Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hobbit! At LONG Last!

Well, day before yesterday, I got to go see The Hobbit!
Ahhh, yes...the moment I'd been waiting finally sit down and watch the number one movie in the country! Peter Jackson's The Hobbit! :D
Let me just say that it was amazing! Completely stunning! Peter has really out done himself!
I'm going to give you a complete review of it, without giving away too many spoilers! So, in question and answer format, here we go!
So, may I present:
The Objective (Non Fangirly) View
How does the story begin?/Where does it begin?
This is a question I had been wondering about myself for a while. There were many possibly beginnings to The Hobbit, but I'd have to say that Peter picked one of the better ones! The plot started out with an explanation of the destruction Erebor--then moved into present time. Then the rest of the story began fairly quickly--no long drawn out pauses before the dwarves showed up. However, it did take me a moment to get into the story, but that happens with all movies to be fair.
Was it a funny story? Or and epic story?
Well, it wasn't a comedic movie--it had some very serious parts...but, Peter Jackson was right when he said that The Hobbit was funnier than LOTRs! Parts of it were hilarious! Especially the scenes with the trolls! But it did have some really serious/epic moments! I was very happy with the overall balance of comedy and action, Peter really seems to have balanced it quiet well.
Were they true to the book?
Yes and no. They didn't take anything out (they couldn't afford to with a novel this size!) but they added a lot. They added several new bad guys and a few scenes that were in the appendixes of LOTRs that concerned the dwarves or the new bad guys. I won't say what they added--because that would be giving away spoilers--but I will say that they rewrote the fate of Azog the defiler!
How were the characters?
The characters were stunning! Beautifully portrayed and scripted! Peter didn't let us down when he said that each dwarf had their own personality! Thorin was really spectacular as the battle hardened leader who honestly believes that he must return honor to his people. And, as always, Gandalf was brilliant!
But it was Bilbo that surprised me the most! I had gone in expecting to see a very weak/whiny character--but instead got a brave, loyal, hard working leader who saves his comrades more than once! I was shocked! Bilbo is absolutely amazing and I completely loved him! Martin Freedman portrayed him perfectly and brought his usual charm and humor to the role!
As a whole, everyone in the film was stunning!
How were the special effects?
So much better than LOTRs...and that's saying something! The effects were stunning and beautiful and I was completely enthralled by them. The movie did have a warmer, more fantasy world look to it where LOTRs had a very realistic look to it! (Hints the fact that LOTRs was a lot of location work and The Hobbit had a lot of green screen!) But, either way, it was well done!
How was the 48 frames per second?
 Now, let my just say that I didn't see it in 48 frames per second--our little home town theater doesn't have the capabilities for it. So I'm afraid I can't help you there. :( But the regular was awesome!
As a whole, how did it compare to LOTRs?
Well, The Hobbit lacked the realistic, nitty gritty feel LOTRs had. Also, it wasn't as epic as LOTRs. But, you must realize, that you are comparing two different stories. The Hobbit wasn't meant to be epic--it was meant to be a children's story (though it is way over most kid's heads) and not a full blown adult novel. So some of the subtle details weren't there--though Peter did try to add a few.
But, The Hobbit is definitely a LOTRs movie--and what I mean by that is it is just as well done as just doesn't have as much to it as LOTRs. However, for what the story contained (and what they added) Peter and the crew did an amazing job telling the story!
As a whole, was it good?
It was stunning, brilliant, beautiful, epic, hilarious and--as a whole--amazing! All LOTRs fans MUST GO SEE IT!
Well, that's it for The Objective View--now it's time for:
The Fangirly/ Personal View!
What did you think of it, as a LOTRs fan?
I think, as LOTRs fan, it was amazing! I loved it and I wish I could go ahead and pre order it so I could see it again! Fortunately--this Wednesday--my bro and I are going try to go see it! ;D
Who was your favorite?

Well, while most of my friends were going gaga over Fili, Kili and Thorin...I was appreciating the quiet character of Bofur.
Loved him!  His personality was really sweet and I just liked him! :D Also, Ori was adorable--but everyone expected that! :)
He was also really a blunt sort of way! LOL!
But yea, he was my favorite our of the bunch. Thorin was a little too arrogant for me...but that's just my opinion!
But to be fair...Fili was REALLY HOT! :)

But yea, Bofur was my fav.
Was it what you expected?
Actually, it was WAY more than what I'd expected! I'd expected something hilarious and epic--and I got that times TEN! :D As a fan I was very satisfied! Peter didn't lie when he said it was made for the fans! :D
But yes, in case you hadn't already figured it out, I loved the film and I can't wait till the next one! :D
But I guess that's all I've got to for the fact that I've found a bunch of funny LOTRs and Hobbit pics on Tumbler. Yes, I'm finally experimenting with Tumbler! But here are just a few that I've found!
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Funnies!

I was actually thinking this in the White Council scene!



Well, I guess that's it for now! So until next time!
This has been your fangirly blogger,


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Glad you finally got to see it! :D I agree it was awesome!!!!!


Solace Utara said...

I soooo agree with your review! :D :D :D Kili is hot... I mean, I'd like him more if he's taller, but he's a dwarf though he doesn't really seem like one. But why am I complaining... Legolas will always be mines :)
I love your pictures! Especially the Thranduil/Legolas/Gimli one :D
I like Bofur too, after Kili :)

Rebecca said...

Hi James!

Yea! It was SOOOOOO amazing! I want to see it again! :D Can't wait to see your review on it! :D

Hey, Solace!

Glad you like the review and the picks! Yea, Kili is hot! And Legolas is A M A Z I N G!! *Swoon* But yea, the short thing doesn't bug me...but that's cause I looked up on the Tolkien wiki how tall the dwarves were supposed to be and guess what! It said they were five foot four to five foot three! And I was like WHAT?! Is that right?! 0_0 That means they are taller than me by a good two inches! Great...great...I'm so short dwarves are taller than me! NOOOO! LOL! :D