Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Very Late Thanksgiving

Update post, and side note: I will not entitle this post 'Thanksgiving with the Fam'--UGH, sorry, that phrase annoys me to no end now. 

Well, today was my family's very belated Thanksgiving. :) We were late due to illness and other family obligations, but as of tonight we were able to have a delicious meal and officially begin the Christmas season. 


Yea, not looking forward to decorating. A giant tree, in my room! :( No regular music for a month and very cold, rainy weather. No, I'm not a winter person. I love fall, and with all the beautiful colors gone I'm left with dreary, foggy, rainy fields and gloomy woods. Of course I shall continue to venture into them, but I will miss the explosion of color. 

Of course, there are still sweaters, cider, fire, and cuddly cats--so maybe winter isn't completely evil. Maybe, I'm still watching him carefully. 

Back to dinner, we had my aunt, uncle, cousin Michael and a good family friend, Mr. Don, over for dinner and there was so much food! 0_0 I was good, I didn't over eat, mainly because with the extreme weight loss of the past few months--I have been able to eat nearly as much as I used to. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. My jeans are falling off and I've lost up to 25 pounds, probably more by now. It's ridiculous really. 

Of course, by the time the Christmas season ends I will be complaining because I've gained too much weight. Haha, yea--then I'll lose it all again once school starts back. Freshmen 15? I lost 25 people--what's happening to me?! Don't believe that'll lose weight in college, and it's all thanks to a little miracle called stress. Yep, lovely stress. What would I do without you? 
Probably sleep, yea...sleep sounds nice. 

My sister enjoying her Thanksgiving with her Cousin Michael at the kiddie table. We gave the little people plastic cups because we have yet to trust them with glass. They didn't mind, they were too busy making greedy eyes at the pies. 

Ready for dinner. It's not really fancy, but what matters most is the people. We have a tiny family now, but it's a family.

My newest outfit. Not much for fashion, as you know--so don't remind me that this isn't really fashionable--but hey, it was fall colors so I decided to wear it. 

Mah turkey! I like this little fellow. He's not nearly as annoying as his twin brother, other turkey and I are on the outs. 

But now it's time for Christmas, and that should prove interesting! :) I already have started my list.

Yes, I still have a Christmas list. My parents will still give my presents and so will my extended family. Some people don't do this once they get to a certain age--but for me this is how it works. Most of my stuff is from Hot Topic, which is my new favorite store by the way, and of course I want an iPod touch! Probably four, but I could get five...dunno. 

That's all for this update post! Hope you all are ready for the Christmas season and a few Christmas themed posts. :) I'll see you next post!


JT said...

Why does the tree go in your room? I'd never believe the main room was really that small...

Rebecca said...

Oh there is a tree that goes in the living room (The big tree) and then there are trees that go in my brother's room and in my room. Last year I used my Mockingjay pin as a star. ;)