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An Update in the Life of Me!

You know how I promised these little updates from time to time? Well, here's the first one! But don't's going to be pretty short. I mean, there's a LOT to tell you...but I've got somewhere I have to be! So please excuse any and all errors in this post! I'm trying to proof read them now but I just don't have time to do this one!
Besides working my butt of with my--now many--books, I have been busy with everything from College to plays!
College has been going very well, I think I'm adjusting alright. Of course, it's taken time to get used to the way things work there and the types of people I encounter--but as a whole it's been very nice. In fact, I'm just about to go off to college right now! Don't worry, I've got plenty of time before I actually have to be out the door (note I'm posting this at 6:45 and I got up at 5:30!). I'm looking forward to my chocolate mocha between classes! :) I used to get a medium mocha but had to switch to a small because, apparently, mochas have a shot of espresso in them! 0_0 Which, as you can imagine, resulted in a very serious twitch! (I'm NOT kidding!)
But caffeine highs aside...I'm enjoying it so far and I'm getting good grades! :D So wish me luck today! :D Trust me...I'll need it...I've got a math test today! :( I studied with my tutor yesterday and this past week, so I hope I get a good grade! :)
As for the play, I was lucky enough to get another part in one of my home town theater's productions! This year it's the Dixie Swim club. Yeah, I know...I've never heard of it either...but I'm in it! I'm playing the younger counterpart of Jerri Neal (and YES that is a girl's name!)! It's actually a bigger part than I got last year! Yay! I'm having so much fun getting to see and hang out with some of the peeps from Oklahoma! I can't wait to show you pictures of it all....well, as soon as there are pictures that is! :)
I've also been busy with more photo shoots! Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King are trying to set up days when we can go on some more shoots! They are sending me the pictures from our last trips and needless to say...I'm in love with them! Mrs. Gaskill and Mr. King are wonderful photographers and I just can't wait to go hang out with them again!
But now I've got to run, class to go to and papers to turn in! But before I go...I just wanted to ask: How does everybody like the new topic choice? Do you find my posts and links on writing helpful or boring? Please don't be shy and leave me comment! I love to hear from my readers and DON'T worry about offending me! I'm a writer and we have to be used to criticism!
So thanks for your comments in advance!
Your busy blogger,

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What's Your Writing Personality

I really enjoyed reading this article and I just thought I'd share it with you guys! So why don't you go have a look! :D
What's Your Writing Personality?

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More Ideas Than Time!

Have you ever been right in the middle of a intense project when suddenly, a tiny idea started to work its way into your head? Have you ever had that happen? Well....I have.
I've been working on Book One of my new trilogy for some time now, writing out chapters, revising chapters and adding crucial details to the story. But every time I take a break from Book One, even if it's only for one day, this other story idea seeps back into my mind and--once again--starts driving me bonkers.
The reason this story idea has been driving me bonkers is because, for the longest time, I couldn't come up with a plot for it. You see, this book has an interesting situation--to which there are no really obvious solutions. So what was I to do? I wrote down idea after idea and draft after draft but nothing really stuck. Nothing worked...until yesterday that is!
Yesterday, I started jotting down some ideas while I was on campus. Don't worry, I wasn't in class. Anyway, I was jotting down some ideas between classes and suddenly this story idea popped back into my brain. As you can imagine....the usual dread followed. Nothing like having a story you don't have a plot for come running back into your mind. But never the less, I started jotting down ideas in my Idea Note Book.
My Idea Note Book is a little red notebook my mother bought me a week ago that I put all my ideas in. It's nearly full I'm happy/sad to say!
Anyway, I wrote down quite a few ideas actually--and when I got home I ran some by my mom, you know, just to see if they were actually any good. My mom's great in that she lets me talk to her about book ideas. Well, we started talking and she started to come up with some really awesome ideas and after a while all the dots were connected! The very loose framework of a plot was right there on the notebook and in my head!
Needless to say I was thrilled! :D Thanks a MILLION to mom! What would I do without her?
So now I have to continue stringing the plot along until I have an actual plot! Problem is....what about Book One?! I've been working on that book for ages now! I can't just abandon it!
I thought about Book One for a while--trying to think about what I could do. At last I realized that I could probably work on both. Seeing how this other book doesn't have a concrete plot just yet. I could probably be working on the plot of the new book while writing the old one! I'll still continue Book One onward to publication (hopefully), meanwhile secretly nurturing this other book until its own time comes (if at all) to step out into the world!
I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys before I head off to the dentist. Yea, I've either got a cavity starting (which is weird cause I try to take very good care of my teeth) or one of my older fillings has fallen out (you know, one of the few I got when I was younger). They probably won't do anything to it today (which is fine cause it doesn't really hurt). I'll just have to come back another time to actually have something done about it.
Sorry I've gotten out of the habit of posting again. College dumped a HUGE amount of homework on me this past week and again this week! However, I'm happy I'm not behind at all! But I'm still going to have to do two math units and read a English story and answer questions today. *Le sigh* Maybe I can squeeze some posting/writing into my time schedule?
Well, I've really got to run! Teeth don't fix themselves!
This has been your crazy and happy blogger,

