Monday, October 28, 2013

Working Life

My sister, Jo Jo  came as an Egyptian princess. This isn't the costume she's actually wearing for Halloween though. She's going as an angel this year. Yes...I'm still fighting the urge to dress up like Castiel and follow her around. 

As I've previously stated in a few of my posts, I've started working at a local field trip destination here in Georgia. Since I'm not into revealing the real life names of people and places--for now I shall refer to it as the 

Anyway, this past Saturday they had a Halloween event for the kids. With a day full of pumpkin carving/painting, costume contests, hay rides, and plenty of trick or treating--the day was going to be busy for us workers and fun for the visitors. 

I myself, for the first time yet, was scheduled for two shifts. Usually I work one really long one and then get off and go home. This time, however, I actually had a three hour break. 0_0 I wasn't really sure what to do with this, seeing how it takes me twenty minutes to get home and twenty to get back. Also, once I got home I would be unable to change out of my work clothes, or even enjoy an episode of The Walking Dead before I'd have to scurry back to work. It was hardly worth the gas money...actually, to be fair, very few things are worth the gas money now-a-days. I digress, but on with the story.

My first shift involved working a company picnic, which is my usual line of work. I help to prepare the area, keep things neat and clean, and assist anyone who needs help. It's a very pleasant line of work really, you get to meet a lot of interesting people and I've only had to deal with one rude family out of the lot. It's also very demanding, just picture managing a giant meal with people flying in by the dozens. As soon as you put something out it's gone and you need to replace it. However, I'm working with real professionals who know exactly how everything needs to be done, so I pay attention to them and do exactly what they tell me. ;) It could also be compared to managing a giant party, and at times it can be a lot of fun. 

But after the picnic was over and cleaned up, I was left with a staggering three hour break. I didn't really want to drive home, and there was no other work to be done, so I was at a loss of what to do (I'd already grabbed myself a quick lunch). However, it just so happened that my aunt, cousin, mother, and sister were coming to the Halloween event and they asked if I wanted to walk around with them. It was perfect. I had three hours to kill and they were unfamiliar with the territory. :)

First thing we did was go through the corn maze...which turned out to be less than satisfactory because we got lost. My aunt eventually high tailed it back through the entrance. :)

On a tour with Doctor Allan Grant--this can't end well. 

Yea, watch out for those velociraptors! 

After the corn maze I took the kids by the petting zoo. Their favorite animal was the donkey! Goats and cows were old news, but a donkey? That was special. :)

Someone I know has a miniature donkey--he says it's sweet unless you stop petting it. :)

The kids and I not long before I went back to work. Michael is distracted. :)

Michael came as Doctor Allan Grant from Jurassic Park. He was very proud of his costume. 

Me, my sister, and my cousin getting ready to go up. 

We also went zip-lining. I'd never been before--unless you count the one that was in a friend's backyard. Fond memories there--it took me ten minutes to be coaxed up the 20 foot ladder just so I could fall off mid zip. Needless to say, it took a few years for my fear of high strung ropes to subside. This time the zip-line was 60 foot--and I was harnessed in this time. 

Yep, I took my little sister up there too. She was really excited about it too. 

That's my aunt, she was the one who convinced me to try the zip-line in the first place. 

Well, as much fun as it was hanging out with my family, it was time for me to go back to work. In my next shift I was going to be handing out candy for the trick-or-treat event. This was, I believe, the most fun I've ever had on the job. There were so many precious little kids coming through! There was even a two year old dressed up in a fuzzy monkey costume! He was my absolute favorite! :D

Yes, I had to wear a costume all day, I didn't put much thought into it. I was a cowgirl and that was that. Note: This is the costume I used for TUAC last year; it was made by the ever lovely and talented Mrs. Rita!

The trick-or-treating went smoothly, and I really enjoyed myself. At the end of the day though, when I got home, I collapsed into bed and fell asleep and didn't get up until ten the next morning! 0_0 Oh well, it was a great day and I'm very grateful that I have a job I love so much!

But for now it's time for me to go. Excuse any errors in my spelling/grammar and so on...I'm really busy today. I'm just glad I'm posting at all! Also, before I leave, I have to drop a little hint again about the exciting thing that's been going on lately. Yes, I know, you're probably tired of me dropping hints about it--and some of you may have already figured it out--but here comes another piece of the puzzle.

Last week was amazing for more than one reason. I came back from school with something I never expected, and something very wonderful. Any guesses on what it might be? I'll probably announce it officially this week or next--you know--when I've got time. Yes, it is something that requires an official announcement. I've discussed it with the other party involved, and now all that's left is to wait for the right moment to spring it on y'all. :) I'm really excited about telling you all, but just understand that I don't have a lot of time now--so the post will come when it comes. :)

And I kinda like keeping y'all in suspense! :) Just rest assured it's nothing really serious, just something really nice and fun.

So until next time!


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