Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Sound of Keyboard Tapping, Signifying Something...

"I love fatigue!" Said no one ever.

Well hello once again this is your writing blogger--or at least what's left of her. Yea, I've been battling fatigue for the past week and it sucks. It really sucks for my family though because they have to deal with a tired, short fused me. Sorry guys! :(

Anyway, as usual, I've been writing again! Yep, this is gonna be one of those semi short writing updates that I post ever so often.

Writing has been going fairly well over the past several days. I haven't had too much writing time though because I've had other stuff going on--plus the stupid fatigue thing. :( Do you know what it's like to go through the whole day feeling like blugh! Yea, NOT FUN!!!!!

Anyway, today I've been writing/outlining chapters. I outline my chapters sometimes because it makes for smoother writing and it helps me keep up with how the story is going to flow.
So far I've outlined up to chapter forty seven (I've wrote to thirty nine) and I'm not even in Part Three yet! :D

The book is coming along great but still no where near publish ready! After I finish this draft I'll let my mom test read it (she sometimes test reads my stuff) so she can give me an opinion about the characters and stuff! She's a painfully honest person usually, so that makes her a pretty good choice because she doesn't believe in sugar coating something just because you're her kid.

So much has happened in the book and I've added a few new events to spice some of the duller parts up a bit! :)

Overall draft two is one hundred percent better than draft one! Though I have carried over a few chapters here and there out of draft one that I loved too much to leave behind! :D

But that's about it for now. I'll chat with you later and give you some more updates--such as the movie that me, my brother and our mutual friends James and Jacob are going to see! :D I'll give you a hint: it's the most anticipated movie since the Avengers and the hero is dressed in all black. Any guesses?

Well, I'm off to do some more writing/outlining so wish me luck and energy (seriously, this fatigue is getting OLD!!)

Your tired yet busy blogger,

P.S. I'll be posting pictures from a swimming trip we took soon! Yep, finally we got to go swimming! So stay tuned for a watery post!



Jamie said...

*gasps* You saw The Dark Knight Rises????? I just saw Batman Begins and The Dark Knight this past Friday and Saturday; I can't wait to see the new one!

I'm glad you books are coming along great; it's great your mom can test read for you. I have a friend who does that for me too, and vice versa. I hope you start feeling better soon, as well. It sucks to be always low on energy! :)


Solace Utara said...

yesterday I ran about seven kilometers, and boy I was beaten. I get what you mean :)
Ohh my mom always say this is good and stuff I need a painfully honest person who isn't afraid to tell me my book sucks! :)

James and Jacob said...

Glad the writing is coming along well. :)
Can't wait to see The Dark Knight Rises! :D