Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hot Topic Picks

Well, as I may have mentioned I found a new way to blow my money. Hot Topic, for those of you who were like me and didn't know of its awesomeness, is a clothing/fandom store that has some absolutely amazing stuff! Over this past weekend they had a big sale, and I was able to score some Tees for 5 dollars a piece. Not bad for normally 20 something shirts! :) I got two, a Castiel shirt (as seen above) and a Daryl Dixon shirt (below)

I really love the Cass shirt because it fits really well and is very comfortable. The pic doesn't show it, but the shirt actually has wings on the back! :) It is, I believe, my favorite. 

Of course I adore this shirt as well! I saw it and immediately knew I had to have it! I mean, how much more perfect could it get? 

The shirts are very comfy and fun to wear, and I'm looking forward to getting to show them off!

Then of course I got a Union Jack wristband! Anything Union Jack is for me, hints my room decorations and converse. :) I got this for about five I think...maybe less. Oh well, all the same it is awesome!

I also found something really awesome for my friend Hannah! I think she is going to flip when she sees it, or at least I hope she does. Freak out and be happy, Hannah! I worked hard to find this present and I think you will absolutely adore it!

But that was a big 'happy' for me! I was worried that the order didn't go through and that I would lose the stuff I wanted. :( The site was really over loaded that day (obviously) and it kept saying out order wasn't going through. I'm so relieved that everything arrived safely and fit so perfectly! :D I will definitely be blowing some more money at Hot Topic very soon! Besides, Christmas is coming up and I'm already cruising for some new Tees! I'm thinking Loki this go around--what do you think?

Well, time for the rambling. What all have I been up to today? Well, this week is the last week of school for me, and while this semester has been absolutely amazing and a very good learning experience, I am happy that it is over. Of course, in a few weeks I will miss my school and friends and will be excited to return there. I'm hoping that this coming semester will be even better than this one! :D

There have been goods and bads in this semester, and I was worried that today would be bad. It's been a rough few weeks and so I was concerned that today would end badly. However, after praying that today would at least be good, God blessed me abundantly.

I got to hang out with a really nice girl from my history class (fandom friend!) and I met some of her friends who were really nice! I love it when I meet new people who are pleasant to be around! When you meet really nice people who have so many interesting hobbies and goals in life it's always a good day!

I also got to talk to some really awesome people from my other classes that I hadn't really gotten to speak to very much over the semester! :) I'm sad that classes are coming to a close, but several of them are wanting to keep in touch so that's really nice! :D

Then of course my Hot Topic stuff came in today! Yay! That was my end of the semester reward. I survived and I made good grades! Praise the Lord!

I also found out that two of my finals are going to be REALLY easy! I mean, one of them (English) is just writing a paper over this week and then coming in and just handing it to the teacher. I've already written the paper...so I'm good. :) Praise the Lord there again!

Then Madison, a girl in my English class, offered to give me a ride to my truck after it started raining. It was really sweet of her and she's such a sweet and positive person to be around! :)

I'm just blown away by how much he has blessed me today! All I really wanted was a good day, just a day that wasn't going to be sad--and he gave me so much more than that. I am really very grateful to him, he has given me more than I could have possibly asked for. He has eased the pain and and given us a light.

We are still waiting to hear more about the adoption, but there may be hope. We are still praying, and not giving up on Katie!

Hobbes has still yet to return, but I am still praying. My parents have agreed that if he doesn't come back, I can get a kitten at the end of December. I believe I will either name it Crowley, Crookshanks, or Pabu...still not sure. Yes, all references....going very nerdy now.

There is still a long road, but we are moving forward. :)

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Jamie said...

I LOVE HOT TOPIC. I literally just received my Black Friday order from them this afternoon. They have the coolest shirts.

BTW that Daryl shirt is spectacular!! I've been wanting a Daryl shirt since finding the show and falling for the character but I've just not gotten one yet.