Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black and White Photography

Well, now I'm on the black and white photography kick. Photography has been on my brain lately because not only was I really happy with how the red lipstick photos turned out--but also my friend Jessie and I are going off to a photoshoot with Mrs. Gaskill tomorrow! :D I'm really REALLY excited! So far the plan is to meet at my church at 10:00 AM and spend the day with Mrs. Gaskill taking pictures and going to all these awesome photoshoot places! We're just praying that the weather cools off a little because it's SO FREAKING HOT I'm a little worried about melting! LOL! But hopefully it will and everything will be completely and totally AWESOME!!!! I just LOVE going on photoshoots with Mrs. Gaskill and getting to go with my awesome friend Jessie is even better!! :D EEEEEEEE!!!

Well anyway, I took some more black and white photos--like the one above ^. I hope you like them! I'm really happy with how they turned out! :D

Some of my recently purchaced books. :D Except for the Hunger Games....I've had that one for a WHILE!

I borrowed my little sister's Angry Bird. I've never played Angry Birds...but I thought this made a cute pic.

These are just some wall hangings I have in my room. I thought they made an interesting pic! :D

And that's about it. I hope you liked the pics and stay tuned for the photo trip post!!

Your ever excited blogger,


James and Jacob said...

I hope the Photoshoot goes well, it has been freaking hot outside the last days.
About borrowing The Hobbit, I am not going to read it until after I watch the movie but thanks for the offer though. ;)


Rebecca said...

Thanks! The photoshoot went really well! Thank heavens it cooled off a little yesterday! But yea it has been really REALLY hot!!
No prob! I can't wait until the hobbit comes out--or until the new trailer comes out!! It's going to be amazing!! :D