Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cutting off Caffeine at Christmas

It seems to me, that as a child, the Christmas season eeked by slowly--mainly because we were so desperate for our presents--but we were able to savor and enjoy it to its fullest. Now it just flies by, no time to sit back and relax.It's just part of growing up, and it's not a bad thing necessarily. I like to be busy. When I'm idle I'm miserable, though I will admit I like a good lazy day every now and again. 

But with the Christmas season flying by, I am constantly reminded that my new semester of college is coming at a pace! I'm taking four classes, like before, but one of them is a Biology class--and I'm very nervous about that. My first day of class is actually a lab, and while it will probably be choosing lab partners and discussing lab procedures--I'm still nervous. I've only dissected an earth how well will I manage with something as substantial as a frog or pig? Personally, I'm going to look for a boy in camo--if he hunts he will know how to field dress a deer and that can be very useful when it comes to dissecting things. I will label, make notes, and let him handle all of the gross stuff. Praying for a good lab partner! 

So, what did I do today? 

Today, after church, I went to my aunt's house to take her Christmas card photos--which was great! I love being able to take pictures for people, it helps them out and it's great practice for me.

Afterwards we went to my favorite antique store and I tested taking pictures of people up in the old warehouse. In a few days I hope to take some pictures of my friends up there; it'll be like having our own studio! Today was a great trial run because I needed to see what the lighting would do to an actual subject. Turns out, the natural lighting (of which I am not a fan) was perfect, the old style window provided a good filter. 

This is an angle for a shot I really want to try with my friend Clara. Problem is I was trying very hard not to actually sit on the chair because it's so old--and also not mine. 

When I came home I got to visit with my grandparents before wolfing down three eggs. I was starving.

With the busy Christmas season coming to it's peak--I have decided to wean myself off caffeine. I know, stellar time to pick, but I believe that I really should do this before the stress of the new school year begins--during which time I know I wouldn't limit my soda/coffee intake. Caffeine is really bad for your heart, adrenals, metabolism and so on--so I'm trying to limit it. However, limiting ones caffeine--limiting MY caffeine--is a dangerous occupation. Yesterday I was doing good, until my friend came over with soda. I was still good and refrained from having any...though it was a struggle not to knock her out with my tennis racket and steal it. Today, I did have caffeine--as I am shooting for one day clean and then the next with only limited indulgence. However, I did noticed the decrease. I had only a little soda, not even a full cup full, in the middle of the day--to sooth the with drawl headache. It didn't work. I still have a headache, but it got a little bit better. Tomorrow I will have to go without my precious caffeine, my strategy: Get more sleep and try not to morph into an over-sized Smeagol. 

Well, that's my two cents, so I'm off for a movie night with my family! I hope that your Christmas season is going well and that you have an awesome holiday! :D 

This is one of my favorite shots from my shoot with my aunt. Little Michael behaved perfectly! 

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