Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good Friends are Rare!

Who else would take a mustache picture with you? Or act completely stupid with you? 

This is something that's been on my mind lately. Real friends are hard to find. Good friends who can know you better than anybody else and still want to hang around you are a HUGE blessing. 

Note: This post is mainly about the girls and I, but to all of my male friends I'm not excluding you! Trust me, there are times when all I want to do is go out in the woods or lean back and kill some zombies! But today I just wanted to post about my friends Jessie, Hannah and Clara...since it has been officially three years since I met them!  

I've known these girls for so long now, with Clara being the newest member of our group. They've been with me through good and bad times; they know me better than most everyone else...and I am so grateful for them!

Never under estimate the value of having good people in your life, take it from me. There is a shortage of good people in this world, a REALLY big shortage, and when you find someone who isn't trying to be like the world; who wants to be special, it's an angel chorus moment! 

All of these girls are so amazing and sweet! They are trying to live a godly life in an ungodly world and have such compassion for those around them! They take the time to get to know others around them and be there for them when trouble comes into their lives! It's really inspiring! 

Basically, what I'm trying to say is I am very grateful that the Lord has given me such amazing friends! 

Yea, that's my "Miss Priss" face...and that's Jessie's reaction to it! :D

Jessie's face! hahaha!

Fake crying

"No, Jessie! Don't cry!" Cue deep southern voice....


My and Jessie's relationship in a nutshell! 

Hannah had to scrunch down a LOT just so she was head level with us! 

I am SO short!

I'm obviously shocked by something...and Jessie???

Don't mess with Hannah!

We will randomly start screaming at each other over really stupid stuff....or just for the fun of screaming! :)

Oh my gosh! It's a rare and illusive Hannah! 0_0

Photo BOMB!

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