Friday, July 20, 2012

And for ONCE it WASN'T on Pinterest!

Hello blogging peoples!!

I'm SO excited I could BURST!! What about? Well....let's just say it's about the brand new piece of vintage shabby chic furniture that's NOW sitting in MY ROOM!! :D

Yes, for ONCE a piece of cute shabby chic furniture is actually in my room and not on my Pinterest board!!

What piece of furniture is it? Take a look!!


Okay, calming down now! LOL!

But look! Isn't it lovely! (Please excuse a very sweaty grungy me in the mirror) I can hardly believe that it's now in my room! I just love it!!

I got a really good deal on it too!

We went to an antique market in town for a friend of our's birthday trip. When we got there I saw a bunch of interesting things...but none that I wanted to buy. I had walked to the back of the store when suddenly I saw it. The most beautiful shabby chic vanity I'd ever seen!!!!
t was being sold for 279 dollars! Yea, woof is right! Well, I taked to the woman running the store and she said that it could be knocked down to 200 flat. Which is a moderate comedown yes...but still TOO pricy for me. Yet, I still walked away with it. How? Well, my mother and father (who usually spend about 50 bucks on my b-day present from them) paid 50 dollars into it and bam! I got it for a tidy little 150 dollars! YAY!! Granted that's still up there but fortunately I had saved that amount from my job earning and I was able to afford it and have money left over!! Note: the rest of that money has to go in the bank....lest I spend it all!

But yep, my dad drove over to the market and picked it up and now it's sitting in my room where my old dresser used to sit!

Here's a pic of some of my Bath and Body Works products on my brand new vanity! :D

This is an old photo I bought at the store because I thought that an old photo on the vanity would complete the shabby chic look! :D

My jewelry side of my new vanity with a statue my late grandmother gave me.

Here's another pic! Isn't it pretty!

Here's a close up of the aged and distressed wood! :D I just LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE the aged and distressed look.

Well? What do you think? Isn't it cool! I can't believe I found it and bought it! :D I've been absolutely in LOVE with it!!

And now it's time for me to go and milk goats. Sorry I can't finish this post right...but I've got to milk so I can do my new workout (Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30) and get my shower before my mom and I get to work on peaches!

So until later!

Your very happy blogger,


James and Jacob said...

It looks great. :)


Jamie said...

asdjfkaljfsklajsf is the perfect way to describe that; it is SO. CUTE! ohmygosh, it is SO. CUTE! And don't you just love it when you can get something cheaper than it originally was?! :D


Leigh said...


Rebecca said...

Hi guys!

I'm glad you guys like it! :D I'm totally in lurve with it! I can't wait until I get to go back to the store and look for some new stuff! Hopefully I'll get some more awesome stuff! :D And someday I'll take this piece with me to my future home! :D