Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The First Letter Flaps Away

I have finally launched the first query letter out into the world! It's a truly thrilling moment, however delayed it might have been!

You see, my mother hasn't felt well for the last week (she's doing SO much better now! :D) so I tried to help out as much as I could, and that put query letters at the back of my mind. But now that she's feeling better I was able to piece together a query and send it to an agency last night! SO HAPPY! :D 

Of course, I know, that I probably won't be accepted by this one--but all the same it's thrilling to take an official step! :D I've already got several other agency's to query to, and hopefully I will get to do that this week! 

It takes a LONG time, however, to do a query letter because each agency is different--and I am bad (I mean BAD) about procrastination! Also, I don't like sending my baby out into the world just yet. I sometimes feel like an overprotective mother bird, sitting angrily on top of her baby; dreaming of the day when it will take flight--but all the while being too afraid to let it out of the nest for fear it might fall. 

That's why I had to keep repeating 'Flap little birdy FLAP!' over and over and over again to myself as I went over the query letter and sample 2,500 words for the hundredth time. And now the birdy is off flapping to scope out a possible nesting ground. It's junior's first time out so he's probably going to come back home within a month, but hey--least he's flapping.

A huge thanks to both my family and my friend Hannah for so graciously helping me with the first query! You are the best!

As of right now, I'm scoping out other agency's to query to (I already had a bunch, I'm just looking for their guidelines!) Most want at least two to three chapters--which is the problem. I've already gone over them again and again, but I still worry that they need more work. That's where my test readers come in! Thank heaven for friends and family who will help with editing! :D 

Also, I am (hopefully) going to go to a bookstore this afternoon! My mother found this really cute little used bookstore that not only has a wide array of books, but also has a thing for self-published authors and a writing club that meets once a month! 0_0 Sounds like the bookstore of my dreams! Oh, and did I mention that it's close by? :D I'll let you know about how it all pans out!

But please pray for favor with the agency's and that God will guide me to the right one! 

Thanks so much to my faithful readers! You are amazing! 




Jamie said...

Yay!!! Congrats for being so brave!! I'll be praying that God leads you to the right agent! Squeeee, this is so exciting, I love cheering on my budding author pals! :D


Rebecca Wilder said...

Thank you SO much! :D It means so much to me that my friends are so supportive of this project! You are awesome! :D :D Thank you so much for your prayers! :D

Misty Kasumi* said...

Congrats on sending your first query letter!!! :)


Rebecca Wilder said...

Thanks so much, Misty! :D :D