Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Day Thus Far

As usual, I'm not much for posting personal notes anymore--at least, not on this blog. However, I felt like a little posting today, so here goes. 

I spent the better part of my weekend searching out agents in the Writer's Market and found quite a few eligible peeps. Just so you know, it's very hard to find and agent who will represent both YA and Science Fiction. Most want one or the other--not both. After scouring a seemingly endless list until my eyeballs wanted to fall out and roll under our sofa and enter into the vast sea of dust bunny land, I managed to cobble together a nice list that should hold me over for a while. I will still have to investigate these agents and see if they are the type of agent that I want. Of course, after I find a few I want to query I have to actually write a query according to their guidelines (which usually ends with me irritated and moody) and then actually send it in...and then I hyperventilate and pass out on my bed from absolute panic. But of course, the next day I am always fine and I end up doing the same routine over again. Although, just between us, my terrible procrastination is getting in the way. :(

But today I took a little break from both my diet, exercise regime and work to spend time with my lovely friend Jessie! However, both of us were incredibly tired. She had stayed up until twelve o'clock reading and I had stayed up watching TV. Normally, I am not a TV person...sorry just not...but that was until I found all of the old Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies on YouTube. 

Yes, I'm a nostalgia nerd. I told my brother about it (I was very excited) and he responded with an 'Oh Lord'. He knows what I'm like when I watch those movies...imagine crazed fan girl who just found out the Doctor's name mixed with a rabid   
flying squirrel. Oh's that bad! 

Any who, I stayed up until my eyes hurt from the awesomeness of Basil Rathbone and I fell asleep with the computer still one o'clock in the morning! Then, at three in the morning I was awakened by something falling in my room. At first I panicked, remembering that I had forgot to return my computer to the desk, but much to my relief I discovered my computer snoozing peacefully at my feet. So what had fallen? I turned on my light and scoured my room for twenty minutes (closet included); I couldn't find anything! So that meant the only possibility was that whatever had been rummaging around in my room was living...and that it had probably scurried somewhere safe when I turned on the light. Creeped out was an understatement. But I was so tired that I just crawled back into bed...and forgot to turn out the light! GAH! Four hours later I was tired, hungry and had a splitting headache. 

I proceeded with my morning regime of reading my Bible and then checking up on all of my social media outlets (trying to do better with this). Sadly, my Internet kept going out. Fortunately it's not my computer's problem. It's just the fragile state that our Internet has been in ever since we had a really bad thunder storm about a week ago. The problem flares up every now and again.

So after a while of trying to negotiate with it...I decided to let it rest. 
Spock was kind enough to deal with it for me while I got a shower.

Isn't this just an awesome  GIF? Friend of mine found it and shared it! Thanks a heap! :D 

At least Jessie was still coming out and I was very excited about that! But by the time she arrived we were both about ready to pass out, so we spent the day watching girly shows on the sofa. Life was good 

We also made pizza, and it turned out pretty good--a great feat considering the fact that I don't cook. Yes, you heard me. I can do the laundry, clean any part of the house, watch the kids, milk the goats, work in the garden, and have no fear of mowing the lawn--but cooking is awful. It's tedious for me and requires one to follow a strict set of rules. I don't do rules; therefore, I don't cook. 

But we made homemade pizza and didn't catch the house on fire or create a poisonous meal. So all in all we were good. Then we went back to the sofa and I broke my diet by eating a Weight Watcher's ice cream sandwich and drinking a Mountain Dew. Sometimes you need chemicals over calories. 

The rest of the day was spent in relaxation while I pondered the many agencies I now had at my pestering disposal. Just for the record: they really aren't kidding when they say that agencies all want different things! 0_0 

I also managed to email some more chapters to my test readers. So far, good reviews with very few mistakes on my part! :) I just hope an agent will feel the same way! To answer your question, yes I'm usually working on something--be it school, exercise or writing. Usually writing (except during the first and last part of a semester...then it's school). I'm a bit of a project and goal oriented person, despite my terrible procrastination. 

But in a nutshell that's been my day. Rather a long and rambling post about it yes--but I felt that I needed to write something or I'd explode. So here's the result of a brain over flow: A rambling, almost pointless post that's probably filled with writing and grammar mistakes! Oh well, small price to pay to let out some of the creative steam.

Just a reminder: The giveaway lasts until July 25th and the link to the post is on the sidebar! If you want to enter please leave a comment on that post! So happy to see so many entries! I can hardly wait to see who wins! :D 





Jamie said...

BASIL. RATHBONE. Oh my gosh, he was my very first crush, I was in love with him for so. long. His Sherlock is still a nostalgic favorite of mine. *Swoon*

Everything sounds like fun except for the hunting for agents and the splitting headache, lol. One word. PIZZA!!! :D

This was a fun post, I enjoyed reading it!


Rebecca said...

I love Basil as Sherlock! :D He is so amazing! :D *Swoon*. Sherlock was my first crush too! :D He just awesome! I'm glad you liked the post! I had a lot of fun writing it! :D :D

JT said...

That post was great. Unfortunately I believe smashing the comp violently would not be Spock's suggestion. He would tell the most logical idea would be to reroute the thingy-thing and set it to x power so you could create a weird power field which you then use to power another thingy which would fix the Internet. Boom. (sorry, mock-trekkie here...)
And the rest of the post was funny too!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, I'm so glad you thought the post was funny! :D True this! *Sigh* I need a Spock to fix my Internet because it has sucked out all of my logical reasoning! :D