Thursday, December 12, 2013

Warehouse Pictures

Today I finally got to go down to a local business (the antique store I love so much) and take pictures in their warehouse. I was really excited about it! I had been wanting to take some pictures in an old building--and this place was perfect! It was a factory back in the 1950's, so the architecture is really interesting. 

There were a lot of really interesting things stored there, so I was happy that I had some props to use.

This tag on an piece of luggage was interesting. 

This was the big window up in the attic. I love the vintage feel and the cool lighting it gave me! I was worried with the attic not having any overheads, my camera wouldn't pick anything up. 

I love this picture so much!

The colors were interesting too. Several walls were painted lime green, with all the pipes painted purple. 

There were also a lot of chairs.

See, it was really packed with chairs. I had to be careful not to back up over one and trip while taking the pictures. 

But, as much as I loved the warehouse, it was a little creepy. So just in case you thought you were going to get some sleep tonight--here come the nightmare. 

The door up to the attic was a little foreboding. 

And inside....

This is the first thing you see when you come in, it's right beside the door. Note all of the flower baskets around him, probably offerings to keep him from going on a killing spree and devouring small children. 

There was this headless wonder...yea, not sure exactly where he came from or where his head is. Maybe it's in the flower pot right there. 

But worst of all---was the side room. There are two rooms in the attic, and in there is...this:

The mannequin of death. When you go in, she's just standing there--with the dissected bodies of her brethren scattered about her. She is, I believe, the scariest thing in the warehouse. 

There are dozens of pieces of other mannequins lying around there, I'm not sure where they came from but hey, there they are.

Yea, the mannequin is a little beyond creepy. 

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Shaak Ti said...

It was really cool and artistic, and then it turned into a creepy mystery set XD

Beautiful pictures!