Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Between Classes

Hello, lovely bloggers!

I'm back, for a brief moment, because I'm trying to be better about my posting schedule. :) So here I am writing to you while I wait for my Physical Science class to start! 

Today's been fairly busy, first thing this morning (at 9:30 which technically isn't first thing in the morning...but it's still early) I had a thirty minute full body workout in the gym for my physical fitness class. My arms and hands are still shaking (it was my arm day) from it. Normally I'm not that competitive...but if a guy doubts my ability to do a military push-up--or anything for that matter--I will show him up. That's just one of my things. If you say I can't do it...I will HAVE to do it and I will HAVE to do it better than you. :( That's just me. Anyway, I went really hardcore today--way more than I thought I was going to--and I didn't really get to go as hard core as I wanted because we couldn't work cardio in. So I went fairly hardcore...but not nearly as much as I wanted. Even still, I impressed my teacher and several of my class mates, so I was happy. Not trying to sound braggy, it's just at the beginning of class the guys were joking about how we girls couldn't work as hard as they could. I wanted to shut them up and besides--it's still Shark Week. They were big, goofy seal who were dangling raw meat at a hungry shark who got up to early and hadn't had her daily caffeine yet. They were begging for it. 

Any-who, after it was over I went to my History class and took our midterm exam. It is really late because we got a little behind, but I'm not complaining. I think I did well as the test was much easier than I thought it was going to be. :) It's always great to come out of a test feeling confident. It's rare...but it's amazing! 

It's also amazing because last night I stayed up late because my friends James and Jacob were over for a Walking Dead/Pizza night! It was awesome! Soda, food, good friends, and a boatload of zombies. Then of course there is the ever awesome Daryl Dixon, but I'll try not to fangirl for the sake of time. James, I believe, really enjoyed the show! It was so much fun getting to hang out with him! Jacob I think was okay with it, he's not much of a zombie fan, but even still we had an amazing time just chilling and watching Walkers get their brains blown out. Perfect night if you ask me. 

However, my excuse for staying up late isn't them. They left at eight o'clock, it was my Skype conversation with Hannah that kept me up late. We chatted until eleven thirty, mainly about the new play she's in (she is a budding actress now! 0_0) and (with me) a very exciting development that occurred last Tuesday. Not spilling the beans yet, but hopefully I can explain in detail some time soon! ;) But for now it's more sneakiness. 

Now I've got to go to my Physical Science class, and then to my English class. We're writing an in class essay today. 0_0 More nervousness! Oh well, wish me luck! 

Also pray that no more seals get in my way. I've had chocolate and coffee now....but a shark is always hungry and beware little fishes! 

Your Insane Blogger,



Jamie said...

I wanna watch The Walking Dead with you guys!!!! *sobs because long distance relationships are hard* Sounds like such a fun night--especially with pizza! Best food ever, right?!

Your story about showing those guys what for was awesome! It's always feels a-maaaz-ing impressing class mates and teachers alike! :P

I was really happy to see you post again!! :D :D


Rebecca said...

Hey, Jamie!

I wish you could have been there too! *Sobs in agreement!* That would have been the best Walking Dead/ Pizza night EVER!

Yes, pizza is awesome! We hadn't had it in SO we kinda destroyed it! ;)

Thanks, Jamie! :D I don't usually try to outdo a lot of people--but I will admit I get irritated when people underestimate me. ;)

Thank you! :D I'm happy to be posting again! Now that school is settling down (for the moment) I can post a lot more! :D