Friday, December 6, 2013

Jessie is Back!

My lovely friend Jessie just came back from her trip to Peru and look what she bought me! 

This has been an inside joke since August. When we found out she was heading off to Peru, I told her (jokingly) to bring me back a llama. She thought it was funny, and afterwards we continued to joke about her smuggling a llama across the boarder for me. Of course, being a good law abiding citizen (darn those!) she didn't actually smuggle a llama across the boarder for me. She did, however, pick up this adorable little guy in a tourist stop! 

He's a key chain, but I hesitate to put him on my already crowded key ring because of the severe beating my keys tend to take. Seriously, though, I sound like a one woman marching band with my current keys! That ring is getting too full! 

But I am so very happy that my lovely friend Jessie has since returned from Peru--the Land of the Llamas! She has so many interesting stories and already she's dying to go back. She's in love with mission work now, and I'm so proud of her. Only fifteen and already traveling to different countries to spread God's word! Jessie, I am so very proud of you!

In case you are wondering, no she did not go with a youth group. She went with an all adult team to run a clinic outside of one of the cities. She worked with the children's ministries and loved it. I can believe that, she is very good with children and is such a bubbly, hardworking personality! Again, Jessie, so very proud of you!

Her birthday was also this past week (while she was gone) but when she got back I gave her a small present. Friendship bracelets--and no we are NOT too old for them! They are Partners in Crime Forever. Yea, I got them at Rue 21. The other part of her present is a trip to the movies--to see Catching Fire. I have actually already seen it with James--P.S. he will be reviewing it soon! Go check it out if you are curious!

I am so happy to see her again. I've been without my little co-conspirator for nearly three weeks! That's too  dang long people!
Not the best picture--but it captures us so perfectly! We are usually smiling and laughing, given, mainly over stupid stuff.

If you are wondering, Catching Fire was amazing! Very close to the book and absolutely beautiful! I think this adaption did a MUCH better job of making you grow attached to the characters. I mean, Mags was in there for only about thirty minutes, but her death had me in tears! Finnick's devotion to her was beyond touching, and her sacrifice was so sad to watch. Trust me, as an avid fan of the books, I knew what was coming, but actually seeing it was! Loved every minute of it!

Also, on another note, my beloved friend James turned nineteen this past week! Happy Birthday, old friend!

I can't believe I've known him for eleven years now! Time flies by so fast, doesn't it? I mean, one minute we were little eight year olds running around in his backyard on scooters with lightsabers and the next we are college students terrorizing the roads in our trucks.:) An awful lot has changed over the years, but thankfully our friendship has only grown stronger. 

James is a really great guy with a lot of talent and, most importantly, a good heart. He's always willing to help out a friend, no matter the task, and he inspires others to be themselves around him. He's not judgmental. He knows so much about his hobbies and in everything he does he tries to be well informed and open minded. He's such a great friend to have! Happy Birthday, James! :D 

I went to my job's Christmas party--which was awesome! Such amazing people! I absolutely love working there, and I really hope to work there again this summer! In the meantime I want to work as a mini teachers aid at a local school! ;D A volunteer basically, helping a teacher I know with her class of first graders. I have decided that I do still want to be a teacher, and I'm very excited about it!

I have finally begun listening to Christmas music--but it's mainly Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. When it comes to Christmas music--I cannot stand modern. Modern, for me, is torture--I like the old style songs. Nothing else will due or make it feel like Christmas!

I have still to decorate, due to the fact that everyday this week I have been busy. :) But, I will finally drag out the tree Sunday! Wish me luck and that I don't get bitten by a spider---or find a ghost in the attic. Seriously, Supernatural has ruined attics for me. However, should there be a spook in the attic then I will finally get the Dean Winchester I've been asking for. Merry Christmas to me! Haha, just kidding.

Anything else? Hmmm, well I've been making new friends at school--weird how that happens at the end of the semester huh? One of them is really sweet, we will just call him Raggedy Boy. Don't ask, but yea DW reference. I give almost everyone weird nicknames--that's just me. ;) If your going to be close friends with me, just understand that I may give you a very weird nickname as a term of affection. My mom has one, my brother has one, my sister has one, my cousin Michael has one, Hannah has one, and I'm sure all my boyfriends will have their own titles. Trust me--my family already gives them nicknames, I might as well have one I like.

I had my first final of the season today--science--and I think I did well! :D

I'm still writing and taking pictures! Lots of work there of course. I'm perfecting my skills as best I can--and hopefully later this week you will get to see some evidence of it. As a reward for surviving finals I will be heading over to a favorite antique store to snap some photos of an old warehouse they aren't using. I'm very excited about it, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get some really good shots! Wish me luck!

Selfies! :D

I also got some awards at the Christmas party. Some of the employees that do good jobs get rewards there, and I got two tickets to Stone Mountain Park here in GA! 0_0 Those are REALLY expensive, so I was thrilled. However, now I'm unsure what to do with them. I mean, I can't go out there with one of my friends who are girls because--you know--not safe. My dad doesn't really hike, and I can't go with my brother. So I'm at a loss. I may give them to one of my really athletic family members--or I may go with someone I know. I mean...he has to ask first and all, on a date I mean, and then if we hit it off maybe we could go together. I don't ask guys out, period. I just don't do it.

I also got a 25 dollar gift card for perfect attendance. Not much, but hey, cushions the Christmas budget. :)

Well, I've got to go to sleep now! So until next time little bloggers


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Wow, we have been friends for eleven years! :D Hard to believe isn't it?

I really like your black and white pictures at the bottom. I think you have posted them before, but I love the big one in the middle. Your expression reminds me of something Jenifer Lawrence would do! :)


Rebecca said...

Hi, James!

Yep, friends for eleven years! Very hard to believe! And hopefully we'll be friends for eleven more! :D
Haha, that's a high compliment! Haha! I love watching her and Josh Hutcherson do interviews together...they are so hilarious! :D