Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Writer's Month

OOOOOHHH!!! I'm so excited! :D At last it's time for National Writer's Month! YAY!!
What is National Writer's Month? Well, to sum it up in one sentence--it's where all we writers try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month! Sound's fun doesn't it?! :)
I myself have never done National Writer's Month before--EVER! But this year I decided to give it a go. Of course I can't take all the credit for that decision--my awesome friends Jamie and Gracie/Fallon, along with many others, inspired me to try NaWrMo (Is that the way you abbreviate it?). So here I am--loaded up on caffeine with very little sleep and ready to roll! :D
I'll be drinking a LOT of this while I'm writing. Yea, I don't know what I would do without caffeine!! ;)
It took me a long while to decide what novel I would be writing--since I had at least three ideas floating around in my head. But finally I decided on writing the last book in my trilogy. I was going to write another book--a fantasy book--but I just couldn't get the plot sorted out in time. Literally, I had like THREE days! I got pretty far--I just don't know where I want to go with it; anybody other than me ever been there? Yea, I thought so. :)
The other idea I had was going to be more like a novella--not a full novel. But I decided that since this was my first NaWiMo I shouldn't cheat. So I'm shooting for a full 50,000 word novel. :D Wish me luck! :D
So I decided on writing the final installment in my trilogy that I've been working on! This will make three books in one year (if I finish!)--unless of course you count that book I worked on this past spring and finished--that'd make four! :) Of course, they are all pretty rough and I don't think I'll be publishing any of them immediately--but hey, I'm working on it. I'm shooting right now for 2014 or 2015 with my trilogy. And when I say that I mean that I want to start sending it to publishers--doesn't mean it will be published. But there again, who knows! :D
I still intend, of course, to write my fantasy novel (I've been in love with that one since I first started writing) but I'm completely revising the plot and characters so it will just have to sit on the shelf. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day! :D
I'm actually a little disappointed that I didn't get the plot sorted out in time--but this way I have more time to mull over it and finish my trilogy! :D All the same, I really love the story--that fantasy novel was the first book I ever finished! :D I was fourteen when I started it! Four years ago! :) So, as you can imagine, I want to change the plot now.
I'll write it someday--like maybe next summer--but for now I'm going to finish my trilogy! I'm thinking of posting and excerpt from my first book that I've edited--not sure though. I like to get feedback on my writing, but I don't know if I want to bore y'all with it! :)
But anyway, now it's time for Book Three! :D
I'm so excited! I can't wait to start and tell you guys all about what's going! :D
I'd also like to know if anybody else is doing NaWrMo! I know at least three people who are doing it. So if you're doing it, let me know! I'm making a special blog list for NaWrMo so I can here about your projects! :D I love to meet other authors and hear about their work! Everyone has such interesting and different ideas! :D So if you are doing the NaWrMo, let me know and I'll put your blog address on my special blog list so I can see how your doing and hear about your projects! :D
So, I guess that's it then. It's time for me to get to work on the last novel in my trilogy! :D
I'd like to take this time, however, to express my extreme gratitude to all of you! You've been amazing! I appreciate your words of encouragement! You've all been so awesome! Thank you SO much for your feedback on Split Second and all your advice on writing! It's really helped my writing and I'm SO happy that you all are willing to help and give your opinions! :D It's been really REALLY helpful to me! :D
Thanks SO much! :D
Well, I've really got to get busy now. So until next time!
This is your excited and busy blogger,


Jamie said...

asdfjksljdkflsjd So happy I (and Grace!) inspired you to give NaNo a try! It's such fun!!!! Are we buddies on the NaNo site yet? If you want to find me, my username is Jennifer Liberty! :)


Rissi said...

Best of luck with NaNo, Rebecca! Glad its you and not me. LOL! :D