Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey, I Won! :D

Hey, I was just going to pop in and say that I made it! I won! I flew in by the seat of my pants but I managed! WOOF! What a workout! 0_0
I can hardly believe that I manged to finish! I've been working around the clock for two weeks trying to get this puppy done and AHHH! SO MUCH WORK!
But...I made it!
My final word count was 53,376. *Sigh* I'm tired! The book ended up having seventy six chapters and fourteen of those I want to revise and or add to. So yea...the book's going to get longer.
But on a not so happy note...I've finished my trilogy. I know I should be happy (and I am) but I'm sad to finish this one. But I keep telling myself that this is in no way shape or form done. I've still got to revise the first book some more! So this series isn't over yet!
But before I do the revising...I think I will take a break. Maybe I'll work on another story--or maybe I'll just relax and enjoy the holidays! I don't know. Either way, I'll figure it out!
But I just wanted to let you know that I made it and to congratulate all those who won NaWrMo! You guys did awesome! I hope to see you all next year for the next NaWrMo!
But until then, this has been your happy and tired blogger,



Jamie said...

WHOOOOO you won!!! Congratulations!!! I knew you could do it! :) :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks! I saw you won too! Congratulations! Wooof! it's been a busy month for all of us! :D Thanks SO much for inspiring me to try NaNoWriMo! :D I've really enjoyed myself! :D

Rissi said...

CONGRATS, Rebecca. That's awesome. :)