Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well, the Tree's Up

Look! My tree has two shadows! Vashta Nerada! RUN! No time to explain just run and jump in the phone box! 

Haha, random side note there. But yep, the tree is up now and my room has been mildly decorated. I'm not a really BIG decorator--I like my room the way it is, plain and simple.However, I can't be in the Christmas season without a few decorations around and a couple of my favorite carols on the radio. 

So, today, how are things going? Well, I manged to climb into the attic and get out again without becoming that character at the beginning of every Supernatural episode. :) Comforting and disappointing all at the same time--I mean, I really do want a Dean for Christmas--a Dean or a Castiel, both are good.

Also, it might not have been a good time to go in there for another reason. Last night I re-watched DW "Silence in the Library"....and considering the fact that our attic light currently doesn't work and there are millions of books in was probably not a wise decision on my part. But again, I made it out alive...will I never run into Dean or the Doctor? Seriously people.

But Christmas is starting to set in here. Yay! I'm already perfecting my Christmas list and getting the last of my shopping done. I believe next weekend I will wrap presents to put under my little tree. I always wait a while before doing that so the wrapping doesn't get messed up.

I've got most of my shopping done, but I still have to buy Clara her present. :) I really love shopping for my friends, it's so much fun! With most of my family they know exactly what they want--but with friends you can just go and try to find something you think they will like. We get to surprise each other! Last year, Hannah bought my a Hobbit calender that I completely freaked out over! Loved that present so much! This year I've gotten, her and Jessie presents I think they will really like! I know exactly what I'm getting Clara, I just have to find the time to pick it up! :)

This is my deranged nutcracker--he eats souls.

I am still thinking about doing that post about dating--maybe it would be interesting. I dunno, still thinking it over.

But yea, this post is going to be a little shorter than normal as I am tired from dodging death in the attic. So until my next death defying adventure--which shall surely come sometime soon.

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