent by Veronica Roth. A friend said it was really good!
Jillian Michael's Killer Abs DVD (I'll need this after all the Christmas goodies! LOL!)
But that's about it. Not too much...which I view as good! I'm content! Though...I could do with said books! :D I could get parents are very generous--please don't think of them as stingy! Last year my mom offered to get me a Kindle for Christmas...along with other stuff...but I said no cause I'm just not a Kindle person (I love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell of fresh/old pages! Hints why I really wanted books this year!). The decision turned out to be a smart one cause my dad got my mom an IPad 2 for Christmas and it can double as a Kindle!
But please don't think of them as stingy. They are very generous wonderful parents! Thanks SO much to mommy and daddy for all the wonderful Christmas's I've had/will have! :D   
But yea, so maybe tomorrow--for my Christmas Eve morning present (a tradition in our family) I will get a Harry Potter book! SQEEEEE!! :D
But that's my Christmas list. My sister's list is actually shorter than mine..and she's SIX! 0_0 She just doesn't want much. But rest assured...she's getting a good amount of cute things for Christmas. 
But our Christmas schedule for this year is a lot like ours for last year! We're having...let me count...four Christmas's! 0_0 Yep! :D FOUR!
First we have our Christmas Eve dinner with our family friends, then we have our morning Christmas thing when Joanna gets her Santa presents and when we get the majority of our gifts from mom and dad. Then we go over to my dad's parent's house for lunch, then it's back home for our last Christmas at my aunt's house! WOOF! Lot's of running back and forth!
Well, speaking of running back and forth. I've got to finish up some last minute wrapping! So until next time!
This has been your happy and busy blogger,
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Le Sigh

Oh, boredom and a computer that isn't working at the moment. I don't know what's wrong with this thing, it's just freezing up on me and I can't seem to make it quit. Well, to be fair to my lovely little's actually blogger that's messing up, not my computer.
Oh well, since I'm bored at the moment I thought I'd give you a quick tour of my room!

I know, I know, no one really cares what my room looks. Though I love to see how people design their rooms and living spaces--you get so many new and creative ideas! I've seen a lot of really awesome rooms and I just wanted to share mine. It's not perfect--but I like it! It's my style and it took me over a year to do! Also, I just finished giving my room a well deserved clean! :D But I just thought I' share a few pics, especially since I just got new lanterns for my bed! ^ Kudos to my awesome mom who got those for me! Thanks mommy!

This is my Christmas tree, it's kinda old now but I still use it. It looks a lot better in person though. Also, as you can see, I've got some presents under there! :D Happy to say that most of my shopping is done--I just have three peeps left to get stuff for. :)

This is my "star"! Yep, Hunger Games fan here!

My little tree is now sitting where my floor lamp usually goes. It's been relocated between my book shelf and dresser. I'm still in love with my dressing table! Sooo pretty and feminine! *Sigh* Just LOVE IT!

The other side of my room with a mini tree. It's not too Christmasy but I don't have that many decorations anymore. Maybe it's time to get some new ones! Hmmm...

This is my dresser, see--there's the floor lamp to the left! It has two snow men on it, one's a statue and the other holds Christmas cards! Still keep the ones from the Munchkin Farm I miss them!

But yes, in case you were wondering...I do love England!

This is my bookshelf, I've added a whole lot of new books and movies to it! SO happy! And I spot my much used copy of The Hobbit and Sherlock Holmes!! :D

This is my top shelf where I keep some of my all time favs. Notice LOTR and HG and HP have made it to the top. The Hobbit used to be at the top until I ran out of room and it was accidentally moved to the bottom. Oh well...

This is my second shelf where I keep books that either aren't my favorites or aren't in good enough condition to be at the top. The Hobbit is the notable exception here.

 Part of my DVD shelf. I've got WAY too many movies, I really should get rid of some of them.

This is one of the pics that sits up on my bookshelf. Behold little derp me! :D This was taken when I was about six or so. much fun. I had such a wonderful childhood! But hair really needed washing!

And me now with my bored face on. My eyes look green/brown now...not sure how that happened. I just got a haircut yesterday. Got about two whole inches chopped me, it really needed it! It was still all messy from that 'short hair phase' I went through last year! Not sure why I wanted it short...oh well, it was an okay experiment I guess.

But that's my room! I hope I didn't bore y'all with my boring ramblings! :D I've got a lot of really nice posts planned--I just have to find time to write them! :D

But this has been your happy blogger,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Truck YEAH!!!

