Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black and White History Photography

 Hello blogging peoples and Happy Forth of July!! :D Yes, once again it's that wonderful red--white-- and--blue day when we celebrate our heritage and the birth of our nation! But I'll have a whole Forth of July post a little later. Right now I'm going to post some of the pictures I got at the old Bank in the Mini Mayberry! :D

As you know Jessie, Mrs. Gaskill and I went out on a photo shoot this past Tuesday. And one of the places we stopped at was an old abandoned bank in a very old and small town. I managed to snag a few pictures off the cuff before Jessie and Mrs. Gaskill and I went off to our next location! :D

This bank was built in the 1800s (aka around Georgia's famous outlaw--Doc. Holiday's time!) It was first used as a bank until it was converted into a small store. After that it briefly served as a school and then was finally closed. It's a monument f history and is an absolute work of art on the inside! :D

Here we are! I love how the vines form a sort of garland around the edges of the window! :D So pretty! :D

The outside of the building. It was so beautiful sculpted! :D
 The old safe in the middle of the bank. I thought it made an interesting picture!
 This is just a shot that I liked. The brick/plaster covered wall covered in vines and then right in the middle of it--this window looking out into the woods!

The abandoned jail house out behind either the court house or the sheriffs office--it was impossible to tell.

The bank once again. Look at the patterns on the floor! It must have been so beautiful brand new!

 The walls of the bank! I just LOVE this picture!! So much character in it!

Art work near the doorway. It's the little things like this that show the level of detail that was once put into this building!

It's so amazing that we actually went inside that building and got to see some of the small town's history! I mean, who knew back then that someday that people would be coming into the remains of the bank and taking hundreds of pictures with a type of camera that hadn't even been imagined yet!

It's history! I love it! :D

Well, I've got to go and get ready for our Forth of July dinner! :D I'll post back at you later today for Just me's official Forth of July post! :D

Your busy and Manhunters Fugitive Task Force watching blogger,


P.S. Manhunters Fugitive Task Force is the show I've been watching while I've been posting at you! :D



Cad Bane[slash]Stilwater said...

Wonderful photography, and happy fourth!

James and Jacob said...

Happy (late) Indepence Day! :D The pictures turned out well.


Alyianna said...

I love the pics!

By the way, I awarded you over at my blog, Scribbles.