Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Gave into an Urge

There has been, for a very long while now, a distinct urge within me to make my room a little more...oh you know...nerdy. I don't really show off my fandoms that much in the real world, just because I am poor and a lot of awesome clothes don't look good on me. However, I am getting a new Castiel necklace and a Sherlocked hoodie for Christmas! :D Any-who, back to the nerdiness. I remodeled my room from scratch a few years ago, then remodeled it again when it no longer suited me (that was last year). I am a bit of a decorator, and so I'm always fidgeting with my room and trying to get it where it suits my personality.

Originally (from the first remodel) it was black and white damask.

Before: Yes, yuck is right. Too much color clash going on here for comfort. 

After: The dream catcher is now hanging above my bed. :)

And the back wall that was upgraded and added to. :) 

The crazy hodpodge collection of things I love continues now in my latest room edition. Like I said before, I've been wanting to nerd my room up a little, basically show off my fandoms a little more. So I came up with the following additions. :) 

This, I think, is my favorite nerd upgrade. :) The Sherlock and John silhouettes made me SO happy when I found them! PS, I don't know why the wall seems to change color as it goes up, I think it's the lighting. 



Yea, I love Castiel. 

Another Cas, there are similar Deans and Sams elsewhere but here is a Cas just for you! 

Look! A Dean next to my WWII VJ-Day poster! 

I made a Castiel book mark! Isn't he cute? I love it! 

These are some of the new additions to my door. :)

This is above my door, a warning you could say! 

Work area, look! Lava lamp! :D 
This is my, in a way, story board. It's my external Pinterest board. ;) 

These are very small adjustments, but I'm proud of them none the less. I nerded up my room and I'm happy about it. I'm especially pleased with the John and Sherlock pictures, but I've already stated that! :) But I just wanted to stop in and drone on about one of my many projects. I know, y'all are all SO fascinated. :)

Just a side note, before I did this I went to an early morning service with my aunt and then took two hyper active dogs (a dachshund and a scotty) to get rabies shots. Neither were very happy about the process but afterwards I got a large ice mocha that made my hands and eyes twitch and in that rush of caffeine I completed my nerd room project. :) Great day! (I'm not being sarcastic here.)

 Now it's back to school work and preparation for Tuesday's class. So until next time!


JT said...

Laughing at your new posters (Loki and the Zombies) Where do you find all these things?
I have LOTR posters on every wall, so my room is officially geeked up...(I share w/ two younger brothers so I ran out of room...;/

Jamie said...

LOVE all the added nerdy things! (Love your Sherlock/John silhouettes!) I like your Loki's Army and Daryl picture--I seriously need something TWD in my room as soon as possible here, it's the only thing missing among my fandoms.

I'm so glad you are letting out more sides of yourself into visibility! It always feels so good to do things that we've been thinking about for a long time. :D

PS Love the color of your lava lamp!