Let the world shake in fear--for I am now MOBILE!
Yep, you heard it here first! That thing above ^ is the truck my father is letting me use as my first vehicle!! :D YAY!!
At last, after several long months of looking my father managed to acquire a Dodge Dakota for me to drive! YAY FOR MY DAD!! :D
My dad surprised me with it yesterday when my brother drove up in it! :D Couldn't believe it! I drove it around the house a few times and then down the driveway--I'd gotten about half way down when our friends Jacob, James and Mrs. Rita drove up! I honked the horn and was like,
They couldn't believe it either! :D
The truck is really nice! I LOVES IT! It's so big! The bed's a short bed but the cab is a true four door! The backseat is HUGE!! SO much leg room! :D
My mom tested it out today when we drove to our Christmas brunch with Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Stacie, and my friends Hannah and Jessie! So I got to show them the truck! Plus, we dropped Jackson off with AJ so he too got to take a look at it! :D
Hannah, Jessie and I spent a lot of our visit sitting in the truck talking and listening to the radio. Hannah really liked how big the back seat is! She was sprawled out in it like it was a couch! :D Jessie and I set some of my presets! Just so you know...several of them are country stations! Yea....addiction. :)
We drove it home and it handled great--but I managed to hair spray myself. Let me explain...
We were on the way home and I was riding shot gun when I felt something cold on my leg. I thought I was just sitting funny so I didn't do anything. But when I moved I noticed that the feeling was still there. So, when I reached my hand down to my leg I felt something WET! was HAIRSPRAY! Ugh....the cap was off it and I sprayed myself! Ugh....bad day! :( It was all over my leg, the seat and my pants! A WHOLE CAN OF HAIRSPRAY LEAKED OUT ONTO ME!! :( But on the plus side...the awesome Hobbit calender my friend Hannah gave me as a present was in my lap and safe from the hair care blitz!
I should have posted a pic of it...but I didn't think about it. Oh well. But yea, I've got a Hobbit calender now for 2013! YAY! :D I really love it! YAY TO HANNAH FOR GIVING ME SUCH AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS GIFT! :D :D
But yea, I just wanted to share my awesome news with my bloggers! :D I'M SO HAPPY! I can hardly believe that I'm mobile! EEEKKKK!!!! :D
But I've got to go, seven days till Christmas and we're SO busy! 0_0 Still can't believe it's almost Christmas! WOWZA!! It's going to be over before I know it's even here! :(
But anyway, I've really got to go now! So, until next time...
This has been your busy and mobile blogger,

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Victoria Soto.
She was killed after she hid her first graders in closets and cabinets and told the shooter they were in the gym. He killed her and not one of her children were harmed.
She was found huddled over her students.
The sad thing is...the White House will use this as political gain. They will use this to further restrict guns--even for self defence. Thereby causing more tragedies and deaths.
God have mercy on our nation.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twas Thirteen Days Before Christmas...

