Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Fun with Friends!

We all piled our feet on Hannah--she did not appreciate it. ;) But she was a good sport and didn't kill us for putting our wet, dirty shoes on her. That's what you get when you have long legs---you are used as a footrest! 

Well, from the title I'm pretty sure you can guess that I had friends over and we had an amazing time!

This was the first time our little group had been together in weeks--since everyone had been out of town for the holidays...and then were stricken with illness. But yesterday we got back together and had a series of adventures!

Mainly we just talked, that's usually what we do. We laugh and talk (very loudly) and basically just have a good time. We fangirl over our favorite shows (Hannah and I completely freaked out over Doctor Who) and listen to our favorite bands. We talk about life events and all sorts of crazy stuff. We're weird, crazy, random and very, VERY chatty!

First on the list was a golf cart ride--as always. 

It was a lot of fun, despite the rain. All day long there was a thick mist coming down and by the time we got back inside we were all pretty much soppy wet. I hate it when it rains like that, the mist soaks you and then you can't get dry or warm no matter what. But we had fun.  

I don't trust Jessie

See that look, that's the look I give Jessie when I know something crazy is about to happen--and it did. Right after this pic we took a turn too sharply and I was slammed into her. There was much screaming and laughing.

See, this picture is very poor quality and the colors are all messed up, but here we are. Yes, lovely aren't we?

Jessie, Hannah, and Clara. We were unable to get really good pictures due to the low lighting.

Jessie and me together after coming in from the rain. 

Jessie and I before we actually went out riding. It wasn't raining then--tricking us into thinking it was safe--but once we got out over the hill (the very back end of our property, here came the rain! Very sneaky, rain...sneaky. 

The back end of our property. 

After we got back inside we were all exhausted, and we retired to the sofa. We ate pizza, and watched Disney's Robin Hood. Yep, Disney night with the girls! Nothing better! Next time we want to watch Pocahontas so we can sing along. Love these girls!

This was, I believe, the best picture of the night. Haha, this is truly us! From left to right: Joanna (my sister), Jessie, Clara, Hannah, David (Hannah's brother) and, of course, that's me sitting on them. :) I love David's expression! Haha!

What else has happened since I talked to you last? Well, I finished all of my finals! Yes, I survived and (though I don't have my grades back yet) I believe I passed! I'm so happy! Today's final was history, and it marked the end of this semester.

It's been a real learning experience, and I'm glad I can say that I'm better off because of it--but I will miss it. I'm excited/nervous for the new Spring semester--and also the new year!

Each year I'm nervous about starting over--but I remind myself that God is with me and he has continued to bless me in unimaginable ways! I pray and trust that he will guide me through whatever challenges the new year brings and that he will bless me beyond my wildest dreams!

That's about all I can say right now--because I've got to take my sister to piano--so until next time!

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