Friday, July 6, 2012

First Draft of Book One DONE!!

Well, you heard it here first!! Draft one of my book is done and I'm already knee deep in draft two! I'm so excited! :D I'm really happy that I'm already on draft two and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

This one I'm not speed writing so much. And also it's going to have a much more refined plot! :D Johanna's (the main) relationship to another character was the main reason the change happened. I'm not a romance writer--and so when I got to the romantic part of my book I realized Johanna and Alan had NO basis for a romance!

DUN DUN DUN music was playing in my head and I took a few days off to try and figure it all out. Fortunately, on day two or three, I had my epiphany. I changed the plot structure a good little bit, and made Johanna and Alan a bit closer from the on set. That helped a LOT! Alan has a much MUCH more refined role in the story other than Johanna's love interest. Now he's got a bit more of his own part in the story. Johanna is still the lead, but Alan has a bigger part now!

But yea, I just wanted to let you know that draft one is done and draft two of book one has been started! :D

I've already wrote from chapter one to chapter four (twenty four pages) in ONE DAY!! And that's NOT speeding writing! :D Either way, I'm so happy!

But I've got to run now (get back to my writing!) So I guess I'll post at you later! :D

Your ever busy blogger,


Jamie said...

Yay about the first draft done! I always get so excited when I finish a first draft! It feels so good, like you've really accomplished something big! :) Keep working on it!


Alyianna said...

Wow I have not ever gotten a first draft of a book done...unless you count the short story I just finished and decided to scrap because it was garbage. But it was still a BIG milestone.

Would you be interested in sharing your book? :)

Solace Utara said...

I'm glad to hear that :) I'm still on my first draft- chapter five :P Like Alyianna said, would you be interested? I'd love to read it! :)

James and Jacob said...

Wow you are doing great, Congrats Rebecca! :D Also there is an award on my blog for you. :)


Rebecca said...

Hey Jamie!

Thanks! Me too! I am always SO thrilled when I get to a milestone in book! I'm already knee deep in draft two and I am loving every minute of it! :D

Hi Alyianna!

Thanks so much! I've only gotten a few first drafts through myself. I alwasys decide that about halfway through I didn't like the story. Part of being a writer I guess!

I don't know if I'll share the book just yet. The first draft is pretty rough. But maybe when it's a little bit smoother!

Hi Solace Utara!

Thanks! My rough draft is--well sorta rough right now. But maybe some time later when it's a little smoother I'll post a snipit of it! I plan to self publish so maybe sometime next spring or this winter the book will be out! :D

Hey James and Jacob!

Thanks so much for the congrats guys! And thank you for the awards! It was so sweet of you to think of me! :D

But thanks SO much to everyone for the congratulaions! It means so much to me that I have such awesome people to share good news with! :D Thanks so much! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Solace Utara said...

You're very welcome! :) I hope I can publish my book about the same time as you too :D Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!