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Short Excerpt

Here is a short excerpt from my book. It's not fully edited expect some hitches with the style and so on. Please DON'T copy! I'm very particular about that. But anyway, I just wanted to give you a little sample of my work so you could see the style the book is written in. There again, however, don't judge the WHOLE book by this. As I said still needs editing with the style.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Don't worry about offending me...I've got a thick skin with these things! :D So please, relax, read and enjoy!
Characters in this Segment:
Hanna: Main character, story is told from her view
Linnet: Hanna's best friend
Marcus: Hanna's cousin
Caleb: Random boy they have just met.
They are on a train heading away from home to a very important event.

I’m drawn out of my thoughts as a strange sound suddenly bursts out from the seat across from Linnet. It’s Caleb, and he’s snoring. I’m shocked that anyone can sleep today, but I suppose the big meal is what did him in. I’ve heard you get sleepy after eating a lot—I guess it was true because there Caleb sits: his head slumped back against the silver paneling of his seat.

Marcus’s dull gaze suddenly breaks and a look of complete annoyance appears. He crosses his arms defiantly and tries for a second or two to block out the noise. His efforts are in vain, of course, and within a minute he stands abruptly and groans out a very angry,

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom”
After that, Marcus storms down the isle and out of sight.

I remain in my seat and do my best to ignore Caleb. Snoring doesn’t bother me, save when I’m trying to sleep—and since there’s no danger of me going to sleep, the snoring simply passes out of all recognition. Or, at least, it does until suddenly Linnet—who has been silent this whole time—whispers,

“He really snores…doesn’t he?”

“Yep” I reply. “Sounds like an industrial saw mill”

Linnet emits a small smile at my remark.

We sit in silence a while longer before finally she says something else.

“What do I have to do?” Her eyes search my face.

“What do you mean?”  

“I mean…what’s going to happen once we reach the center?” She asks, putting special emphasis on the words: the center.

I shrug. “They’re going to prick your finger—just to makes sure you are who you say you are.” I'm about to continue but Linnet cuts me off.

“Prick my finger with a needle?” She asks, her eyes wide.

“Yea, what else would they stick it with?” I ask blatantly.

Linnet’s quiet, but she rubs her arm rigorously. I look down at her and through the occasionally gap in her fingers I see a large, lumpy, bruised mass jutting out from her arm, just at the joint.
A small part of my throat tightens.

She’s been injected.

Five Basics About Dialogue You Need to Know!

Ever feel like your character's dialogue just isn't cutting it? If you do you're not alone! I myself often have issues with dialogue (as I mentioned in a previous post), but this article offers some really great advice! (Note to self: refer to this article next time I have trouble!)

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Three Essentials for Better Writing

There's no easy, breezy method for writing--sometimes you just have to slog it out. But if you want some basic tips for better writing, check out:

Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Add Jeopardy To Your Story Before the Main Confict Starts!

