Sunday, December 8, 2013

There are Even More Decorations, and It's Raining


As predicted, my family decorated for Christmas today. This has actually been the first 'free' day I've had since this week started. I will have at least three more really busy days before I get another quiet day, so I'd better enjoy this while it lasts. 

But today....okay....

Started out slowly because I slept in. That was my fault though, I stayed up until one thirty txting. 0_0 That is late by my standards. I'm a night owl, but not that much of one. And no, I will not tell you who I was txting. ;) And yes, I'm being coy. 

My mother's Christmas decorations are of a primitive style--very rustic and country which suits us perfectly, seeing how we live on a farm.  I really like them, and that's saying something because my mother and I have totally different tastes. I like a lot of shabby chic stuff, and she likes rustic/country style. Nothing wrong with either style--it's just we rarely agree on decorations, clothes, or accessories. 

We haven't gotten our tree yet, but I believe we will do that this coming Wednesday. :) I can hardly believe that Christmas is 17 days away! For me, this year has just flown by so fast! Especially this semester of college. A lot has happened, and while some of it wasn't pleasant, I have really enjoyed the learning process!  When I say 'learning' I don't just mean school. I've learned a lot about having a job, and dealing with sometimes difficult situations. I'm grateful God has put these experiences in my life, and that he has guided me and helped me learn from them. Now I'm excited to see what's coming in 2014. Again, still not used to 2013--am I the only person still writing 2012 on all of their papers?

After about an hour of work, we were done cleaning/decorating. Then I was left to retire to my room in peace. Seriously, I'm exhausted! I think that's just the staying up too late talking, because honestly I've done very little today. I went to the store, but that was a fairly quick trip. Maybe it's the weather, I mean look at how gloomy it is.

This is what we have been looking at all day. :( Very gloomy, there are actually supposed to be mountains over to the right! The mist has covered them up. All day rain (and the temperature) has been falling. Yuck, very gloomy.

But while I was out I did snag this cute little owl hat. I can never resist anything with an owl on it. :) I don't mean to keep posting pics of me, sorry. Selfies are very annoying--trust me I know--so after this I will limit them.

I am also perfecting my Christmas list. I had a previous draft of it, which I believe I posted a pic of, but now I'm working on narrowing it down to things I really want. Always start broad, then whittle it down to specifics. So far I'm looking at an iPod, and a bunch of stuff from Hot Topic. Not to mention books, I've got several of those that I really want. One of them is "The Fault in Our Stars" By John Greene. I know, I will cry my eyes out, but I want the book none the less. :) I'm already running very low on books now, so I definitely need to get some more!

What else, what else....hmmm, well tomorrow I have another final. 0_0 This is my second one, but it's supposed to be easy. Why? Well it's for Physical Fitness, and all I have to do is show up and do a few push-ups and sit ups. Easy right? Well, let's hope so. ;)

I'm going to miss some of the people I've met in my classes, which is different from last time. Last time I don't think I knew anyone in my classes, I mean I don't even think I spoke to many of them. I was so nervous and out of my element that I didn't really focus much on talking. This year I was more comfortable with classroom life, and with the load of work I was expected to carry--so I was a little more relaxed. That's something I didn't even really notice. Apparently, when I was nervous before, I seemed very hostile--even though all I really wanted was to just adjust and start talking to people. Because I was so scared and self conscious, I actually gave off a very angry, and hostile vibe. I seemed distant and probably a bit snobbish. Now that I'm more adjusted, I've noticed that I've made more friends and have become less nervous about talking to people I don't know. What I mean there is this: before I would NEVER start up a conversation with anyone I didn't know--which meant I didn't talk to anyone. Now, while still exercising caution, I talk more and can chat with my fellow classmates about a variety of subjects. This is a huge break through for me because I'm not very social. I'm shy...okay more like extremely shy, so chatting with anyone I'm not intimately acquainted with has always been a challenge. However, God has blessed me and now I feel a bit better about it. Still learning, but better than before!

That's basically my day in a a nutshell, I know very little to really talk about, but there it is. :) Tomorrow I'm going to take my final and then spend the afternoon hanging out with my lovely friends, Hannah, Jessie, and Clara. :) It's a great way to spend a day really.

Until next time little bloggers!


Stilwater said...

The Christmas season is always very fun...even if the weather sucks xP It's about 20 below where I live, and the roads are very icy, so it doesn't help that we have to do a lot of driving these next couple weeks O.O
Anyway I like reading about how your Christmas is going so far!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Stilwater! :D
Whoa! That is cold! Good luck with your driving! Icy roads aren't really a problem here, for which I am thankful. :)
Thanks, I'm glad you're liking the posts! :D