Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos by Mrs. Gaskill!

Well, I'm back from the photoshoot with Mrs. Gaskill and Jessie! :D First off let me say that it was SO much fun!! I love going places with my amazing friends! Mrs. Gaskill took some beautiful photos, and here are a few to share with you! Note: THESE ALL BELONG TO MRS. GASKILL SO DON'T STEAL!!

The day itself was wonderful! First we wanted to ride to a place called Orchard Hill, but unfortunately the property we wanted to go on was private and therefore taking pictures there was impossible. :( But then Mrs. Gaskill took us to a beautiful garden in Griffin where we took tons of photos!! :D

The garden was absolutely beautiful! So many lovely flowers and parks! Mrs. Gaskill really knows amazing places to take photos! :D

After several lovely hours in the garden we went to eat a Chic-Fil-La and had a delicious lunch! :D Then it was off again to take some more amazing photos! :D The next place we went to was an old abandoned bank that was built in the 1800s! It was an amazing place! I took a ton of photos of it and I plan to post them after this post! :D

We stayed at the bank and the small town for an hour or so and then we headed back home--but not before stopping by the best ice cream place in town--Dairy Queen! :D Jessie snagged a mint Oreo blizzard (just the mention of it makes my stomach growl) and I snagged a vanilla waffle cone! :D It was SOOOOOOO good! :D

And then after that it was sadly time to go home. :( But I look forward to going off with Mrs. Johnnie again sometime soon! :D

Now it's time for the pictures! Mrs. Johnnie took a ton of really REALLY amazing photos and I just loe them! :D

My mom and I love this one! There were ants all over those flowers! Fortunetely they didn't bite!

Jessie and I kidding around! :D I really love this one of us!

 The garden in this courtyard was SO beautiful! :D It was one of my favorites!

 I love this photos! This little creek was full of tiny fish that would swim right up to your hand!

Another great photo of Jessie and I. This is the best one Mrs. Johnnie got of the two of us.

In the abandoned bank! I'm actually sitting on the old money safe!! :D

 The walls in the bank were beautiful! They had so much character to them--with the vines, brick and plaster!

This was in a little building in the garden. :D The building was SOOO cute and it looked just like something out of a dream--or something off of Pinterest! :D It was covered in vines and surrounded by blooming roses and other amazing plants! :D Surrounding trees provided a thick canopy that made it seem so surreal! :D

At the back of the old bank! Look at the floor behind me! It had beautiful tile work! :D

In front of the old sheriffs office in the old town! I guess it was a mini Mayberry! :D

The trip was amazing and I had SO much fun hanging out with my wonderful friends! I hope that we can go on another trip really soon! :D

Your busy blogger who has to get off the computer due to a thunder storm,



Rissi said...

Nice pictures, Rebecca! They all turned out well. :-)

Alyianna said...

WOW! They are really good! They also look good for a book I'm writing. Do you think Mrs. Gaskill would ever consider sharing these if I decide that I can't live without these pics? :P

Rebecca said...

Hi Rissi! :D

Thanks! I'm glad you like the pictures! Mrs. Gaskill is such an amazing photography! :D

Hey Alyianna,

I'm glad you like the pics! :D The photos belong to Mrs. Gaskill, but if you email me at rwritergirl@gmail.com I'll put you in touch with her and you can ask her. :D

James and Jacob said...

The pictures turned out good. :) The 10th one is my favorite.