Friday, November 22, 2013

In Honor of Catching Fire

In honor of the new Hunger Games movie, I present Mockingjay photography! 

I just wanted to drop a few pictures in real quick because I'm going shopping today! Yep, time for Christmas shopping! It will be loads of fun, and a good distraction from some of the sad news that's been floating around. 

Yes, I am going to stop being vague about that. I will tell y'all what has happened, but just not right now. 

So in the meantime enjoy these photos! 



James The Movie Reviewer said...

I think that I actually want to Catching Fire in theaters if I can get someone to go watch it with me! :) Everyone says it is awesome!


Rebecca said...

Cool! If you want someone to go with you, I'll go. :) I'm not going with Jessie until she's back from Peru. :)

James The Movie Reviewer said...

Yes! That would be great! :D