Friday, August 10, 2012

My Birthday is Tomorrow! :D

Tomorrow is my birthday! YAY!! As of tomorrow I am officially 18 years old! This is my last day as a 17 year old! Hard to believe ain't it?!

The year just flew by so fast! I've met so many amazing people, gotten to do so many amazing and fun things! :D I'd definitely have to say that my 17th year was awesome! Let's hope my 18th year is even better! :D

I didn't really know what I wanted this year--so we just shopped around and I managed to pick out a few neat things! :D  

I got:

A Jillian Michaels Dumbell Set (three different sets of weights ranging from 3 pounds to 8!)

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD

Two cute shirts

A really cute cup with my intial on it!

And copy of Romeo and Juliet.

I know it doesn't seem like much--but I haven't gotten to the most awesome present yet!

This Sunday, my aunt is taking me to IKEA to go shopping!! YAY!! I'm going to price a double bed for my room and maybe try to score a new bedside table! YAY!!

I also bought myself a new book, a Mockingjay Pin, a Hunger Games key chain and Mockingjay earrings. :) Yea, Hunger Games day I guess...

My party won't be tomorrow though--my dad has to work tomorrow and so we are having the party on Monday. But either way tomorrow is still my 18th birthday and I am really excited! :D I hope my mom makes biscuits for breakfast! Those are my favorite!

But anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys and let you know that I'm not dead. I know that my blogging has fallen behind...but I've really been working hard on my book so Just me has had to take a back seat. Speaking of the book I'm excited to mention that I'm on the all illusive draft THREE now! Getting close! The grammar and everything still has a LONG way to go--but I'm getting there. I've just started draft three and I'm already in the middle of chapter twelve! So exciting!

But anyway, my aunt and cousin are on their way here right now so I'd better log off! So I guess I'll see you later!

Your almost eighteen year old blogger,


Rissi said...

HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY, Rebecca! Enjoy "18."

Hope you have a fun shopping trip also! :-)

Jamie said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!! I just turned eighteen myself, so I know the EXCITEMENT! Have an awesome day. :)


Solace Utara said...

HAPPY (ALMOST) BIRTHDAY!!! :D I have six years or so to go before I turn eighteen, but I'm willing to wait! :) I don't get to do anything on my birthday... just go to school as usual :P Jealous! ;P
Oh and you got a mocking jay pin?! I wanted that so badly!

Alyianna said...

Happy late birthday!!! (I think I'm late, at least.) And congrats on getting to your third draft! I'm still trying to get through draft 1 and I still have a LONG way to go...

And I love Ikea...esp. the food there. ;) XD