Saturday, June 22, 2013

Newest Editions

That's not my normal bedspread there, actually it is a quilt my grandmother made me when I was younger. I'm just using it until my other one is out of the wash.

It's a known fact that I am a lover of books, okay...more of a psychotic, obsessive; over protective lover of books. 

My holy land is Barnes Noble, but I will settle for a good bookstore with helpful service! Recently, however, I was able to make a pilgrimage to my holy land, and needless to say, I went bonkers! 

  I abandoned all notions of not buying any new books--even though my bookshelf is already overstuffed as it is--and used up all but five dollars of my hard earned money to purchase several of the above. 

My finds at Barnes and Noble are: Ender's Game and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Official Movie Guide. This in and of itself was a rare find! The original asking price was fifteen dollars but I snagged it for five! Big change there! I was extremely excited, and it was only my first find of the day! I also got a brand new book bag with the cover of To Kill a Mockingbird on it as well as something that will make all Harry Potter fans scream. I bought a golden snitch! Afraid I don't have pictures of it now, but I bought one and it's actually the correct size...I was surprised! 

Anyway, the other books came from a montage of different sources. City of Ashes is the second book in the Mortal Instruments Series and is a library book that I'm nearly done with. The last two Harry Potter books came from a used bookstore along with Beautiful Darkness, the second book in the Beautiful Creatures Series, and The Great Gatsby (which I have finished). The Harbinger is on lone from my mom, though just between us I'm going to try and keep it! Heheheheh. 

My poor bookshelf is really over burdened now, but it will (hopefully) survive. After all, with a new bookstore only fifteen minutes from my house, it will probably have a lot more weight added to it as the weeks go by! 

I'm hoping to do some more reviews based off of these books in the coming weeks. Also, I'm looking for suggestions as to book series. Usually, I'm very picky about what books I read and don't buy or rent a book unless a friend recommended it, I don't like wasting my time or money on lousy books. So if you have a series you think is good, let me know! Like I said, I'm open to a few pointers! :D 

Thanks for reading.



JT said...

About recommendations, I am like that too. I never read anything new unless someone i know liked it, so I'm starved. Any ideas? (I already own most of my favorites, so I spend my money on music)

James The Movie Reviewer said...

Rebecca, I know you are not much a Star Wars fan anymore, but the Thrawn trilogy is great stuff, highly recommended.


Solace Utara said...

I have those books too :D For recommendations, try Legend by Marie Lu, and since I see City of Ashes (OMG I can't wait for city of bones movie totally fangirling) don't forget the infernal devices series by the same author in the same world :D THe fault in our stars is not really in my style, but it made me cry for weeks D:

Rebecca said...

Hi, JT!

Well...hmm...have you read Ender's Game or any of the Divergent books? I liked those pretty well for YA. Divergent a little less than the others. Harry Potter is always awesome. As far as others...I'm still crying because I finished The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. :)

Hey, James!

I researched the Thrawn Trilogy a long time ago. I have the first comic version of it somewhere. Hmmm...maybe I'll check those out! Is that when the Admiral wants to kidnap Leia's two children?(Forgive me if I'm wrong, my EU is a little rusty.)

Hi, Solace!

I saw Legend at the bookstore along with Infernal Devices! I haven't finished The Mortal Instruments Series yet, but in the mean time I will check out Legend! I've had several people saying I should read The Fault in Our Stars, and the local bookstore is having a book club about it! Hmmm...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :D My poor bookshelf is going to hate you though! Heheheh!

JT said...

Since you asked, I read half the Ender's Game novels and thought they were pretty good but they got worse. The rest I've never heard of (except HP. We used to like those but no one has picked them up in years now. I'll look up Divergent then. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Uh oh, I always hate it when a book series starts off good and then ends badly. Glad I could be of help! :D