Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's hard to believe how little I've been posting in the last year, it's shameful really. Over the summer I wasn't so bad, but now things have suddenly started to change. There's a lot going on, and with college tests every week I'm struggling to keep up with everything, but I'm coping.

I don't want this to sound like a big, angry post about how much I hate school, I love school. I'm just busy. It's a full time, and very stressful, job but I do love it. So many wonderful blessings have/are coming from it, and I don't just mean academically.

To put it lightly, I've been blessed this week! Really blessed.

I have a good job (I had my first day of work and it was wonderful!), and I've sold two of my goats! :) This is a huge blessing as I am getting closer and closer to the time when I will start building my own home. Saving now will really help me in that endeavor.

My first day of work went really well and I believe I showed my employers that I can be trusted and that I work hard without having to be babysat. They've even called me to work extra days too! This may sound like an 'Oh no!' but it's actually a good thing! If they want me to come out and work more it means they like me and know I do a good job! I am so blessed and I'm thanking the good Lord for it! :D

Decades Review, the magazine we submitted to, has published our photo and here's the link! Issue Nine Our picture is the one of Clara's eye! We are all very grateful to Mr. Hess who runs the magazine and to Paige for suggesting we enter! And, of course, to the Lord who blessed us with the photo and the opportunity! Thanks so much to everyone! We couldn't be happier!

Then of course things socially have been great. I've been meeting a lot of new and really nice people. I'm very blessed here, very blessed.

Also, sometime wonderful is happening, but I cannot officially say anything. It's just, I'm talking to someone a lot more now...

Yes, I'm being vague, but until it's official I cannot say anything more! :) Just hang tight for possible newsy posts. :)

I just wanted to celebrate! To scream out loud that this fall, the Lord has given me so much, and I am very grateful for it!

Now I just have to survive my science test tomorrow...very nervous...this is my first break today, I've been studying all day and I'm feeling better about the test, but not completely confident! So, I will leave you so I can get back to work! Until next time! :D

Remember, stay tuned!


Jamie said...

This made me so happy!! I'm so glad that, besides a bit of hectic-ness, you are having some good times, accomplishing things, ect ect ect! :D :D :D Hallelujah!


Rebecca said...

Thank you, Jamie! I'm celebrating like crazy! :D Hallelujah indeed! :D

James The Movie Reviewer said...

Congrats on being featured in a magazine! :D


Rebecca said...

Thanks, James! It was great seeing you yesterday! We will have to hang out again really soon, maybe kill some zombies! :D