Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Been a Roller Coaster

My week so far has been nothing but a roller coaster of sorts. 

Things have been so crazy, out of whack, stressful, and wonderful. 

My week has been so insane it's only fitting that I'm trying to add such a substantial project to it. Writing has been going slowly these past two days due to the limited amount of time I have to devote to it. However, it is still going and I'm not giving up yet. 

I know that I failed to post yesterday, and shame on me for that error. I'm afraid that with my school, friends and the singing practice I had to go to last night--I was unable to make even a minuscule amount of time for blogging. However, I'm here now. 

So what exactly was I doing yesterday while I was absent? Mainly photo shoots, we were finally able to have our first real fall shoot! The pictures turned out really well! 

All of my beautiful friends! :D I was really very happy with how the pictures turned out! 

Then there was/is a lot of stress right now. It's a new phase here...and a lot is changing. Besides the usual stress of the last month of school, there's some other stress too. I know it's a good new phase, but I'm not good at not knowing all of the particulars. I'm a planner, I like the I's dotted and the T's crossed...so learning to let go and allow God to take over is very hard for me. I will probably make a post about this later next week. I'm not sure though...

With the stress and the new phase that I'm in...I'm finding that I have to fight a battle to stay focused--hint at the first picture on the post. My mind is a wandering mind, so when there is something a little more fun to think about--I tend to go with it. However, I have a science test Thursday that I have to really study for and a research paper I have to do. I'm nervous for both accounts....so keep me in your prayers there! 
The research paper should just be annoying, the science test is a big deal. I had to present an oral report of my research paper today in class! 0_0 I was so nervous! The teacher liked my topic though and he thought I explained it well, so that's good. Really, to be honest, all I did was get up there and go:

But enough of that, onto the writing! How has it been coming? Well, well....slow at the moment because of schedule but well because I have a boatload of ideas I want down on paper! :D I'm also to the part where I get to write about the ever insane Dag....he's my favorite!
Even mad men have stories...

 I can hardly wait until I get back into his head again! It's been a while, so I may be rusty--but hopefully I'll be able to pick up where I left off. He's actually the only character I've cried over...but I won't give out any spoilers right now. Basically he doesn't end well and his past is tragic so after months--and I mean MONTHS--of writing him and trying to understand him, he became my special baby. You know, brain child I suppose. More so than any of the others. He's very special. Sad thing is writing him actually affects my mood! 0_0 

He's so sarcastic, witty, crazy and sour that sometimes--after writing him for hours--I find myself becoming overly critical and sarcastic. Not that I'm not already a tad--okay....majorly--cynical to begin with. 

Any-who, it's still fun to write him and I'm already planning on an early morning tomorrow so I can get in some quality time with my babies! :D

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