WOW! These past two weeks have been a real doozy for us here in Mayberry! With Christmas, photo shoots, birthdays, spend the nights and so on it's been nearly impossible for me to get  post in edge wise! So much has happened! :D But I, despite my excitement--will try to break it down for you! :D
Well, first off I guess I should address the strange weather we've been having.
Yea, mid December (can it be MID December already?!) and it feels like FALL! Oh yea, some of the trees still have their autumn leaves! 0_0 However, yesterday it was ridiculously cold! It finally felt like winter! But today it's warmed back up and the sun's come out. :(
I don't like cold weather at all--I got that little trait from my father--but when it's Christmas time I want it to feel like winter...not fall! Oh well, maybe it'll cool down again.
Speaking of's THIRTEEN DAYS TILL PEOPLE! I can't believe it! 0_0 But, I just don't feel like it's Christmas!!! I know...stupid...but for some reason I just can't get in the Christmas spirit. Huh, maybe I need to listen to more Christmas music--and STOP worrying about college!
College starts the second week of January. So I've got about a month. But my books still need to be ordered and I'm still nervous. However, the more I talk to people who are going to my new college the less scared I get.
I'm not so scared about flunking out--though that is a BIG fear too--I'm only taking three classes this year (due to this being my first full time semester and my first time on a campus) but I'm still worried. :( Pray for me!
I've also been trying to grow in my faith. This past year I've really slipped in that area. I haven't done anything 'bad'--but I just feel I've strayed from God. I haven't been paying attention to him as I should have. My relationships have really been showing this. I haven't been the sister, daughter and friend I should have been. But I want to do better--I really do. So forgive me family and friends for all the crap I've put you through! I must have been so awful! God's working on me and I'm trying my best to work with him! :) It's so wonderful to have such an amazing God! :D
I'm still working on my books. I'm doing a fourth rewrite of Book One and I hope to have it ready for publishing by 12/21/14--let's hope it does well! :D
I've been watching a lot of the Andy Griffith show lately. It's a really wonderful show (for those who didn't know) and I love it! However, it's so sad to see how far our country's focus has shifted. It makes me sick to see a portion of the ideals of the sixties and then compare it to the ideals of today. Ugh...depressing.
But anyway, shifting back to happy mode, my favorite character would HAVE to be Gomer Pyle! He's just so precious and sweet! :D AAAAWWWW! And he can REALLY sing!
That's really Jim Nabors voice! 0_0 WOWZA!! :D
But anway, onto my busy week.
Our week started out pretty busy--with my brother's good friend AJ coming over to spend the night.
Yep, the weekend was spent guzzling down Doctor Pepper, Pizza and chocolate--which was a HORRIBLE temptation for my newly started diet! (I've gained about ten pounds and I want to loose it before the holidays!)
But the boys had so much fun! However, I'm afraid they were both REALLY worn out by the end of it! They stayed up until THREE playing Call of Duty! YIKES! 0_0
Sunday we took AJ home--but not before stopping at a local tree farm to get our Chrima tree! Yep! We FINALLY got a tree! But, when we got there it was nearly dark--so we sorta got one and ran! Poor AJ--he didn't know he was going to be put to work!
That's my mom--hurrying away from the camera. Love ya, mom! :D
But long story short--we got a tree! It's a really nice tree and we are all happy with it! :D
There was a mom's meeting Monday--so my awesome friend's Hannah and Jessie got to come over! :D Sadly--poor Hannah couldn't stay :'(. Jessie and I really missed you Hannah!
 Jessie and I had a lot of fun with my brother though! We watched this show called Oddities and--to be frank--made fun of it. I mean....AAAHHHHH! That show freaked Jessie and me out SO bad--but at the same time had us on the floor laughing!
But all kidding aside...that show is pretty creepy sometimes. I'm not sure what's scarier--the merchandice in the store or the mental house escapees that wander into it!
 Also, Hannah has introduced me to this game called Sims Freeplay! It's a great fact I'm in addicted to it! Yea...major time waster there! I've spent hours playing that game instead of working on my book! I hate you now Hannah!
I'm sure the fasination phase will wear off soon though--as it usually does with me and new games. Let's hope!
The next thing on our agenda was our friend's Jacob and James's birthday! Their birthdays are both in December so Mrs. Rita just has their party on the same day. Makes sense in my opinion! :)
This year they had a big birthday bash at a local restaurant (same place I had my grad party! Need to post pics of that!). It was great! We got a chance to meet some of their family that we hadn't met before and, best of all, we got to hang out with our amazing friends! :D
Everything was really well put together (congrats to Mrs. Rita!) and the boys seemed to be really enjoying themselves! :D I can hardly believe that the boys are 18 and 16! WOW!!!!!!! 0_0 You are both growing up SO fast! *Sniff* :(
Well, the day after the birthday (yesterday!) I had a photo shoot! Yep, I've been averaging about one to two of these a week now! :D I'm so happy! :D I love hanging out with Mrs. Johnnie and Mr. King! :D They are both such amazing and sweet people! And Mr. King gives us chocolate! Also NOT good for my diet! LOL!
So far I've had three shoots this month. One at my future college, one at a local air field (my pic from that at the top ^) and finally Callaway Gardens!
OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! *Screams and runs around the room* I LOVE Callway! :D I hadn't been there in years! Last time I went was with some old friends back when I was thirteen or twelve. Ahhh, happy memories! :D
But anyway, yesterday I got to go back with Mrs. Johnnie and Mr. King! We didn't get to go to ALL of Callway--but we went to some of the choice places! My fav was the Chapel! I LOVE that place! I've even considered getting married there--should I ever get married! :D
We also stopped at the horticulture center so we could all get some flower pictures! :D I have loads of pics I'd love to show you--but I doubt you'd want to scroll through hundreds of pics. So I just picked out a few favs!
They had a poinsettia tree! :) How pretty! :D
This was where the orcids were! It was really warm in there! We didn't complain was really nice to be warm after treking around in the cold air!
I have a better pic of this flower but it wouldn't load. Hum...bad computer!
Look! A bear! :D They had a polar bear and three penguins ice skating at the entrance! HOW CUTE!! :D
Callaway wasn't our only stop yesterday! We managed to stop by and old bank that was REALLY cool for a quick photo op and a really pretty church! Also, Mr. King treated us to lunch at this very nice cafe`! The food was excellent (I was good, I only had a salad!) and the bread bakery (they had a bakery/cafe`) smelled even better! :D Mr. King bought a loaf of--I believe--Cranberry bread while Mrs. Johnnie took some pictures of the town and I talked to a very nice young man who worked there! ;D
But as a whole the day was awesome! I was so grateful to Mrs. Johnnie for letting me model for her! I just LOVE it! :D I hope we can go again really soon! :D
But this has been our first "slow" day all week long! Mr. Don (a family friend) is coming over for dinner tonight and--given all that we've been doing this week--means that this has been a slow day. :) Tomorrow, however, won't be slow!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to get my hair trimmed and re-layered and my sister is going to go to her first piano recital! :D
My little sister, Joannna, has given up dance to start piano and she's doing SO good! She's so much better than I ever was! *Hugs* for Jo Jo! :D 
Tomorrow she will be playing 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'! She's really got the song down pack and I'm SO proud of her! I just hope she doesn't get nervous! Please pray that she'll do really well and feel confident about her new found ability! :D
Also, tomorrow is the offical release date for The Hobbit! :D
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I can hardly believe it! This time last year we were freaking out over the trailer for this movie--but now it's finally here! :D I can't wait to see it! I just hope it can live up to Lord of the Rings! :D We will see.

I'm going to see this movie several times. I've got a lot of peeps who want to go see it. But I'm not complaining! The more Hobbit the better ! :D
But I guess that's all for now! Mr. Don will be here in about an hour and I'll have to help get ready! Thanks so much for letting me spill my guts! It's been fun! So until next time!
This has been your busy and happy blogger,