Saturday, November 23, 2013

In Which I Confess

Okay, so I've been dropping hints about the really bad situation that's been plaguing my family for this whole week....and I've continually told you that I'd eventually confess. Well, here goes. 

I will not disclose a vast amount of detail, but I will give you a run down.

Earlier this week (Monday) we got some really bad news. The little girl we were adopting from China had a bad health turn. Her mental state may be deteriorating, which means we might not be allowed to adopt her. My parents are looking into the medical reports and they are requesting further details. But that kind of thing takes months....and they were supposed to travel in January or February. If they don't get good news soon, they won't be cleared and the adoption will be off. 

Please pray for us in this area.

I've also had personal issues too. One of them I really won't go into, it's just a little too personal, and the other is just sad. My cat Hobbes may have ran away....and he is my favorite. I worried about him wandering off like that....and now he's gone. It's really heartbreaking because he was always my comfort animal....and now he's gone. 

Please pray Hobbes comes back. And that I have the strength to make it through the other situation. 

It breaks my heart that this week has been this way. It started out with such high hopes....and then ended so horribly. We've all been fighting off those sad doubts and fears all week long, plus our regular responsibilities. That's why my posting has been so brief. 

Please pray for us and these issues. Please pray they will work out for the best and that everything will return to normal soon. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. 



Jamie said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner!

I've been keeping you and my family in my prayers! I hope your family is able to move forward in the adoption and that your kitty will come back! Is Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes? I love those comics. :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Jamie. Your comments and prayers mean so much to me! :) Yep, Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, those are some of my favorite comics too! :)