This article is really interesting and has already started helping me in my story writing! If you want to add a little more edge to your story, check out:

29 Ways to Stay Creative

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Six Compelling Antagonists

Writing and finding your antagonist can be hard work! But this article gives you some basic pointers to help you in your journey to find your mustache twirling villain!
Just check out:

Rewriting Chapter Twenty Eight

Well, I was in the middle of rewriting chapter twenty eight when I suddenly got the feeling all writers dread. The "I'm NOT doing this right" syndrome. Ughh...nothing like getting in the middle of a difficult chapter and then feeling like your just not doing in quite right.
As you know. My book is in the middle of its fourth while there are fewer and fewer chapters I'm not totally satisfied with--there are still a LOT of giants I have to conquer. Chapter twenty eight was one of those giants.
You see, I'm currently dealing with a very fun side character to's just...well, I haven't written him in SO long and he's...kind of eccentric. I have to 'be in the mood' or better yet, 'get my teeth into the character' before I can write him. And while there are parts of his dialogue that I think I got...there are still some pieces that just aren't fitting. Also, I think I accident got SO focused on writing the dialogue for this difficult character that I forgot to insert my lead in. Right now Hanna just sorts of sit a big lump waiting for eccentric character and Alan to stop arguing. She doesn't really insert her thoughts in and, to me it seems (correct me if I'm wrong), when your telling a story in first person it's very important to insert your lead's thoughts into the situation. Because after all, we girls have opinions about don't we? :)
I don't like 'just moving on', but I think that for the moment I should do just that. I should push forward for a moment and give the chapter some breathing room. When my mind is clearer and I've come up with some more ideas...I'll come back to it again and try to rework it. That's what I did with the first several chapters of my book and now I'm very happy with those!
But, difficult chapter aside, I'm very excited with the fact that draft four has reached 50,000 words! YAY! I'm only halfway through part two--is that a good thing or a bad thing? I've been told that as a writer I can be too verbose. Maybe I should try holding back a little? What do you fellow authors think?
But yes,I'm at 50,000 words and very happy! :D Who knows how long this thing is going to be once I'm finished! 0_0 My poor, half dead, little printer is going to have a heart attack when it's time to print this draft out!
Anyway, I just wanted to share some writing progress with you guys! I'm still enjoying the idea of having an All Writing Blog! It's very exciting so far! :D
Thanks for your comments and I hope you will enjoy my future posts!
Your ever busy blogger,

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The Art of War for Writers: How to Develop a Story Idea into a Book!

I found this article very helpful! If you're a writer...check it out! :D

The Art of War for Writers: How to Develop a Story into a Book!

Blog Change blog elves are certainly on strike!
As you may or may not have noticed, I've been changing my blog design...but for more reasons than just the fact that Valentines Day is approaching (note to self, get valentines for the family and friends!)
But anyway...the other reasons. Well, I haven't been satisfied with the format and topic choices of my blog. I feel that it's too rambling--too out of focus and of no value to anyone other than myself. So I wanted to change that. I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to figure out a way to change my blog. And last hit me!
I decided that I would give my blog one fixed topic. I had thought about this for a while--as I said--but, I couldn't figure out what topic I would write about. So after a while...last night the idea came to me!
What topic was I already interested in that other people could also find interesting and helpful? Well, the answer was WRITING!
Yea, I know...a lot of people don't find writing interesting. But I've met so many wonderful people who DO find writing interesting! (You all know who you are!) And I LOVE a good writing blog myself. So I decided I would turn my blog into a writing least for a little while to see if it works!
On this blog I will post about the writing process and share awesome articles that I find! I will still have some things in my posts about my personal life...but only if it's something really excited. Other than that I will be posting about writing my book (with an eye this year towards editing and publication.), sharing articles and posting anything that has to do with writing.
So that's about all I have to say right now. I've caught a minor cold...and a stomach I'm tired. But I'll continue working on my blog...I kind of have to seeing how my blog elves are on strike! LOL!
But my goal will ultimately be to help and inspire fellow authors--as so many WONDERFUL bloggers have inspired and helped me! :D
But what do you think of the "One Blog Topic" idea? Any tips on how to make it work? Readers opinions? Please let me know and don't worry about offending me or anything. I've got a pretty thick skin with this stuff. (Have to seeing how I'm a writer). Anyway, please let me know!
This has been your sick yet happy blogger