Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Currently Being,


Currently Listening to: "Overcomer" by Mandisa
Currently Waiting for: 6:00
Currently Wishing: Someone would text me
Currently Excited for: Thor 2 movie night tonight with my friends! :)
Currently Dreading: School tomorrow
Currently Working on: My NaNoWriMo novel
Currently Eating: Chocolate, what else?!
Currently Reading: Mockingjay (again)
Currently Watching: The Walking Dead! OMGOSH at the past few episodes! WOW! The whole thing with Carol (not giving out spoilers) has my head spinning! 0_0
Currently Celebrating: My good science grade and the A I got on my in-class-essay!
Current Obsession: Loki
Current Project: Redesigning my writing notebook  

I spent all afternoon on the inside of it, the outside was just a crazy hodgepodge. On the inside are all of my evil plans! :)

Currently Learning: That I can't control everything, and that I have to trust God. Why is it I keep coming back around to this one? Oh, and I'm learning to roll with the punches and not involve my emotions in other people's stupidity. 

Currently Laughing At: 

Current Goal: Finish my novel! Seriously, I'm so behind in this thing! I need to pick up the pace! 

Current Evil Plan: To put a new person in my book...and kill them in the most horrible way yet. :) It was take over the world--but that's on hold for the moment. ;)

Well, that's my currently. Sorry if it's brief and that my posting has been falling down a lot lately. With my science test, research paper, and so on I've barely had time to sit down. This weekend looks long and hard too--just like last one. :( You know, when you actually can't wait for Monday...your weekends might be too busy. 

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Jamie said...

Currently liking this post!! :D I know I'm late at commenting again! Grr. Anyway, I love that minion pic of Sherlock and John! Lol!