Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writing Other Words...HELP!!! 0_0

Ok, I'm cutting right to the point on this one. How the you-know-what do you right ROMANCE!!! I mean, I know that once you get past the awkward first meeting and stuff it's relatively straight forward. My problem is I can't get past that awkward first meeting. It may have to do with the fact that this awkward first meeting is a little more like enemy meets enemy.

Yes, I'm talking about my summer novel here. You see, the main character (Johanna) must somehow in kingdom come fall in love with a man who is supposed to be her arch enemy (Alan). Alan is actually a good guy (yea, it's sort of a spy story), but Johanna does know that. And while Johanna isn't really the type to fall madly in love with someone...she does fall pretty hard for him. But this is where I come into trouble.

How does she fall in love with him?!

I mean, sure he's a nice guy and all but is a normal person likely to fall for one of their sworn enemies? No! So how do I make this work? I like the angle of this romance....I just don't know how to write it.

Johanna is a hard core person--so is Alan. So they have qualities that are well as qualities that are TOTALLY different.

So how could she fall for him? She has to eventually in the story--and since I'm now in part two (where she becomes a little closer to him) I really need some help.

I'm using Benedict Cumberbach,

And Tom Hiddleston as my inspiration for Alan

I'm keeping Johanna identifiable with. Meaning that I'm not really giving her much physical description so the readers can place themselves in her shoes! A lot of first person narrative writers do this. Brings the reader in more I guess.

So girls put yourselves in Johanna's shoes! You're not supposed to love Alan--in fact the idea barely crosses your mind. What could he do to change your mind? To make you see him in a totally new light? 

I don't read much (if any) romance novels. I probably should have. But when it comes to flirting and falling in love I'm a totally amateur. And when you add the extra starting hatred between the two of just gets sticky!

So that's why I'm asking for help. There's really nobody I can ask about this--and I'm not sure if they write a book on this or not. Either way, I just want to figure out how Alan can win Johanna's heart!

That's why I was wondering if any of my blogging friends could help me! If you have ANY ideas about how Alan could win the ever serious and hurt Johanna over--PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, SHARE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care what your idea is! If you have one--even if it's Johanna is nearly eaten by a giant purple people eater and Alan saves her I DON'T CARE!! I am totally blank and I need help!!

Any suggestions or tips right now would be great!!

Well, it's nearly supper time so I'd better go down stairs. Give my now completely Alan+Johanna brain a much needed rest! So I'll see you later and thanks SO much for letting me pick your brains!

Your 'not a very good romance writer' blogger,



Jamie said...

I've not read much romance either, but I hope I could help in some way.

Lemme think...

One way is to somehow make him appear sympathetic to her. If they have ANYTHING in common at all, either in pricipal or opinion, maybe he could be verbally attacked by someone and if she shares the same oppinion, she might jump to his side, they all have an arguement, and somehow he's put in a sympathetic light to her...... I don't even know if that could possibly work, but I'm going to just throw everything out here.

They could also have some link in their past that might draw them together. They both suffered something horrifying when they were young and somehow it comes out and she finds she can relate to him and realizes he understands how bad she hurts over things too.... blaw, I'm not good at this sort of thing either.

If I think of anything else, I'll come back and share it. Hope I've managed to help... somehow. :D


Rebecca said...

Thanks SO much, Jamie!! I love both of those ideas!!!! It such a HUGE help to have some fresh input into the story!! My brain is TOTALLY dead from a whole week of trying to figure Alan and Johanna's realtionship out!! Thank you SO much for these great ideas!! I really like the one about them sharing a tragic past event! I've got just the event for them!!! :D

Thank you SO much!! This really helps! :D

Solace Utara said...

I never fell in love except with a fictional character... but here goes. You can just edit it and stuff to make it yours. Like Jamie said, but a link in their past. In my story, I'm forcing them to go through hell together, and from what I read in many books going through a fight together really helps you bond. How bout this.
It was really awkward. I mean, I knew him for awhile. He doesn't side with us, so he'll get what he deserves.
But what is that nagging feeling I have? I resisted the urge to touch him. That was when it dawned on me.
I like him. This is bad.
I withdrew, hoping that I could get over it soon. But somehow my eye met his. Does he see it? If he does, is he feeling the same thing?
No. I can't do this. I got up and walked out as fast as I can.

Okay, something like that. Hope I helped. I wanna read your story! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Solace!

That really helps!! :D I've been trying SO hard to figure out how to structure Johanna's feelings towards Alan, and this really helps! :D Thanks so much!

I'm really glad I have people who want to read my book! It's inspiring to know that some time (hopefully this fall) when I self publish my book that I'll have people who will want to read it! :D

Thanks so much for the help you guys!! You both are awesome!! :D